Looking for a Marketing Advantage?

Meet a cutting-edge 2021 ‘Shopping Experience’

With the arrival of the Internet and virtual shopping, the way we shop has changed forever.

Yet, we believe it is possible to preserve the time-honored concepts of shopping.

The Daily News - Mahalo.Market Online

At Mahalo.Market, we blend the best parts of the community shopping experience and the latest technologies, with the goal of preserving the feel and the flavor of the 1880s pop-up community marketplace, as well as the modern shopping mall.

We proudly present a unique ‘online shopping experience’, carefully blending the cherished elements that make a marketplace or a mall that a memorable and enjoyable shopping experience;

a destination, a place to meet-up, and even gathering for a lovely day with your friends both the shoppers and merchants alike. Or you might catch a movie, or enjoy the free music, attend a LIVE concert, or get a news update on the mall big screen…


Let’s take a look at how this works in more detail…

THE MARKETPLACE SECRET - What makes a marketplace appealing

What Makes a Marketplace Appealing?

A marketplace is about a “Shopping Experience” wrapped in a gathering featuring;AVATAR - Female look-a-like avatar for Marileen Rodgers, company director

  • one-part music;
  • one-part festival;
  • one part entertainment;
  • one part news;
  • one part bling;
  • and one part conversation…

…all of these help to create an unmistakable shopping ambiance.

“It’s about preserving the important parts, like the many sights, the familiar sounds, and the joyful performance aspects. Because all of this, and the gathering, and the shopping mix so well.”

This historical flavor of shopping, “the marketplace” or “the mall”, has been replicated again, and again around the world from generation to generation.

Centuries later, we’re bringing it to every corner of the globe.

While the “Virtual Nature” of the Internet presents challenges, never-the-less, we aim to recreate the traditional “International Marketplace Shopping Experience” as much as possible.


THE SECRET FORMULA - A simple, powerful equation guaranteed to help you sell

Secret Formula = Dx({(a.R+E)xFx(g+R*r.A))*H.i+v.C+W*X.r/a.A})

A simple, powerful equation guaranteed to put you ahead of the rest;

    • Destination Development
    • Augmented Reality [A.R.]
    • Ecommerce Shopping [E.S.]
    • Funnel Technologies
    • Gamification
    • Retargeting
    • Robotic Automation [R.A.]
    • Human Intelligence [H.I.]
    • Video Chat [V.C]
    • Webinars
    • Xtended Reality [X.R.]
    • Accounting and Analytics  
      40%+ more SALES *

A crazy cool experience… Bet on it..!

We can empower your sales today…


  • This is actual rocket science, and yes, we have developed our own formulas.
  • However, the formula above is for “pure show only” it is NOT actual.
  • Please do not try to use the above formula


ADVERTISING - Experience + Stratgey + Technology


We take Advertising quite serious

JingleSPOT and the TNT posting strategy predate the Mahalo.Market.

This elaborate posting system was designed to replace the function of syndicating Press Releases and paying for display advertising.

This is how we market, by using a trifecta of; Experience + Strategy + Technology.

You can learn more about the TNT Network; click here

Let’s have a look shall we:

click to enlarge
DISPLAY ADS - Examples of Display Ad drafts

Examples of Display Ad Drafts for Mahalo.Market

These are all roughs, and of course, we have many several dozen in progress, this is just to show what we are thinking about:





REMOTE SALES - Lean Mean Selling Machines

A Powerful Remote Selling Machine..!

A.R.X.R – Touchless, instant, interesting, and entertaining;

  • Uses Safe Human-Powered Technology;
  • Let Your Competiton on Zoom, Eat Dust;
  • OutSmart with the Latest Tech,
  • Out Sell with a full wrap experience, gamification, and more;

A.R.X.R – Engage inside the Experience with;

  • Interactive CTAs;
  • Buttons, Texts;
  • Eyepopping Visuals;
  • Gamification System;
  • Popups and more;
  • UNLIMITED interactive Hotspots;
  • UNLIMITED interactive Rooms and Worlds;
  • and more exciting TOP SECRET tools inside and connected;

A.R.X.R – Engage in the Real-World with;

  • Advanced try on your wall (Remembers room configurations $$);
  • Gallery walk, park, zoo, and nature walk experiences;
  • Holo-GeoCaching Real-World Gamification (Game Partners);
  • Hide+Seek QR codes competitions, etc.
  • Secret exhibits and gamification;

A.R.X.R  – Sell inside the Experience with;

  • Explainer Videos;
  • Full eCommerce Functions;
  • Live Video Calls;

A.R.X.R  – Generate Leads inside the Experience;

  • Explainer Videos;
  • Live Video Calls;
  • Rewards, Incentives, and more;

Connect with Your Customers and Prospects 24/7;

  • Video Chat, routed to the first Available Agent — even at the beach;
  • Set Appointments — Tour along with your Best Customers;


ECARDS - Selling Art with event and holiday eCards

Sell Art with eCards

The founders behind Mahalo.Market have been first with many technologies over the years.

