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Do you remember the moment you realize that the world had changed let me tell you a quick little story that has nothing and everything to do with the future of our world and how you fit into it in 1917 the United States faced a huge problem they were working hard to compete in the industrialized economy and there was a shortage not a shortage of oil or coal or other natural resources a shortage of people specifically obediently Factory workers a solution to this economic dilemma it was an experiment of sorts it hadn’t done before until someone thought of it mandatory public school unfortunately the initial purpose of the United States public school system was not to inspire children or generate Scholars and it wasn’t created for dreamers people who color Outside the Lines break the rules and challenge the status quo a public school system of the early nineteen hundreds was invented to create a nation full of adults who would obediently do their jobs and the factory assembly lines teaching kids to sit in straight rows and scheduling the entire day with the ringing of bells wasn’t by chance punishing those who didn’t conform was purposeful need to join the labor force intentional or not this early method of turning dreamers into workers was an investment in the nation’s economic future and it worked just and led to several generations of productive fully employed workers but it isn’t working anymore by our economy has changed we don’t live in an industrialized economy anymore we live in a connected economy right now there are more users on Facebook then there were people on the planet 200 years ago technology has made it possible for us to connect with people ideas and information from anywhere in the world instantaneously and as a result our economies have expanded from localized towns and communities to the entire world we have globalized trade in your every way in the past and do what you’re told without question people were rewarded for working hard and putting their dreams aside in order to tow the line they were given well paying jobs that lead to long-term careers they were guaranteed pension benefits and the promise that they would always be taken care of and they were but that promise is gone for most of us even if you have a white collar job the majority of white-collar workers are still working in a factory instead of operating a sewing machine or welding a widget me now push pencils type on keyboards or process paperwork it’s still factory work because the entire focus of the day is spent on increasing productivity was for what are room for creativity spontaneity or individuality the educated hard-working masses are still doing what they’re told but they’re no longer getting what they deserve even if you do everything you are told to do today graduate from high school go to college get a degree work hard and whatever job you can find if you’re lucky enough to find one you’re not guaranteed anything companies are being forced to change or die right now layoffs happen much more often than job openings appear and the highest paying jobs are disappearing or heading overseas at an alarming rate if you have a job where your boss tells you exactly what to do he or she will always find someone cheaper than you to do it did you know that the average length of a job today is about four and a half years contrast that to the 1960s when it was 40 years the connected economy rewards a different group of people get rewards the people who see things differently who don’t conform people who have ideas but no one else has people who are willing to work hard but know that the old way of doing things is broken a connected economy rewards you not for being a cog in The Wheel of Life but her standing up and reaching out a connected economy rewards the connectors whether it’s connecting a person to a person a business to a business a business to a product or product to a person those who learn how to connect are the ones who will survive and it fell and I connect an economy. It’s how the world has changed it’s not about to change it already things are different now and they’re not going back to the way they used to be look at Facebook what’s their product if you your network you are information your ideas they all have value does Facebook pay you for the money they make selling your information to advertisers no but we still use it because we have an innate desire to connect with people in fact neuroscientist have found that we are actually hard wire to connect with each other some people know how to leverage this innate ability in today’s economy but most don’t and because they don’t know how to do it most of them are paralyzed with fear resisting the shift to buy clear indications telling them it’s time to change 1917 a group of people performed an experiment that forever changed the way that we aren’t the living the world today is facing another huge problem we’re facing a shortage of are not a shortage of factory workers or consumers the world has enough of those we had a shortage today of dreamers and connectors so we’re holding our own little experiment and you happen to be the subject of it this 8 Minute presentation was specifically designed to seek out and find the connectors around us those who recognize that we are on the brink of the next economic Revolution who are ready to thrive in the connected economy and who are searching for the best way to do it internet and Technology are rapidly changing the way that we do everything today including how we make a living it’s not too late to embrace change and find a way to make yourself relevant and profitable in our Brave New World and that’s why we’ve invited you here today we’ve created something that rewards you for connecting it pays you for bringing people together behind a cause product idea systematized it and made it so that you can do it from anywhere with anyone at any time if you are passionate about helping people if you are passionate about changing lives if you want to position yourself to be a capitalizing Force within the connected Revolution instead of just a bystander let’s start now do you remember the moment you realize that the world had changed how about the moment you realized you could change with it are you ready for the details.

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