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A Blast From the Past, 1880

Meet a cutting-edge ‘Shopping Experience’

With the arrival of the Internet and virtual shopping, the way we shop has changed forever. Yet, we believe it is possible to preserve the time-honored concepts of shopping.

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At Mahalo.Market, we blend the best parts of the community shopping experience and the latest technologies, with the goal of preserving the feel and the flavor of the 1880s pop-up community marketplace, as well as the modern shopping mall.

We proudly present a unique ‘online shopping experience’, carefully blending the cherished elements that make a marketplace or a mall, that memorable and enjoyable shopping experience;

a destination, a place to meet-up, and even gathering for a lovely day with your friends both the shoppers and merchants alike. Or you might catch a movie, or enjoy the free music, attend a LIVE concert, or get a news update on the mall big screen…

See what we mean?

A marketplace is about a “Shopping Experience” wrapped in a gathering featuring;

  • one-part music;
  • one-part festival;
  • one-part food circus;
  • one part entertainment;
  • one part news;
  • one part bling;
  • and one part conversation…She is an animated character

…all of these help to create an unmistakable shopping ambiance.

“It’s about preserving the important parts, like the many sights, the familiar sounds, and the joyful performance aspects. Because all of this, and the gathering, and the shopping mix so well.”

This historical flavor of shopping, “the marketplace” or “the mall”, has been replicated again, and again around the world from generation to generation.

Centuries later, we’re bringing it to every corner of the globe.

While the “Virtual Nature” of the Internet presents challenges, never-the-less, we aim to recreate the traditional “International Marketplace Shopping Experience” as much as possible.


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Home of the ‘Gems’ – Grateful, Excellent, Merchants

We feature a range of shops from around the world, more important, many of our shops are owned and operated by a family or by  Indigenous tribal members (KeeTooWah, Cherokee, Hawaiian, Mohawk, Pima, the many tribes of Africa), etc.

Our hand-picked merchants are true ‘Gems’;

  • Know customers by name;
  • Remember your last order and preferences;
  • Grateful enough to give special treatment and offers to frequent shoppers.

These are the real 99%, truly 100% ‘necessary’ small business owners and their ‘essential’ employees… sincerely looking forward to serving you, your family, and your business.

No one is just a number..!

  • We invest time to verify and get to know each and every merchant;
  • We demand excellence from all our merchants;
  • We listen to ‘all’ buyer needs and wants;
  • We standby 24/7 ensuring buyers and sellers have an excellent shopping experience.

Extra ‘Mahalos’ included with every purchase..!

Our always happy merchants are anxious to serve you, with countless unique items they make or carefully procure from amazing craftsmen, niche manufacturers, and reputable companies from sea to shining sea.

In every case, you can buy with confidence that only the best quality products and services are offered here. We require our merchants to uphold our guarantee policy and where reasonable we insist on lifetime or long-term inclusive warranties.



A smartphone with a storefront awning

Important: When you spend dollars with our marketplace merchants, you help to employ hard-working families, build communities, and make the world a better place for locals, natives, and indigenous peoples around the world.



For Merchants

We are proud to be smaller and more focused on helping our merchants grow. We aim to bring a radical, ground-breaking, 10x impact on the sales results merchants can expect from an online marketplace.

Using disruptive technologies and strategies, our focus is on helping our smaller merchants compete with “mega-online-companies” like Amazon, Walmart, while also opening new markets and attracting new customers to online shopping.

A cartoon man

To accomplish this, our marketplace includes attributes that are recognizably superior, including; fast delivery, free insurance, easy returns, 3-day Money-Back Guarantee, Spin-2-Win, coupons, discounts, special sales, lower shipping costs, etc.

But much more than that, we bring some rare attributes, including; “Merchant Transparency” and a “Small Business” focus.

We invest in our merchants and take the time to…

  • get to know you;
  • your business;
  • your products
  • and your dreams;

…then we help you learn the ropes to marketplace success.

Again, your not just another number here..!

From marketing strategy and advertising secrets to promotions, we help you grow your marketplace business.

…to explore more merchant benefits; click here



Who Dun This Thing..?

The Mahalo.Market, is a division of FRYD.TV and powered by JingleSPOT… the ‘vision’ of a group of; artists, business and marketing consultants, designers, developers, inventors, marketers, product creators, programmers, seasoned merchants, serial entrepreneurs, and founders of several companies.

This group is referred to simply as ‘the Founders’…


Now the Founders bring a ‘Buyers’ marketplace with;

  • verified excellent merchants;
  • easy shopping, easy returns, and wishlists;
  • special deals and discounts, coupon offers;
  • competitions, games, and prizes;
  • 24/7 live support for questions, problems, or ideas;
  • a 100% Money-Back Happy Customer Guarantee;

For ‘Merchants’ the marketplace promise of;

  • transparent business processes;
  • complete buyer contact details (not “hidden” like other marketplaces);
  • 24/7 live agents to assist with any transaction problems or other issues;
  • powerful marketplace marketing to drive “buyer” traffic to your shop offers;
  • free DIY marketing tools, and SEO advice;
  • many more Mahalo.Market “ONLY” merchant benefits; click here




100% Moneyback GUARANTEEDOur Simple Shopping Guarantee

We maintain a 100% money-back guarantee for all purchases at the Mahalo.Market.

If you experience any difficulty with any marketplace purchase, we will quickly refund your purchase no questions asked.

Simply submit a request to marketplace support 24/7 daily, and our support team will sort things within 3 business days.



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