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Because our games are a bit different than the typical game, you may need to dig a little deeper to learn how all this works.

For that reason, we have assembled this comprehensive F.A.Q directory to help.

If you do not find your answer here, please send us a comment so we can get the answers you need posted here.

Are all Hotspots priced the same?

With the launch of the game, every Hotspot will be set at the same specified rate. Only when players start owning these Hotspots or Virtual Land will the prices start to vary.

Players can set their own renting price, higher or lower than the original rate. Also, Hotspot prices vary depending on the location (generally more inland increases price) and the amount of clicks a certain Bubble or specific Hotspot receives.

Are Blockchain-based games free to play?

You are able to create Free accounts.

Are there any age restrictions?
  • Kids (U15) will get a specific set of Virtual Worlds” dedicated to them.
  • These will be for non-adult use, kids only.
  • Kids will earn points
  • Points may be exchanged for VIRTUAL LAND in the ADULT GAMES
  • Land purchased by kids, will payout to the charity of their choice until they reach Sixteen (16)  years old.
  • They can apply to build worlds for kids or adults, then earn from it.
  • Not allowed to play adult games until 16, but can earn the land points at any age.
  • At Eighteen (18), they can no longer play the kid’s worlds, they can still build them.

At 16, they can choose to discontinue charity payments and keep all the money.

Are Virtual Land and Hotspots the same?

Yes, the hotspots spread throughout the game are considered Virtual Land that you can Buy/Sell and Rent to other players.

Are virtual meetings possible?

Avoya Travel, one of the travel industry’s most innovative brands, hosted its first-ever Avoya Mastermind Virtual Land Forum June 22-25, 2020. This successful event provided Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network access to top land and destination suppliers, focusing on brand education, sales, and new safety protocols for resuming travel.

Originally planned to be held in Las Vegas in April, the Avoya Mastermind Land Forum was quickly adapted into a virtual event that sold out within weeks to 500 attendees.

Can dropshipping companies become merchants?

Yes, the marketplace sells both physical and digital products. We do not offer our own shipping center, so delivering the product a customer bought is solely on the merchant, as of now.

Can I share virtual land with someone?

Virtual land is acquired by purchasing NFT tokens. Non-fungible tokens are not divisible, in the same way as you cannot send someone part of a concert ticket. 

However, if you are a Land Baron or Hotspot Owner, Merchants/Advertisers have the ability to rent your Virtual Land as their own to drive traffic to their business.

Can in-game points convert to real currency?

With the points you have collected, you have the option to seek out and enter our Point Store where you are able to buy a wide variety of products with the points you’ve accumulated.

Currently, points cannot be converted into real currency. However, another awesome opportunity players can do with the points they’ve earned is purchase Virtual Land/Hotspots, turning a player into a Land Baron. Now as a Land Baron, the opportunity to start collecting real currency begins.

Can Mahalo.Market help supply Merchant’s products?

Only through a special program in Mahalo.Market, where newbie merchants get the opportunity to learn how to create a profitable online store. The products Mahalo.Market offers for merchants to sell are strictly digital products only.

Can you make real money from virtual games?

“Art— Huge growth industry for NFTs,” the virtual land investor said. “We’ve seen pieces go for $50,000+ and certain artists sell out $100,000+ in a single day. Superrare alone reports $2.3M [in] transaction volume. Virtual Land— Another Monster Industry; build virtual conferences, games, defi banks, art galleries, etc. Over $50 million worth of transaction volume so far.”

Does this only work for "Virtual Reality" games?


Do Land Barons earn commission off of every sale at a Hotspot?

No, Land Baron’s earn 70% of initial payment that comes from Advertisers/Merchants using any specifc Hotspot owned by a Land Baron.

How big is the AR/VR market?

The global augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) market is forecast to reach 72.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. This would be an increase of 54 percent five-year CAGR overspending.

How can I help you and others in return?

If you would so kindly NOMINATE a person or family you want to help, and Scotty will review the nomination. Please include info such as name, situation, number in family, etc. NOT immediate family… Friends okay, etc.

Tell us an inspiring story, and Scotty will decide who gets a Hotspot.

Can submit up to 3 per person… can be open season.

If someone who did not receive any Hotspots, and they nominate someone, they will get a Hotspot.

How do I Buy NFTs?

Depending on the type of NFT, you can buy tokens in multiple different ways: Online Auction, Marketplace, Private Messaging (Discord/email).

How do I invest/sell virtual land?

Digital land is sold in several ways.

Public Auction: The video game’s developers can hold an online auction to offer parcels to their first owners, which helps raise money to further develop the game. This process resembles an ICO, however, individuals are buying nonfungible tokens instead of fungible tokens.

