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Investor Questions:

  • About LTDs, how do they work?
  • How does Re-Selling LIFETIME DEALS work?
  • How many Buyers can it support?
  • How many Products can it support?
  • How many Merchants can it support?
  • How much traffic can you handle before it might break?
  • How will you advertise?
  • What licensing is required?

Buyer Questions:

  • How fast is the shipping?
  • What is the Buyer Guarantee?
  • Will prices be higher, lower, or competitive?

Merchant Questions:

  • Can I get a FREE shop?
  • How do you attract new Buyers to come?
  • How does our Affiliate Marketing work?
  • How does the FREE Display Advertising for Merchants work?
  • How does the FREE Guaranteed Buyer Traffic work?
  • How does the FREE Press Releases for Merchants work?
  • How does the FREE Social and Video Marketing Platforms work?
  • How does Gamification work?
  • How much does a shop cost a Merchant? (see shop plans)
  • Why will Buyers come?
  • When is the Merchant paid for products sold?
  • Who Collects and who pays sales taxes?
  • Who do they pay when a purchase is made?
  • Who handles refunds, returns, and replacements?
  • Who is the Merchant of Record “MOR”?

The Marketing Guy Questions:

  • Price ———- In an online world where pricing is the battle many die on;
  • DifferentWhat makes the marketplace world-changing;
  • Interest —– What makes it interesting enough to make people stop scrolling;

General Questions:

  • ADA and WCAG Compliance
  • Have you done this before? (see About the Founders)
  • How do you know this will work?
  • How does Customer Support work?


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