Brad – Virtual Land

So, Virtual Land is a Thing…

Time to get this figured, there’s a land rush online and everything “Virtual” is exploding.

Instantly, online experiences from games and museums, the shopping have exploded in popularity. Expected to exceed $196 billion in revenue by 2022, now considered to be one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet.

Let’s take a look at just the headlines…

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Dec 03, 2017 Star Citizen Sells Virtual Land
NEWS - 2020
Dec 21, 2020 Upland – Virtual Land Will Be the Next Big Thing
Dec 13, 2020 Virtual Gaming Worlds: NFTs Creating New Cross-Chain Gaming Monetization
Dec 11, 2020 Top Digital Entrepreneurs Launch Metaverse Property

Two North American serial entrepreneurs with an extensive portfolio of successful startups have launched the first virtual real estate company called Metaverse Property. The ambitious project focuses exclusively on the virtual housing market within the Metaverses.

Dec 08, 2020 Survey Finds Gamers Want to Sell Virtual Items
Dec 04, 2020 Why Crypto Land Sales are Going Interstellar
Dec 02, 2020 NFT representing 5% of Monaco F1 Delta Time track auctioned for $220K
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Nov 12, 2020 Age of ILCoin Retribution: VR is Disrupting the Blockchain and Gaming Industries
Nov 10, 2020 Real Estate vs Virtual Lands: New Verticals of a Global Economy
Nov 10, 2020 Virtual Lands: New Verticals of a Global Economy
Oct 31, 2020 Gotta collect ’em all: An overview of NFT marketplaces
Oct 23, 2020 Big Land Sales Ahead of Axie Infinity Token
Oct 08, 2020 NFTs take on DeFi? Nonfungible tokens push to be the next crypto craze
Sep 30, 2020 Art world moves in and out of the virtual realm
Sep 20, 2020 Breaking virtual ground: Blockchain-secured land entices real estate investors
Sep 18, 2020 Fantasy authors turn the VulcanVerse NFT game into a trilogy of books
Sep 17, 2020 LAND Rush: Why Crypto Whales Are Buying Up Virtual Real Estate
Sep 14, 2020 You can now only buy LAND for $SAND
Sep 10, 2020 How Does Fortnite Make Money?
Sep 10, 2020 Whale vault gobbles up virtual real estate for development in The Sandbox
Sep 08, 2020 Binance acquired virtual space in The Sandbox by buying 4k LAND
Sep 02, 2020 The Care Bears’ Care-a-Lot Kingdom is coming to The Sandbox Metaverse
Aug 24, 2020 Avoya Travel Pivots to Online Platform for 2020 Avoya Conference
Aug 23, 2020 Decentraland, Dragon City and the rise of NFTs in China
Aug 14, 2020 The Fascinating Web Of Entropia Universe, The World’s Only ‘Cash-Based’ MMO
Aug 09, 2020 Crypto Artists and Investors Trusts NFTs to Transform the Art Industry
Jul 25, 2020 The pandemic is causing the rise of making real money from virtual worlds
Jul 21, 2020 Samsung Blockchain Wallet has added support for Decentraland
Jul 17, 2020 Atari Partners with WAX For NFTs, Joins Board Alongside Shatner and Marvel
Jul 15, 2020 The Rise of a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
Jul 06, 2020 The Tokenized Metaverse: Non-Fungible Token Sales to Surpass $100 Million
Jul 06, 2020 Tomorrowland reveals images of its virtual stages
Jul 06, 2020 Virtual Land: Digital game technology contributes
Jul 02, 2020 Avoya Travel Hosts First-Ever Virtual Land Forum Event
Jul 02, 2020 NFT token sales hit $100 million as virtual economy booms
Jun 30, 2020 Billions and Billions: How Brands Take Blockchain From Niche to Normal

“The value we create inside of our virtual worlds will become indistinguishable from the value we’ve historically created outside of them.”

Jun 03, 2020 Upland.Me: A Virtual Property Trading Game Mapped to Real-World Addresses
Jun 01, 2020 Top 30 enterprise-friendly VR spaces
May 26, 2020 Recently Listed Parcels of Virtual Land Going Through the Virtual Roof
May 26, 2020 Virtual land sales going through the (virtual) roof

Virtual land in Somnium Space is selling like digital hot cakes. In the past ten weeks, hundreds of land parcels in the virtual world have sold for a total of $470,000. Users can buy land and build on it, manage, rent and sell land parcels. The platform aims to monetize communication, e-commerce, entertainment and more in the virtual space.

Apr 23, 2020 Virtual entertainment picks: Land of 10,000 Streams
Apr 19, 2020 Virtual Land Based on Blockchain – Huge Popularity
Apr 15, 2020 Second Life Revisited: Using a Virtual World to Escape the Isolation of Social Distancing
Apr 13, 2020 Some Museums are Pivoting to Virtual Engagement
Apr 05, 2020 Virtual Worlds: The next frontier for businesses
Apr 02, 2020 The Sandbox Sells 3400 Ether Worth of Virtual Land in Five Hours
Mar 26, 2020 Somnium Space Sells 110 ETH of Virtual Land
Mar 24, 2020 Forte gaming blockchain signs partnership with big developers Netmarble and Hi-Rez Studios
Mar 22, 2020 Ethereum-Based Game to Enhance User Experience with Matic Scaling Solution
Mar 19, 2020 The Sandbox raises $2 million more to build out blockchain-based game world
Mar 18, 2020 ‘The Sandbox’ Game on Ethereum Announces Third LAND Presale
Mar 18, 2020 12 historic sites you can virtually tour from the couch
Mar 12, 2020 MetaFactory: Digi-Physical Limited Edition Goods Unlocked
Mar 11, 2020 Real Life Monopoly Thanks to Cryptocurrencies
Mar 09, 2020 Axie Infinity Exclusive Interview – DeFi + Gaming
Mar 05, 2020 Fungible Tokens Turn Monopoly Money Into Cryptocurrency
Feb 23, 2020 Rocket Lauches Virtual Mortgages on Decentraland – NFT
Feb 22, 2020 VR world turns digital currency into cold cash
Feb 21, 2020 Gaming Currency Surges In Real Cash; Airline Allows Passengers To Pay In Crypto
Feb 19, 2020 HikeLand: A new Virtual Hangout for Hike users
Feb 18, 2020 The Sandbox Game on Ethereum Sells $206,000 Worth of LAND
Feb 17, 2020 Ethereum-based Sandbox sells out another virtual LAND presale
Feb 16, 2020 Gamers Invested $1 Million in Virtual Real Estate
Jan 30, 2020 Rocket Genesis NFT Loan
Jan 02, 2020 Will 2020 be the year of Crypto Art and Virtual Land

A Timeline of the Digital Industry

2019 Google releases Stadia, a cloud gaming service that allows gamers to play without a console
2016 The augmented reality game Pokémon Go is launched, generating the most revenue grossed by any mobile game in its first month.
2015 1.5 billion gamers around the world
2009 Apple announces In-app Purchase feature for iPhone apps
2009 Minecraft launches and becomes one of the best selling video games in history with 176 million copies sold
2007 Online gaming starts shifting to mobile
2004 World of Warcraft launches, the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) to eclipse more than 10 million active subscriptions
2003 Digital storefront Steam launches, allowing gamers to buy and review games online
1990s Online gaming rapidly gains popularity due to the increasing availability of the internet



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