Market: Some video games offer their own marketplace. In the Decentraland Market, players can discover LAND up for resale. In AxieInfinity, people can buy new parcels straight from the game’s website. NEOLand has an in-game portal where users can trade land parcels. Cryptovoxels land is available to purchase on OpenSea in exchange for ether.

Discord Chat: Discord is a widely utilized application in the pc gaming area. By joining a game’s Discord channel, gamers can discover various other players that are marketing land. Through private messages, they can prepare a deal. This method is high-risk since the purchaser usually needs to pay for the land first, then rely on the seller to provide it.

How do in-game points transfer to real money?


How do you earn in-game points?

There are many ways for players to earn and win points in the axr360 game. Hundreds of games will be scattered throughout Mahalo.Market, giving players the chance to have fun and play games resulting in either points or rewards earned. Some points may be essentially free, while other points you may have to accomplish a simple task in order to receive. Ex: Go to the Merchant Facebook account, Like, and Share one post to earn 5 points.

How do you price Virtual Land?

As there is no set formula to easily throw a price on Virtual Land, we look at the value of a player clicking a Hotspot (Virtual Land) in our game, which is comparable to the value of a click a merchant might buy from Google.

How Does a Blockchain-based Game work?

Conventional gaming platforms produce closed loops in regards to development: no person from the outside can develop various versions of it, see the core logic or make use of existing data (assets). In the blockchain, the majority of the core logic and data (assets) is regulated by smart contracts, which can be analyzed as well as reused.

Blockchain games are decentralized. Instead of staying in a centrally regulated server, Blockchain game assets (digital items) are distributed among ‘players’. Blockchain games either issue their very own token or make use of an existing token (such as Ether in the case of Ethereum).

How does this benefit me?

The benefit of owning a Virtual Land or Hotspot is that it gives you the ability to either reap daily traffic benefits for your business, a quick turnaround sale resulting in quick cash, or to make consistent money without having to do anything at all.

How is the money split with a Land Baron when an Advertiser pays?

Hotspots have nothing to do with merchant sales and commissions of any kind, that is a marketplace function. Land Barons get paid 70% of what an Advertiser/Merchant pays to use the hotspot. The final 30% is what Mahalo.Market receives from the advertiser paying for a hotspot, as a management fee. The Merchant/Advertiser gets to keep all money made from sales.

How is your virtual game different from others?

While we have hundreds of game solutions. axr360 Gamified Shopping is the best starting point because it fixes things for Merchants (drives buyer traffic to their websites), and provides a powerful ADVERTISING solution, which of course generates daily cash income that we share.

Therefore, the first games are NOT like video games, think of these working more like the Safeway pull-tab games, updated for 2021. These games are augmented with rare historical landmarks worlds and then expand into both real-world and virtual geo-caching and other more advanced games.

How long will this last for?

axr360 is a powerful part of the FRYD,TV family of companies. We built it to last, and we have no plans to ever turn them off, though we may add or replace games from time to time.

How many locations are in the game?

There is no end to our games. We are building thousands of virtual worlds and linking them so that every game is endless by nature and contains doorways to other games. Some games can only be found by entering a distant game and working through the various games to find these very special; HIDDEN GAMES.

How much does virtual land cost?

Digital real estate economies are rapidly gaining in popularity, Decentraland is currently one of the most popular, ranked top in terms of all-time volume at $40 million. According to Nonfungible.com, the average price of a virtual land plot is around $343.

Is axr360 just one game?

No, axr360 is a collection of virtual experiences created to have similar mechanics to a video game.

Our current gamified shopping experiences DO NOT work like a typical video game, where you control a character and follow a certain plot, no. You will find some elements that seem similar to video games here and there.

Hundreds of games are scattered throughout the Mahalo.Market Multiverse, in turn creating gamified shopping experiences for the Merchants and Users all throughout Mahalo.Market.

Is it free to play axr360?

Yes, we welcome anyone and everyone!

What are Hotspots?

Land Barons are considered owners of Hotspots and at Mahalo.Market, the Hotspots which are scattered throughout our virtual game are considered Virtual Land. Our Virtual Land aka “Hotspots” allows Merchants to advertise.

This means that ADVERTISERS will be purchasing the use/rental of hotspots and using them for advertising their products and services.

What Are Fungible Tokens (FT)?

Fungible Tokens (FT) are tokens of such a nature that one part or quantity might be replaced by one more equal component or amount, suggesting that they can be quickly traded for an item of value.

Every token is the same as every other token and is capable of a common alternative.

For example, if someone obtains 1 ETH (Ether is a cryptocurrency, required to have for operating on the Ethereum blockchain), he will certainly more than likely spend that 1 ETH as well as repay another 1 ETH of the same worth.