Here is another innovative idea, using art in this way, can generate a great deal of cash, and each exposure is a potential sharing event, leading to the greater potential for viral marketing value.

  1. Easily create and sell ecards in your shop.
  2. Buyers will purchase your ecards just like any regular product.
  3. Buyers can easily customize ecard information, make it personalized, and send it to their recipient on any date.
  4. Buyers can send an ecard copy to themselves also for free.
  5. Buyers can update Ecard content information.
  6. Buyers can see Ecard preview on the product, cart, and checkout page.
  7. We can also send customized ecards to Merchants and Shoppers anytime.
    (Useful for Promotional activities, providing any general notifications to users, or for greeting them on occasions.)
    All opportunities to expose your art for sale.



MARKETPLACE SELLING - vs. your own store


Why sell your products via a Marketplace?

While the answer involves several topics, let’s start by stipulating the major differences between using any “Internet Marketplace” vs. “your own website and store”.

First, the “Internet Landscape” has changed, it’s not just for kids and games anymore. The Internet got serious (commercialized) and if you want to play on the world wide web, you must play by the “laws and rules” of the game, or face consequences including bankruptcy and jail time.

The Legal Questions

You must pick a form of business, common options include proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), and a corporation. Each of these has legal concerns and obligations, and a variety of tax matter to sort.

Now about the website, in 2020 you must start with the question;

“Are you ready to defend your website against an “Alphabet Soup” of legal attacks ranging from, blind seniors, to children and cripples, infringement claims, and a plethora of claims from citizens of foreign nations you never sold a dam thing to?

Seriously, this is where we are, and it is only going to get worse. More laws, rules, and regulations, with the recent Covid-19 issues now even more health-related focus for example.

The Money Questions

Starting a company is RARELY FREE. From your legal form as noted above to local business licensing, banking, merchant processing service, etc. If you’re doing online-only business, you can often escape zoning and licensing, but sales tax, income tax, etc. will still need to be strategized.

Of course, putting a website on the Internet is also NOT FREE. There are a great number of costs that must be considered.

Website Basics:

  • Domain Name
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Security
  • Website Legal “Alphabet Soup”
  • Website Structure and SEO

Once you manage these, the number of products you enter will be a time investment but is comparable to a marketplace.

The Marketing questions

Depending on your strategy; “own website and store” (OWS) or using an “Internet Marketplace” (IM), you will need to address the following marketing-related concerns:

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Support
  • Product Delivery
  • Social Strategy
  • Website Marketing (OWS)


GAMIFICATION INTRO - How gamification works in simple terms

If your new to gamification in marketing, take a look at the following…

Quick Intro to Gamification

The following videos do a good job of explaining how gamification works in context with websites.



Engaging and selling Art with Puzzles

This is a classic images puzzle.

The Shuffle Puzzle (also called 15-puzzle, Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square, and many others) is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing.

The task of the puzzle is to collect all the numbers in ascending order: from left to right, starting from the upper left corner.

In this Puzzle, you can compete in speed with players


Play a Game:


Welcome to a brand new world of lead generation

Gamification is the key to getting website visitors more relaxed and more likely to engage with our opt-in form and brand in general.

Ordinary squeeze pages and popups have been shown so many people have developed ‘banner-blindness’ to them and the gift they get in exchange for their information becomes devalued.


GAMIFIED STORES - Interactive axr360 selling

Interactive Virtual Tour n’ Sell

eCommerce Shops, and axr360 Technology

This advanced, super-seller technology, delivers a completely different shopping experience.

With this technology, we can deliver that extra edge over your competition, today, right now..!

Unlike other eCommerce stores, this technology starts with an engaging 360 virtual shopping experience and advanced gamification.

  • Hide-n-Seek;
  • Incentives;
  • Interactive Puzzles;
  • Rewards – for clicking, looking, buying, sharing, etc.
  • Scratch-2-Win;
  • Spin-2-Win;

We left nothing out..!

No physical location? No worries…

  • We can easily create a unique axr360 experience for you.

What happens next, the latest technology goes to work for you…

This combination of A.R + X.R + Gamification has never seen before.

This is “First to Market” technology, and there’s more behind the curtain where our wizards are cooking tantalizing recipes for even cooler experiences and endless multi-shopping-verses.

TOP SECRET, this goes beyond a cool experience, we actually “help you” make “sales” right there inside the virtual environment. Live, no need to go anywhere… Orders can be placed on the spot, directly to your eCommerce Shop.

Looking for a secret weapon for more sales…

We got your back..!

GAMIFIED SHOPPING - The most engaging experience gets the traffic

Gamified Shopping is Cutting-edge Marketing

Our gamified shopping is a programmed virtual experience.

Designed for Mahalo.Market, to engage shoppers, and reeling in sales.

But, it’s not all about buying, that would not work.

There is much more… we offer non-shopping experiences like beaches, and historical places, pyramids, caves, underwater, and much more we can’t yet reveal publicly, all seamlessly integrated into an endless journey.





