About our Philanthropy

About our Philanthropy

Helping Everyone Leverage Opportunity

Be the change you want to see… our love of all peoples of the world and our mission to bring change to the way business works, is not about profit, but about enabling changes toward a better world.

To us, MAHALO in action means: Mostly About Helping Anyone Leverage Opportunity.

Our philosophy is simple;

We believe in the power of generosity and the idea of giving first. The joy that comes from bringing a smile, is payment enough. But we always see much more.

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“Each of us is a unique strand in the fabric of this reality. The small efforts we make each day, helping each other, is the foundation for our mutual success, thereby completing the Circle of Life.”  ~Ambassador Rodgers

The Great Architect of this universe has set in place a natural balance: “Give first, the universe will send you something of equal or greater value.” ~Ambassador Rodgers

These quotes from one of our founders, form the foundations of our “Official Company Mission”. It is also our first purpose, to help others, starting with our merchants and shoppers.

But more than that, we feel an obligation to make the world a better place, to be the change you want to see.

We choose to enable, to give fishing poles rather than just fish…

For this reason, our first act of charity is to charge as little as we can and give as many powerful tools and other benefits with each Shop Plan.

We DO NOT want to charge a penny more than we must, and yet we are determined to deliver more. We plan to continue to add more marketing tools to help our merchants, many of whom are small family-owned or even village-owned businesses.

It is extremely important to us that these small operators are NOT Nickle and Dimed to the point of no profits by marketing costs. By including as many marketing tools as we can, we are enabling them to market more cost-effectively. Allowing for lower prices, and higher profits to support families.

Beyond this, we also wanted to ensure that every community we touch is enriched. So even though we have severely limited our income to save merchants money, we have also established the following philanthropy programs, to distribute as much as we can.

Most of the following charity programs are simply extensions of the programs already offered by our sister company; JingleSPOT, and our parent company FRYD.TV, with a few extras made possible by the marketplace.


First, our feature program;

The Startup Merchant Program

This program is focused on helping people of all ages to become online merchants and shop owners. Designed for the total novice or as continuing education for young adults.

This program teaches all the skills to become an online merchant, in a learn by doing format. At the end of the program (90 days) the student graduates with a working store they have built, and 200 or more products that they have entered for sale (we provide the products and a license to resell at 80% profit).

Learn more; click here


More Philanthropy…

But we do much more, and the following is an overview of our charity programs;


Mahalo Market believes in helping kids learn the skills they need to become merchants, better shoppers, balance a checkbook, how to manage an online shop, and more. Accomplished through grants given directly to teachers and tutors that do one-on-one student training.

Employee Donation Matching

Any employee, contractor, or affiliate can request a matching donation for any donation they make to any nonprofit or community organization, in an amount up to $5000 annually. We match employee donations between $25 and $5,000 at a 1:1 ratio.

Employee Volunteer Match

Basically, nonprofits receive $25 per hour when our employee, contractor, or affiliate volunteers for at least four hours. With this program, our employee, contractor, or affiliates can volunteer for any nonprofit or community organization and we will make a co-donation of $25 per hour up to 10 hours monthly per employee, contractor, or affiliate.

Empowering Women

Our company is in part founded and operated by women. We, therefore, seek to empower women around the world to start and operate SMBs. This program provides cash grants and free shops for qualified women-owned or operated companies.

Hawaii First Community

Supporting Hawaii nonprofits that care for and strengthen Hawaii communities.

Our favorite program in Hawaii is; Project Hawaii, and we have allocated 50% of our Hawaii donations to this charity… well because kids do matter, and this program is run by a lady who first-hand experienced homelessness as a child.

Today, she and her co-founder, a teacher, helps countless children and families every day in Hawaii, and we can’t help enough. Perhaps one day, we can give enough to end homelessness in Hawaii.

Healthy Lifestyle Grants and Programs

With this program, we aim to build a better world through better nutrition, preventative medicine, and health education. Starting with kids and young adults, our programs are designed to teach important skills like cooking, but more how to create healthy meals and weekly meal plans, how to use herbs rather than drugs, and more.

Project Kenya

Drought, floods, famine… these are things that come all too often to the lands and people of Kenya. Regardless of the cause, the result is the same, the need for food, tents, and other things we take for granted. Add that disease and pandemics only make matters worse.

One simple solution, Online Stores” for each village. Regardless of the local situation, if each village was able to maintain ongoing sales of the things they can make for sale. That store would continue to survive even during floods, droughts, storms, and other local or global issues.

Our solution, we build and manage online stores for villages, and handle passing orders and money for sales and help coordinate the shipping. Our first project is building a store to help the Kajomo Village Project in the Kisumu East and Seme of Kenya.

Street Kids

With this program, we aim to raise awareness and make a direct financial impact on the “Street Kid” problem around the world. This is a terrible problem that must not be overlooked or forgotten. Our favorite program in Hawaii is; Project Hawaii. But of course, the problem is bigger than Hawaii…

Street kids are some of the most vulnerable children on the planet. as many street children as there are in the world there are as many reasons for them being there. Every single child has their own unique story. The reasons for their connection to the streets will vary from country to country, city to city, and from person to person.

A commonly quoted figure is 100 million street children worldwide, however, given that this estimate is from 1989, it is considered outdated. The true numbers are unknown. Some groups of children can be less visible on the streets, for example; girls, or children with disabilities

Many street-connected children are harmed on a daily basis by adults, including government officials and the police, other children, and even their own families. They are also denied access to education and healthcare, which is their right. If national laws criminalize begging or loitering, they can face jail just for trying to survive.

Sustainable Organic Farming Program

We believe in healthy people and the sustainability of organic farming methods. This fund provides farmers with cheap loans and grants designed to help convert farms to organic crops or to expand existing organic farms.

Annual grants in blocks of $50,000 to $100,000 each. This is an aggressive program, so we will fund as many grants and cheap loans as we can. In particular, where the farm involved supports a family or a small community.

Team Mahalo

Any employee, contractor, or affiliate may request an assignment, and we pay travel, accommodation expense, and full wages for up to one month.

They can choose from a list of destinations including Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, or any African nation. They then provide on-location assistance with village projects.

This is accompanied by a $10,000 budget for materials, medical supplies, or other needs they see while on the ground. We fund this mission 6-8 times annually.

The KeeTooWah Fund

Because of Mahalo.Market ownership and staff are a group composed of minorities. This program is about funding our brothers and sisters through native organizations and communities.

For example, our CEO is part KeeTooWah, his wife Chinese-Hawaiian. Our store manager is African-American, our Treasurer has MS, and the list goes on.

The KeeTooWah Fund is focused on enabling native and minority SMBs. We help with grants, and a list of free stuff including; free shops, free advertising, free marketing, and more.


Does Your Organization Need Help

Photo of our Director of Public Relations, Marileen Rodgers.Photo of our Director of Public Relations, Marileen Rodgers.

We look forward to hearing from you and your projects.

If you’re doing work that benefits communities, small businesses, families, or some village in a remote part of the world. We are anxious to help.

We are currently setting our charity plans for 2021, if your organization would like to receive charity funding from our company, please click the following link, and complete the “Charitable Funding Request Form.

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