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All-New Four In One App For Increasing Your Email Click Rates By 300%


Are You Tired Of Low Click Rates With Your Email?

How Would You Like To Get 30% Clicks Rates?

Open rates are falling week after week for most marketers who are sticking to the same old boring emails. Most click rates are falling below the 3% number.

So out of 1000 emails sent even if you get 20% opens, 200 opened your email. But the click rate is 3% that’s only 6 people going to your offer.

That causes quite a few problems.

Low click rates mean fewer and fewer buyers getting to the offers you are promoting. PLUS if fewer people are opening and clicking you are more likely to fall into the spam box.

What if you could double, triple, or even quadruple the number of people clicking on your links in email and visiting your website?

The all-new four in one app for increasing your email click rates by 300%

    • Views vs clicks
    • Browsers type
    • Device type
    • Long term tracking
    • And much more


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