The Extended Merchant Experience

When a player selects a “Shop Front” hotspot, the merchant can choose to have the experience continue inside the shop.

  • This can be a hugely engaging experience, where salespeople can be standing by to assist in real-time.

During the virtual experience, shoppers are engaged with advanced gamification techniques…

  • We gamify your shopping experience..!


Worlds of Experiences – Choose Yours

Shops, malls, or local shopping areas can be imported into our gamification system, and using this we can provide shoppers with a virtual experience of businesses.

But more, using the latest technology they can interact with products and make purchases while inside our virtual game experiences.

  • Gamification pushes beyond shopping, bringing rewards, prizes, treasure hunts, and more.

This engaging environment is designed to entice shoppers to spend endless time engaging with products, store history, causes, and more.

  • Throughout this environment, we place special offers, prizes, and rewards for their participation.

Harder to explain and a joy to experience, if you have not already tried our gamified shopping experience, try now.

Seriously, the best way to understand, PLAY with the DEMO..!!.

GAMIFICATION REWARDS - Players can earn in many ways

Gamification and Reward Points

We have a complete Loyalty Rewards and Points System…

We can Reward Players-Shoppers using Reward Points for many things including;

  • Sign up and Referrals;
  • GEOcaching;
  • Social Sharing (FB, Twitter, etc.);
  • Making and posting a video
  • Merchant website visits;
  • Pop quiz rewards;
  • Posting comments;
  • Product purchases;
  • Solving puzzles;
  • Treasure hunting;
  • Visiting a merchant website;
  • Writing reviews;

…and so much more.

Earned Reward Points can be redeemed for future purchases.


Case Studies | Real Advertiser Results

This easy win play format keeps player-shoppers coming, and sharing the game, but there is more…

Example: The game can reward for sharing Merchants on social media;

Using our many gamification tools, we can drive thousands to any merchant for a variety of interactive results from Facebook likes, or subscribe to newsletters, etc. We help advertisers maximize campaign results.

Explore the benefits of gamification – playful experiences can engage customers:

DYNAMIC IN-GAME ADVERTISING - Real-time insert/remove used for most Internet advertising

Dynamic In-Game Advertising = $4.00 -to- $12.00 CPM

This is the most common real-time insert/remove used for most Internet advertising. This format is commonly used to deliver integrated billboards, posters, and banners into the game environment.

This works well for time-sensitive campaigns and allows for targeting methods including geo-targeting, day-parting, and targeting specific games or genres within our network.

Factors that influence the CPM rate:

  • Availability of an agency/media buying discount;
  • Availability of inventory;
  • Overall budget/size of the campaign;
STATIC IN-GAME ADVERTISING - Programmed or embedded directly into the game

Static In-Game Advertising = $50,000 -to- $500,000

This type of advertising is programmed or embedded directly into the game. Best compared to product placement in movies or television. Once pled into a game, this advertising cannot be removed.

Pricing is generally based on:

  • The level of integration;
  • Expected audience size;
  • Game success;
  • Flat Fee Agreement;
  • Requires aligning the “advertisement” with game elements;
ADVERGAMES - Specifically designed to promote a brand or a product

Advergaming = $15,000 -to- $100,000

This genre of games is specifically designed to promote a brand or a product. Like In-Game advertising, this will require preparation. Typically the most expensive form of game-based advertising because it is dedicated to a single advertiser and is generally free to the user.

In effect, this type of game advertising is a promotional creation that aims to gather players around a particular brand or product so the entire cost is to the advertiser. It is possible to mitigate this cost by customizing a pre-built popular game format.

ADVERTISERS BUY - To market, they will Buy or Rent Hotspots

Advertisers Buy or Rent Hotspots

Daily “Visitor Traffic” created by the game will click these hotspots and when one is clicked it causes an action which an advertiser has paid for.

So perhaps the advertiser wants people to come to visit his website. In this case, the click can bring up a display that says to earn a reward or find a clue to a larger prize, click here, to be transported to a website where the player/shopper must next find a golden egg, etc.

To set this up, the advertiser will;

  1. Select the hotspot or group of hotspots they wish to use for advertising;
  2. Select an advertising package
  3. Pay for the advertising package;
  4. Paste in the URL or code they want to be displayed in the game;
  5. Receive the requested “CLICKS”;
  6. Receive precise analytics about the clicks.

Via this process, the money was collected, next, it is paid out to Land Baron(s) involved in the above purchase, less a small property management fee.

In this way, a “Land Baron” receives a “Hands-Free Income“, via our completely automated solution.


Advertiser Motivation Explained

Advertisers/Merchants advertise to get prospects, in this case, visitors to come to see what they sell.

Unlike the pre-Internet world, the options for advertising on the Internet seem almost limitless. From banner ads to coupon sites, to sponsorships, end more.

But, in all these cases, the Internet makes it possible to reach massive volumes of people in seconds if done right, but hours, or days at worst. This speed and the volume of people reached in this short period is huge.