The consumer can likewise return for example 0.5 ETH two times, which implies that fungible symbols are divisible.

What are NFTs (Non-Fungible Token)?

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are electronic assets that represent a wide range of one-of-a-kind tangible and also intangible items, from collectible sports cards to virtual real estate as well as even digital sneakers or artworks.

One of the main advantages of owning a digital collectible versus a physical collectible like a Pokemon card or rare coin is that each NFT contains identifying details that make it both distinct from any other NFT as well as easily verifiable.

This makes the creation as well as circulation of fake collectibles meaningless due to the fact that each NFT can be traced back to the original owner.

What are the closing fees?

When selling your Hotspots there may be a transaction fee imposed by the marketplace used, and there may be fees associated with updating the blockchain. We do not charge and fees associated with the sale of your hotspots.

What are the different Plans?

Presently, there are no advertising plans currently available. Advertisers will be able to start placing advertising on or before March 17, 2021. At that time the AD Server will be accepting CPM and CPA advertising placements for all available hotspots.

Any ads placed will be live in seconds.

What can Land Barons do Hotspots/Virtual Land (NFTs)?

Because our NFTs = Hotspots, or Virtual Land,

There are only 2 options that can be made when you have NFTs.

Rent: The first option allows Advertisers/Merchants to rent your Virtual Land, you can make a regular income this way. If this is your choice, you do nothing but add your PayPal to the AD Server to get paid with every sale. 

Sell: Your next option, you can choose is to Resell your NFTs and make a one-time sale.

What other industries are invested in this?
  • Real estate
  • Gaming
  • Retail
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Healthcare
What does axr360 mean?

We offer multiple experiences in several different versions of mixed reality in a 360 perspective.

That is what axr360 is about, our many versions of reality, which includes various experiences; A.R. V.R. M.R. and X.R.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world atmosphere where the things that reside in the real life are boosted by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across numerous sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and also olfactory.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a shared, irreversible transaction that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.

An asset can be tangible (a house, car, cash, land) or intangible (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding).

Virtually anything of value can be tracked and traded on a blockchain network, reducing risk and cutting costs for all involved.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the incentivization of people’s engagement in non-game contexts and activities by utilizing game-style mechanics (e.g. scoring points, competition with others, regulations of play.) Gamification leverages individuals’ natural tendencies for competition, success, partnership, as well as charity.

What is included in an Advertising Package?

Advertising packages are pending. The first advertising will be DIY placing CPM and CPA.

Advertising packages will come after we open on March 17, 2021.

What is Mahalo Market, axr360 Games, and also who created them?

The Mahalo.Market, is a division of FRYD.TV and powered by JingleSPOT

This is the ‘vision’ of a group of; artists, business and marketing consultants, designers, developers, inventors, marketers, product creators, programmers, seasoned merchants, serial entrepreneurs, and founders of several companies.

This group is referred to simply as ‘the Founders’…

Our founder, Ambassador Rodgers, dreams of and seeks to build a reality where transparency, fairness, and compassion are the main driving forces behind the companies. 

Both Mahalo.Market, and the all-new axr360 games are in fact foundational parts of the dream.

A dream that includes an online virtual marketplace dedicated to blending the best parts of the community shopping experience and the latest technologies, with the goal of preserving the feel and the flavor of the 1880s pop-up International Marketplace, as well as the modern shopping mall.

Mahalo.Market, features a range of shops from around the world, more important, many of our shops are owned and operated by a family or by  Indigenous tribal members (KeeTooWah, Cherokee, Hawaiian, Mohawk, Pima, the many tribes of Africa), etc.

To drive traffic to this dream, the experienced marketing team at JingleSPOT has incorporated gamification and blockchain technology around axr360 Games, making it possible to share the massive financial gains of this online gaming sensation.

Shoppers have the ability to play countless games, earning points and winning prizes daily, on top of now having the chance to invest in Virtual Land, earning you real money.

What is the Bubble Menu system?

Our Bubble Menu (in development) wil be used to highlight the most important things: the game and marketplace navigation icons, feedback, live support and system settings.

You can compress the whole block of the traditional menus to a button which is several dozen pixels in size.

What is the Difference between Gaming vs. Gamficiation

Gaming often refers to gambling. That is not done here.

Our gaming includes a play-based component in a training course. Game-like credits to motivate and also motivate the students to achieve the preferred knowing end result. Instances consist of leaderboards, badges, prizes, point systems, and “unlocking” new content after mastery of previous material.

  • Some examples are puzzles as well as bingo games that are embedded right into a lesson.

Our gamified shopping incorporates many of the same game-like credits to motivate shoppers to explore, treasure hunt, learn about merchants and products, etc.

