Let’s have some awesome Christmas songs…

One of the best parts of Christmas is the music.

Telling this big story… we thought long and hard, how to use things that you already know… to put on a big show.

Remember, it’s Christmas you know…

So we thought a lot about what you need to know, then we decided first to go with some old things that you know, adding some new things… that you just have to know..!

What follows this cute little scroll, comes from a Christmas long, long ago.
More Great Christmas songs: click here

INTRODUCTION - Buckle your seat belts, and journey with me.








Closing Statement

We live it every day, Marileen and I have given without concern of any direct return. Since the Creator put us together 45 years ago. He knew that we would help, support, and love each other completely.

Likewise, this beautiful thing, we call the Mahalo.Market is also powered by “Pay it Forward” as well.

We do not know or care exactly where a dollar invested, returns a dollar earned. The timing blurs a bit, sort of like the chicken and the egg question.

We just know we are doing what we do best, and that the Creator has sent us a small few, very special angels already.

Hearts big as oceans, and hard workers too.

They are so exceptional angels, each deserving of special note because they too have given their time and resources to help bring this great thing…

So we dare not fail to share each of these special Angels:

Annette Udechukwu ~ Director of Business Planning
Bill Quam ~ President
Brad Johnston ~ Marketplace Manager
Dennis Wieczorek ~ Director of Accessibility

Add a very special thanks also to our sideline Angels:

Alan Arato ~ Entrepreneur, and Talent Manager
Bhavin ~ a UAX developer
Craig Gibson ~ San Diego, Motivation Consultant
Dr. Dustow ~ Autism and Disability advisor
Monchalee Ota ~ Social Media Consultant (Design Ideas)


Photo of the Marketplace Manager, Brad Johnston. He is wearing a deep red shirt, against a blue snowflake background. V.P. Business Planning, Annette Udechukwu

This job is too big, for so few…

We continue to work around the clock, but this could be faster with your help…

So please reach deep in your heart…

Feel the message, the hope, and the blessings behind the Mahalo.Market

This is the time for great things to happen, you can be a part of it…

This is the time…”Be the Change You Want to See

Will you help, the Team, Marileen and me..?


Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

Happy New Year

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