The trick is to be seen, the Merchant/Advertiser is generally already good at the CLOSE, they just need to be seen. The best have detailed personas, and they know exactly what age, gender, etc they want to reach.

HOW MERCHANTS USE - To get attention and sales

How Merchants Use this Technology

Using this cutting-edge technology…

No need to travel anywhere.


Can go… LIVE from anywhere, 24/7.

Looking for a secret weapon..?

This is designed to GET ATTENTION, and DRIVE SALES..!

This solution – wraps a ‘Virtual Sale’ end-2-end… Seamlessly..!

Engage prospects with cutting-edge technology, and let them;

    • EXPERIENCE your Gallery from Home
    • TRY your ART instantly, on walls around their home
    • PLAY with your ART using Gamification Technology
WHY DOES THIS WORK? - a "Shock n Awe" approach to marketing.

Why Does This Work? | Entertainment Rocks..!

Gamification | Multiverse Shopping Experience

Games employ a sort of “Game Challenge” and a “Shock n’ Awe” approach to marketing.

We attract people by a combination of;

  1. engagement (playing the game, the challenge),
  2. shock (wining is easy),
  3. awe (wining is frequent).

We employ a Treasure Hunting format, with treasures hidden across hundreds of Multiverse Worlds, and thousands of advertiser websites;

  • 30-40% of all clicks made result in a WIN;
  • Other CLICKS result in either a CLUE or is an obvious Store marker;
  • In effect, players are winning many times every visit to the game;

This naturally leads to excitement shared with friends all encouraged to play and win the easy prizes.

Gamification is all around us,” Danny Maco, former general manager of University Games, said to MobileCast Media. “Loyalty programs are a great example, which you can see everywhere, whether it’s at Safeway or flying on an airline; they all have game mechanics [such as] the progression bar — a mechanic associated with achievement.”

OUR TECHNOLOGY - Interactive A.R.X.R Selling

Interactive Virtual Tour n’ Sell

A.R.X.R 360 eCommerce Shops

Our secret, super-seller technology, delivers a completely different shopping experience.

With this technology, we can deliver that extra edge over your competition, today, right now..!

Unlike other eCommerce stores, this technology starts with an engaging 360 virtual shopping experience and advanced gamification.

  • Hide-n-Seek;
  • Incentives;
  • Interactive Puzzles;
  • Rewards – for clicking, looking, buying, sharing, etc.
  • Scratch-2-Win;
  • Spin-2-Win;

We left nothing out..!

No physical location? No worries…

  • We can easily create a unique A.R.X.R experience for you.

What happens next, the latest technology goes to work for you…

This combination of A.R + X.R + Gamification has never seen before.

This is “First to Market” technology, and there’s more behind the curtain where our wizards are cooking tantalizing recipes for even cooler experiences and endless multi-shopping-verses.

TOP SECRET, this goes beyond a cool experience, we actually “help you” make “sales” right there inside the virtual environment. Live, no need to go anywhere… Orders can be placed on the spot, directly to your Woo-powered eCommerce Shop.

Looking for a secret weapon for more sales…

We got your back..!


ENGINEERING - How stuff works


An Introduction to the Backstage Area

Mahalo.Market – our Marketplaces…

International Marketplace + White Label Marketplace
International Auctions + International Auctions White Label
Health and Diet Marketplace + Global Gift Marketplace
Micro Jobs marketplace + Freelance Marketplace
Global Education Marketplace + Global Automotive Marketplace

The special configuration of our marketplaces makes the magic happen. Unlike most marketplaces, Mahalo.Market is configured as a collection of marketplaces. We maintain separate marketplaces for specific niche offerings, and likewise specialized marketplaces for the disabled.

For this document, we will discuss only the WordPress networks, the others will be separately discussed as each will require special documentation due to the fact that each was programmed by a different development team.

This includes the following marketplaces, scheduled for release June 2021:

  • Freelance Marketplace;
  • Global Automotive Marketplace;
  • Global Education Marketplace;
  • Micro Jobs Marketplace

Our WordPress Based Marketplace Structure

The following explains the configuration of our WordPress marketplaces, though we maintain many non-WordPress networks, dozens of SaaS Services, and other networks not discussed here.

This applies to the following marketplace networks:

  • International Marketplace – Primary
  • White Label Marketplace – Disabled
  • Global Gift Marketplace
  • Health and Diet Marketplace
  • International Auctions
  • International Auctions White Label

This is how we layer the configuration of the above WordPress Networks;

  1. WordPress Multisite Network – One WordPress that allows millions of sites;
  2. WooCommerce Multisite – WordPress Network, Many Shops;
  3. WooCommerce Global Cart – Many Shops, one shopping cart;
  4. WooCommerce Multistore – Merchant Multi-Shop Management Interface.
  5. Import/Export to External Markets Management (Amazon, eBay, Easy, etc.)