What is the purpose of Mahalo Market?

Simply put, we wanted to create a system that delivers a fun, entertaining game for players, many of whom are also affluent shoppers, merchants, and advertisers as well.

  • We also wanted to drive solid reliable traffic to smaller merchants.

Lastly, we wanted to create a money machine that could pay out billions to the people, rather than just fill our own pockets.

  • Why, because one of the biggest problems on this planet is the poorly distributed wealth of the world.

With so much wealth in the hands of so very few, too many toil away their lives, never given a chance to live, create, build a better world, or perhaps enlighten us all.

A burning fire to change this and even the balance a bit, has been the driving force that kept the developers pushing forward and the investors paying the bills for 30+ years…

What is an Ad server?

Ad servers are the systems that automate the request, bidding and serving of those ads as well as the reporting on the performance of the campaigns executed.

Our Ad Serving Process:

  1. Select the hotspot or group of hotspots they wish to use for advertising;
  2. Select an advertising package
  3. Pay for the advertising package;
  4. Paste in the URL or code they want to be displayed in the game;
  5. Receive the requested “CLICKS”;
  6. Receive precise analytics about the clicks.
What is the purpose of Mahalo Market?

The purpose of Mahalo.Market is to breathe Life back into small business owners (Merchants) and Shoppers who have been consistently preyed upon throughout multiple decades. 

For Merchants:

When you spend dollars with our marketplace merchants, you help to employ hard-working families, build communities, and make the world a better place for locals, natives, and indigenous peoples around the world.

We are proud to be smaller and more focused on helping our merchants grow. We aim to bring a radical, ground-breaking, 10x impact on the sales results merchants can expect from an online marketplace.

Using disruptive technologies and strategies, our focus is on helping our smaller merchants compete with “mega-online-companies” like Amazon, Walmart, while also opening new markets and attracting new customers to online shopping.

For Shoppers:

We want shoppers to have the best experience hands down.

Ranging from playing fun, interactive games that can earn you real money, to earning countless special deals, discounts and coupon offers.

We promise shoppers:

  • verified excellent merchants;
  • easy shopping, easy returns, and wishlists;
  • special deals and discounts, coupon offers;
  • competitions, games, and prizes;
  • 24/7 live support for questions, problems, or ideas;
  • a 100% Money-Back Happy Customer Guarantee;
What am I being given and why?

You were gifted Hotspots because of someone in Mahalo.Market saw something special beaming from within you.  

What can I use it for/do with it?

As a proud owner of a Hotspot, you are now considered a Land Baron. Being a Land Baron comes with 3 options. 

  1. Rent: You own the Hotspot, so now if any Advertiser/Merchant places advertise for their business and rents your Hotspot, they will have to pay the fee set by you. From fee, a 30% hotspot management fee is deducted.
  2. Resale: If you want fast income and not want to earn passive income, then you have the option to Resell the Hotspot for a One-time payment.
  3. Use for your Business: Finally, if you own a business/store yourself, you have the option to place your own business on the Hotspot and benefit from the daily traffic.
What makes virtual land valuable?

Because you can earn an income from renting or selling it, there is a value that can be expressed by factors such as the number of clicks received or forecast.

What is a metaverse/multiverse?

The Metaverse is a collective virtual spaces, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space

  • Our metaverse or multiverse is made up of worlds in “Bubbles”.

While exploring around our multiverse, you have the option to enter and leave Bubbles; in doing so, you will be transported from world to world around, hundreds of different bubbles filled with exciting new experiences and opportunities. Earning rewards and prizes as you journey

What’s the difference between Blockchain vs Cryptocurrency?

Blockchain is the technology that enables Cryptocurrency to exist and be traded.

Blockchain is a ledger-system or an alternative accounting solution, which can be used to make cryptocurrency, or tokens that represent assets like a house, car, art, or our game hotspots.

What is the virtual game about AND how does it work?

We employ a Treasure Hunting format, with treasures hidden across hundreds of Multiverse Worlds, and thousands of advertiser websites;

  • 40-50% of all clicks made result in a WIN;
  • Other CLICKS result in either a CLUE or is an obvious Store marker;
  • In effect, players are winning many times every visit to the game;
What is the value of virtual land?

Just like with any blockchain-fueled exchange, the value of the asset is determined by limited supply and increased demand. With virtual lands, there is a set amount of land produced.

In Decentraland’s case, digital 1,100-square-foot plots in the platform’s Washington DC-sized Genesis City were selling for as much as $200,000, Bloomberg reported in June.

Back in December 2017, there was a public auction of 45,000 individual parcels of land. Each was priced at 1000 MANA – then around $100 – which raised a massive $28 million for Decentraland’s founders.