Marketplace Credo

An Accounting of Honor and Respect | Trust

From our founders, comes a way of thinking, and doing business, a foundation based on a collection of beliefs, principles, and values guiding our daily operations and culture.

Marketplace merchants are required to adopt the following ‘Credo’.


Morals, Ethics, and Integrity

Aims to Trade Excellence for Profit

Honorable, Transparent and Crystal-Clear

An Inclination to Be Outstanding

Love to Deliver a Delightful Experience

Open, Workable, Ready to Listen

The point is, to be the change you want to see

Moderate, win-win exchange attitude

Achieves Success by Being the Best

Rational and Down-to-Earth

Kind, Understanding Supportive, Sympathetic

Envision Success Through Generosity

Truthfully Telling Features and Benefits

These “ideals’ are not mere words, they are weaved into our name, and our culture, and it is these ‘ideals’ that bind our merchants into a reliable and safe place to shop.

But keep reading, there’s more to it…


The Foundation of Success | Trust

Trust is a powerful word, and in business, if people “Trust” you, that’s a currency you can use to buy your way to the top.

Building ‘trust’ is not rocket science, it is in fact a repeatable formula, or as we see it, a way of life for any reputable Merchant.

So let’s look at the steps that will build consumer trust in your business.

Ideals we require our Merchants to embrace:

  1. Accountability: Holding your company accountable, inspiring trust;
  2. Competence: Demonstrate that your company is capable and professional;
  3. Confidence: Don’t be shy, if you have something to say, then say it with confidence;
  4. Empathy: Caring about both employees and customers, is now more important than tech;
  5. Fairness: Creating mutually beneficial relationships, showing people fairness;
  6. Flexibility: Be considerate, and tolerant, bend the rules if you must to make a buyer happy;
  7. Listen: Trying first to understand, then being certain that you are clearly understood;
  8. Overdeliver: Doing the unexpected and delivering just that little extra;
  9. Promises: Keeping every promise, because just one broken promise is too many;
  10. Respect: Showing respect, to earn respect. Little things like not wasting time;
  11. Solve Problems: Addressing and fixing any complaint fast, finding a way to make buyers happy;
  12. Trusting: Being generous and forgiving, never jumping to the worst conclusions;
  13. Truthfulness: Big word, simple meaning;
  14. Vulnerability: Being a bit vulnerable is ‘authentic’, and it improves happiness;

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The Experts | Investing in Trust

The following videos are curated for their unique perspectives. That’s why we require our Merchants to take a few minutes to learn, then use these valuable secrets to building “Trust” from experts around the world.

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These are ideas and concepts we respect and that we emphasize with the daily operation of this marketplace. We also expect our Merchants to act likewise.

Simply Put…

This is why as our shopper, you will gain TRUST, and come to depend on your TRUST in us, and our Merchants. It’s a beautiful thing and an important part of why we built this marketplace so that shoppers can “trust” in a world where “trust” is so often unearned.

Our Merchants are accountable, we are accountable, and this marketplace and our Merchants are here to serve you both before, and after the sale.

When you ring, we are there 24/7, ready the serve..!


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