This combination allows users to run parallel multisite WordPress Networks while allowing vendors to manage multiple shops from a single “Parent” shop, whether they be on networks or external like eBay or Amazon. Our Merchants have seamless control.

Shopping and Checkout Process – (Our Networks only)

  1. The cart is maintained globally across all shops on the “WP Multisite”;
  2. A customer can shop across all stores;
  3. Any cart content is carried over, even if the shop is changed;
  4. On the checkout page, the address information will be auto-filled as usual;
  5. Any coupons, shipping rates, shipping classes, etc., are inherited;
  6. Checkout occurs at each shop where the products originate from;
  7. Orders are paid via Stripe on the account of the merchant (MOR);

The resulting sale is PAID directly to the Merchant regardless of where the sale occurred in any of our networks. (eBay and Amazon sales pay as usual).


In any case, the sale is charged to the Merchants Stripe account, and they become the MOR (Merchant of Record) important for legal and tax stance.

This also means the customer deals with the merchant for refunds, problems, etc.

We only step in if a problem takes more than 3 days to solve.


RESEARCH & LINKS - A variety of related information


  1. Average Cost Per Click in Google Ads by Industry
  2. Average Click-Through Rate in Google Ads
  3. Forrester: Build a Marketplace to Combat Amazon
  4. Google Mobile Benchmarks – by Ad Type!
  5. How to Create an Online Marketplace Like Amazon, eBay, or Easy
  6. On Writing Product Specs
  7. Service – Launch an Online Marketplace
  8. The Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Online Marketplace Business
  9. The Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Online Marketplace Business 5/24/2019


Related Technology

  • Talking Wine Bottles
  • See more inside the Mall above


Marketing Strategies – By Markets

These things help us to know when to post on which platforms.

Facebook Marketing Facts

100% more comments for Questions type posts
57% more likes increases by using emoticons increases
33% by comments and shares increases by using emoticons
42% of Facebook Fans like a page to get a coupon or discount
35% of Facebook Fans like a page to participate in contests
39% more interaction for Photo posts get on Facebook
23% more interaction for Shorter posts (70 Chars)
2X more engagement for posts with photo album or picture on Facebook

Best Time

6-9 AM and 1-5 PM on weekdays is the best time
18% higher Engagement rates on Thursday and Friday
32% Engagement rates on Sunday

Twitter Marketing Facts

17% more engagements for tweets lesser than 100 character
21% increased engagement for 1 or 2 #tags
23X retweets rate when tweeting with retweets
12X retweets rate when tweeting with retweets or RT
2X more engagements for #tags
53% retweets others
55% of users share links and stories

Best time

9-11 AM and 1-3 PM have heavy traffic
30% of engagement at 8 AM to 7 PM and 64% of brands take this advantage
17% engagement rate increase on Saturdays and Sundays.
19% brand tweets on Sat and Sunday
Lowest rate on Wed and Thurs days

Linkedin Marketing Facts

38.5% said it helped to build new potential customer relationship
2.1M Groups in LinkedIn
81% of 259M professionals are in 1 group at least,
Overall in average Users in 7 groups,
35.5% is member of 1-9 groups,
25.1% in 10-19 groups
41% use Linkedin for marketing
28% are senior executives
50% are decision-makers
61% industry networking


28.3% said it helped to identify business opportunities
35.8% said it helped to increase branding/social marketing presence
29% said it is important to grow business/network
1.2M products/services showcased,
53.6% used pages to display product/services
3M Linked business pages, 35.5% said they have company pages

Why Social Media?

27M online content is shared daily – you can be one.
92% of marketers say content creation is very effective for seo
44% impact of social in SEO
66% of social media users made a black Friday/Cyber Monday purchase
65% of recommendation made or led to a purchase
52% of users willing to pay/purchase more on the brand they trust
36% of social media users trust the brands with social media presence
25% of B2c leads are generated from social media
18% of B2B leads are generated from social media
55% have closed deals from social media
60% is specific to industry brand or product
60% of decision-makers say branded content helps with product decisions

By Facebook

3200M likes generated daily on Facebook
4.5B avg likes/day on Facebook

In Twitter

55% of users share links and stories
53% retweets others

In Linkedin

32.8% said it is extremely important to growing business/network
35.8% said it helped to increase branding/social marketing presence

CASE STUDIES - Learn how, where and what happened

Case Studies

We have done our research over the years for every little thing built into our networks.

We save our merchants the time doing the heavy lifting and took every good strategy and built each into our integrated selling system.

We also share our research to help our merchants learn new and better ways to grow their businesses.


The Million Dollar Club

The case studies in the section produced more than a “Million” visitors to the websites involved.

We like to learn from folks like this. Many companies kindly share mountains of data, upon which we have been feeding for years like it was candy. Now, the Mahalo.Market maks it all possible in the extreme.


Backlink Strategy

Building links is a solid White Hat, a crucial of the SEO method. One of the very first strategies we employed across our networks, and we have a bigger plan for Mahalo.Market. Our system allows gamified cross merchant, employee, and family promotions, as well as affiliate marketing on overdrive.


