A jpeg for $70m: The strange world of cryptocurrency art

It may seem like a lot for a digital-only artwork. But in some ways, NFTs are a continuation of collecting as usual. The NFT-meets-art-world craze is the latest in a series of blockchain-backed experiments around the authentication of property and digital art on the internet. NFTs are a way for artists working in new technologies […]

Christie’s auctions ‘first digital-only artwork’ ~ $70m

Digital collage by Beeple was offered with a non-fungible token to guarantee authenticity and paid for in cryptocurrency. The piece, titled Everydays: The First 5,000 Days, sold for $69.4m in an online auction, “positioning him among the top three most valuable living artists”, Christie’s said via Twitter on Thursday. Christie’s said it also marks the […]

How the Idle Rich Spent Their Pandemic Year

  Trophy Homes and $2.5 Million Tweets: The Covid-era mania for cryptocurrencies and digital tokens shows how bored elites have already bought everything. Pity the newly rich, who are struggling with where to put their millions. According to a recent analysis cited by The New York Times, about 7,000 millionaires will emerge from the latest round of Silicon Valley initial […]

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