Marketing Wholistically

Marketing is a wholistic word by nature. Since marketing is in effect everything we do to sell a product or service. From posting the product page in an online store to posting display ads on Facebook, or billboards on the freeway.

Surveys, gamification, if you’re telling your selling. Marketing includes advertising (telling) and selling (marketing strategy or sales formula). Even the sales script is carefully considered to have the desired “marketing” effect or the “message” that closes the deal and makes the sale. All marketing.

Now, let’s look closer at the many marketing topics and we will breakdown the plan within each of the following sections;


Product Bundling

What is a Product Bundle? At the core, a product bundle is simply a “collection” of individual products that may or may not be sold separately concurrently, but these “products” are “grouped” and sold together for a “single price”, because it is now considered a single product. The grouping is often composed of a range […]