Content Marketing

Content marketing often includes blogging, guest posting, product reviews, etc.

This is a base point for the ongoing development and marketing of the Mahalo.Market. Our sister company JingleSPOT will be handling this for us. As well as providing direct marketing in connection with shop plans.


Contest / Sweepstakes

** This section is being updated – see more inside the mall above



Traffic solves all our problems, wrong. Convert more of the traffic you get, earn more.



Players like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy focus on design, backlinks.



Learn to reach thousands of people through Facebook.


Google My Business

GMB | Posts



Niche websites make excellent case studies… they involve SEO, content, link building, etc. They put a variety of marketing skills to the task.


Other Marketing Research

eBooks, press releases, and more!



Outreach is part of many case studies… it’s almost required, so get in the groove.


Paid Advertising

If you “Pay to Play” you get guaranteed results.




Search Engine Optimization

SEO includes keyword research, on-page html, off-page signals, user experience, and website speed to name a few.


Social Media

Perhaps these studies will reveal why businesses are all on social media?





Twitter is actually one of the highest traffic sources. Noteworthy the introduction of images, and lead boxes.



OUR MOONSHOT - Your lucky find for advanced marketing


Our Moonshot, counting down to launch…

This is an age where Thinking Entrepreneurs are able to go 10x farther, and 10x faster.

So you might or should ask, what will we do that is…

  • AMAZING and CHANGES the way the WORLD thinks, sees, or does?
  • DISRUPTIVE to current technology, strategy, or concepts?
  • HISTORY BOOK ready, leaving a mark so very BIG?
  • INSPIRING enough to EMPOWER OTHERS to take things farther?
  • NEWSWORTHY state-2-state and in countries around the WORLD?

These are the fine and astute questions inquiring minds should ask..!

Our answers, we hope will AMAZE, ENGAGE, and INSPIRE you..!!

Here’s what we will do…

Add Seven Wonders to the World | 2021

  1. Amazing technology, craftsmen, and niche products;
  2. Billions to charities the world all around;
  3. Enable all websites to totally serve 100% of the disabled;
  4. High-paying self-employment for the disabled;
  5. Live Chat 360 Shopping, and so much more;
  6. We make the world a better place for first peoples, and all in need;
  7. We make shops and shopping safer from every danger;
To Shoppers we bring;

  • 100% Money-Back Happy Customer Guarantee;
  • 24/7 live support, for questions, problems, or ideas;
  • A first online marketplace 100% for the disabled;
  • Easy shopping, easy returns, and wishlists;
  • Gamification, competitions, prizes, and more;
  • Small family-owned shops from around the world;
  • Special treatment and offers to frequent shoppers;
  • Special deals and discounts, coupons, and ways to save;
  • Transparency, names + numbers of Merchant known;

To Merchants we bring;

  • 100% Disability Compliance to Merchant Websites – and it’s FREE
  • Advanced Affiliate marketing built right in;
  • Free display advertising to make sure they win;
  • Free press releases, to talk-up the Merchants all the world around;
  • Guaranteed buyer traffic, to each Merchant we actually give;
  • Integrate Accounting system, to save Merchants’ cash;
  • Integrated Project management, to manage things right;
  • Relief from hundreds of billions in lawsuits, before they have to fight;
  • Social and video marketing platforms, that work almost alone;
  • The “Startup Merchant Program” from “newbie” merchant in 90 days;
  • Transparency, names, and numbers of all Buyers actually are known;

DFY Merchant Benefits;

  • Display Adv Design
  • Display Adv Syn
  • Free Press Releases
  • Guaranteed Traffic
  • Spin-2-Win Codes
  • TNT Credits (Adv)
  • Video Syndication

DIY Included Merchant Tools and Resources;

  • App Create + Host
  • Authority Blog
  • Auto Social Suite
  • eBook Builder
  • eCourse Marketing
  • Email Suite
  • Facebook Suite
  • Funnel Suite
  • Gamification Suite
  • News Features
  • SEO Power Suite
  • Video Create Suite
  • Video Dashboard

There is of course much more to see; click here

Above all we bring;

  • Accountability: We and our Merchants are Accountable to Shoppers;
  • Competence: Capable and Professional, Staff and Merchants;
  • Empathy: We and our Merchants care about employees and our shoppers;
  • Fairness: We all believe in building beneficial and fair relationships;
  • Flexibility: Considerate, tolerant, willing to bend to make happy buyers;
  • Listening: First, listen, try to understand, and work hard to be understood;
  • Overdelivery: We do the unexpected, delivering just that little extra;
  • Problems: We address and fix any complaint fast, making happy Buyers;
  • Promises: We keep every promise – because just one broken is too many;
  • Respect: We show respect, in the little things like not wasting your time;
  • Trust: We and our merchants are generous, forgiving, and trustworthy;
  • Truthfulness: Big word, simple meaning, no tricks, only treats;

YES, there’s more to see; click here


PAY IT FORWARD - Affordable solutions


The Age of Aquarius and Mahalo.Market

Our principal founder is the quintessential Aquarian. Calling for independence, peace, prosperity, love for humanity, common fellowship, social idealism, and a purging of the toxic energies hiding truth and transparency from us all.

