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The following classes will be Pre-Recorded so that you can watch them at a convenient time.

From time to time there will be a few LIVE classes, dates and times for those classes will be posted here for your convenience.

As they become available, you can click the CODE NUMBER below to see that page.

B-100 Business with a Public Purpose

B1-0205 – Beneficial Business Think – Open Q+A
B1-1809 – Rise of the BSEOP Corporation
B1-2008 – Change You Want to See

B-500 Best Practises

B5-0106 – Affiliate Marketing (Biz Owner / Affiliate)
B5-0218 – Branding
B5-0315 – Corporate Structure
B5-1618 – Press Releases
B5-1905 – SEOSee the tool, valuable.
B5-2203 – Video Creation
B5-2303 – Web Content
B5-9901 – Open Q+A Everything Marketing

H-100 How Stuff Works

H5-0106 – Affiliate Marketing (Biz Owner / Affiliate)
H5-0118 – Art & Design and Display Ad Creation
H5-0218 – Brand Development
H5-0621 – Funnel Theory
H5-0701 – Gamification
H5-1313 – Mahalo.Market
H5-1315 – Mobile Apps | Creation + Value
H5-1401 – NFTs | An Opportunity for Your Business
H5-1402 – NFTs | As a Business Financing Tool
H5-1403 – NFTs | Developing Your Own
H5-1404NFTs | The Big View
H5-1405 – NFTs | The Future
H5-1601 – PAL | ADA | and Disabled Shoppers
H5-1605 – Personas and Targeting
H5-1618 – Product Development
H5-1925 – Syndication of Content (video, pic, ads, etc)
H5-2205 – Video Marketing
H5-2305 – Websites Development
H5-9901 – Open Q+A The Theory of Everything (TOE)

L-100 Legal Stuff

L5-0105 – Affidavits | Power Through Legal Problems
L5-0106 – Affiliate Marketing (Biz Owner / Affiliate)
L5-0218 – Branding | Copyrights, Trademarks, Domains, etc.
L5-0315 – Corporations | Creation, Reporting, Structure, Tax
L5-1301 – Marketing | FTC, FDA, T+C, Safe Marketing
L5-2305 – Websites + Apps | Liabilities and Solutions
L5-9901 – Open Q+A Legal – Business Related

M-100 Marketing

M5-0106 – Affiliate Marketing Reloaded  (Biz Owner / Affiliate)
M5-0218 – Branding In-Depth
M5-O621 – Funnels Reloaded
M5-0701 – Gamification Expanded
M5-1315 – Mobile Apps
M5-1401 – NFTs Reimagined
M5-1605 – Persona Development
M5-1618 – Products and Services Strategies
M5-1925 – Syndicate Your Message
M5-2209 – Video Double Down
M5-2305 – Websites | Lean Mean Marketing Machines
M5-9901 – Open Q+A Everything Marketing


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After, you can just log in, and use the meeting code for the selected meeting to join.

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H5-1404 NFTs | The Big View

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We absolutely DO NOT use 85% of class time to sell you something.

What we sell is so darn good, we do not need to trick anyone. 

All classes are FREE and move very fast, even when repeated, never the same.

Again, you can relax, our classes are just too fast to sell stuff.

** Class time is 45min. That’s 20-35 min. of sharing useful information and we allow some guests to ask related questions. The focus is to give you highly useful information in a short period of time.

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