The Mahalo.Market answers this call, with the first online marketplace to offer 100% transparency in the business between shop owners and buyers. Encouraging each to directly interact and pursue mutually beneficial transactions.

Our marketplace only manages transactions, merchants receive funds paid instantly, without delay to their Stripe merchant account.

This model is in complete contrast to the a-typical online marketplace where merchants can be “banned” for direct communications with buyers.

In our model, merchants build their own customer base, while also sharing that customer base with other participating merchants. Much like a conventional (physical) mall in your local market.

Merchants also manage their own financial affairs, for example taking payment and managing returns directly.

Unlike other marketplaces, the Mahalo.Market also “does” direct promotion on behalf of each merchant, with press releases, video, and social promotions.

We also Guarantee Buyer Traffic to Merchant Listings.

Mahalo,Market also provides Merchants with many valuable marketing tools;

  • Free accounting;
  • Free project management;
  • Free social management tools;
    …and much more, to save merchants thousands in software costs.

This is the direct result of a vision, that has taken half a lifetime to bring to fruition. A vision based on sharing and caring, and moreover the idea that… “Pay it Forward” can drive a business model to success.

Foremost, Mahalo.Market is designed to “Pay it Forward”.

  • Starting with a FREE SHOP. Ensuring anyone can be successful from the start.
  • Add our “Startup Merchant Program” from “newbie” to a successful merchant in 90-to-120 days.

NO COST, of course, it’s totally FREE..!


SHOP PLANS - Affordable solutions

Our Marketplace Rate Card

Apply today for “Your Own Shop”

Simply submit your “Merchant Application”, we’ll review it ASAP. Qualified merchants will receive approval and full shop access in three (3) business days or less. Please see the details; click here

Free Listings

Setup Fee



























Awesome free stuff included, below this line, Check-it..!


360 A.X.R Shop Upgrades

There’s power in gamification and A.X.R technology. Powered up with our virtual bubbles you can put your art in multiple Bubbles (malls) or choose just one. Start with a gallery, featuring up to 20 paintings. You can connect to as many galleries as you wish.

Then add additional galleries as needed to expand your online experience. You can also place just your gallery entrance in as many Bubbles (malls) at the prevailing rates.

Each bubble adds exposure to additional traffic as shoppers wander from the mall to the mall checking merchants, playing games, etc.

Gallery Rental

Galllery Setup 

A.X.R Per Item

A.X.R Item Setup





















** hover over descriptions above for details.

For even greater value, add our “Wall Paste” A.X.R. solution so your shoppers can try your art on their walls before they buy. You can choose to add just a few or can be your entire collection.

We also offer the following options, please ask your agent for a custom quote.

A.X.R – Decor

This is our advanced solution. Now you can sell ‘holo-paintings’ to compliment the new virtual homes and real homes. This concept is a two-part opportunity. This works with both real-world and virtual-world applications.


Buyer can select your painting and place it on the wall in-home or office. Using a small bean the art remains set in place. So long as the internet connection I available, the buyer and guests can view then view with any phone, tablet, or A.R. or X.R. glasses as they walk around the room, an entire collection can be reviewed


Today, ritual worlds are a $200 Billlion+ annual business and people maintain completely separate homes, jobs, and lives in many different virtual worlds.

With our technology, your paintings will be available for purchase within these virtual game worlds. This represents a completely new revenue for many artists. How about you?

Real-World Displays

Just as you might do a special gallery showing over a week. This technology allows us to license A.X.R popup galleries anywhere, instantly. The target is fundraisers, parties, weddings, balls, high-end conventions, and hotels.


This real-world gaming is popular around the world and is another place we can wire your paintings to reach yet another audience. In this case, players go to a location defined by a GEO code.

They then look for a ‘cache’ that may range from a small tin can to a nicer treasure chest. This is filled with items, maybe hot wheels or much better. You are supposed to add something and take something.

With our technology, we can add an A.X.R experience at any, and eventually thousands of these locations. Think virtual galleries floating in random locations waiting to be discovered and even purchased.

Add that we bring this same experience inside, by offering the reverse experience of virtually going to the location to search and again being exposed to your art.




Agency Marketing Services

We know the math, merchants need marketing and “Shoppers” to make sales. Market research shows that a typical marketplace listing makes an average (1) sale for each (30) shoppers that visit the sales page. That’s why our shops come with professional marketing services, including; done for you display advertising, press releases, social posting, video syndication, and more.

Display Adv Design

Display Adv Syn

Free Press Releases

Guaranteed Traffic

Spin-2-Win Codes

TNT Credits (Adv)

Video Syndication









300 shoppers







(3) OTO

1,000 shoppers







(5) OTO

3,000 shoppers







(10) OTO

10,000 shoppers




** hover over descriptions above for details.

  • See the Google’s 2020 price to send ONE shopper to your page: click here.
  • Google’s price to get ONE sale: click here  ie; CPC (source)..

We individually market and advertise our merchants, you just need to do a great product page and close the sale. We go the extra mile and send “Guaranteed Buyer Traffic” to your listings. Plus, we give you the power of “Gamification” to help you convert shoppers into lifetime customers.




Your DIY Marketing Suite

Selling stuff is serious business and serious marketing is the best way to get shoppers to your products. To make sure our merchants are armed to the teeth with advanced marketing, we include a toolbox full of powerful marketing tools. No need to pay huge extra fees for tools we include for you at no cost?

App Create + Host

Authority Blog

Auto Social Suite

eBook Builder

eCourse Marketing

Email Suite

Facebook Suite

Funnel Suite

Gamification Suite

News Features

SEO Power Suite

Video Create Suite

Video Dashboard










** hover over descriptions above for details.

All of the above is designed for novice users. These powerful tools help you to do every day marketing tasks that attract shoppers to your shop at Mahalo.Market. Automation is the key here because shoppers are all over the Internet, and you need to reach them where they are, FB, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc., and still have time to run your business.



Merchant Savings

Power Tools + Special Discounts

There’s power in numbers so when you’re part of our marketplace we are able to negotiate “Group Buy Deals” for things merchants need, like shipping, shipping supplies, cloud storage, business email hosting, virtual collaboration tools, and more.

Shipping Discount

Supplies Discount

Webby Cloud







** hover over descriptions above for details.

Merchants save big by taking advantage of the above and other insiders, business-only special pricing, and other entrepreneur-only offers.


Extras to Help You Sell More

Mahalo Merchant Bonuses

We want our merchants to be “Sales Empowered”. To help, we include the following BONUSES to make your marketing easier and more effective. We share our insider marketing secrets and tools. Including libraries full of marketing and advertising cheatsheets, guides, graphics, stock videos, and much more.

Audio RF Tracks

Graphics RF Adv

Marketing Guides

SEO Cheatsheets

Video RF Intros, etc.






** hover over descriptions above for details.

Here’s a sneaky peek at just one amazing resource that we giveaway away publicly (more unlocks);

You can use this right now… to get powerful SEO results; SEOpedia



Are You a Big Volume Seller?

Check our Big Kahuna Seller Rewards

Here’s the best part, shh… the REWARDS you won’t see at other marketplaces. You see, we know that merchants who post higher-quality product listings, and those that use our included marketing resources always convert more shoppers into buyers and enjoy more sales. To make that happen, these merchants try harder and work longer for those extra sales. So we reward these extra-mile merchants, with the following:

Traffic Reward #1
(req. sales vol.)

Traffic Reward #2
(req. sales vol.)

Co-op Adv Credits
(req. sales vol.)

Shop Fee Rebate+
(req. sales vol.)


200 shoppers


500 shoppers





500 shoppers


1,000 shoppers







1,000 shoppers


2,000 shoppers







3,000 shoppers


5,000 shoppers







10,000 shoppers


15,000 shoppers






** hover over descriptions above for details.

NOTE: Merchants that reach any sales volume above in a single month, will receive the “REWARD” listed.

Our Power-Sellers enjoy these valuable rewards that translate to lower costs and more sales. Because we do business a bit differently, we try to reward “effort with effort”. Show us your serious about your business, and we get very serious about helping you exceed your sales goals.



Paid extras below this line, Check-it..!


Are You Looking for More?

Check Our Merchant Service Upgrades $$

Our Shop plans are as robust as we can make them and keep our prices low enough for the average business. But, if you have the extra budget and want more advanced features, more “Buyer-Traffic”, more press releases, etc. Then we got your back.

Display Adv Design

Display Adv Syn

Guaranteed Traffic

Press Releases

Spin-2-Win Codes

TNT Credits (Adv)

Video Syndication


(1) $85


$400 cpm


$100 ea.




(3) $225


$375 cpm


$89 ea.




(10) $600


$325 cpm






(25) $1250


$275 cpm


$59 ea.




(50) $2200


$225 cpm


$49 ea.



** hover over descriptions above for details.

We work hard to keep marketing and advertising costs low. So the above are special rates for the upgrades most merchants want.

If you don’t see something you need, let us know, we may be able to add the service you want.


Question | How will you sell without this technology?

This Augmented Reality technology is a part of the all-new Mahalo.Market experience, and might be just the thing you need to close the next big deal.

Remember, this is a brand-new, cutting-edge technology

The added features here like gamification and live video can be found nowhere else but here at Mahalo.Market.

Learn more, ask your Mahalo.Market agent for details, and how to beat your completion hands-down.


Free Worldwide shipping

Most orders over $50.00 usd

Easy 30 days returns

30 days money back guarantee

International Warranty

Offered in the country of usage

100% Secure Checkout

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