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My name is Dustin Rodgers and I am a semi-retired Ambassador of the KeeTooWah (Cherokee) West Terra. My wife Marileen and I are the founders of several companies.

This page is designed to answer burning questions you may have about my wife and me, and more important about our business philosophy and what we will call our incredible journey.

First, if your here your probably considering either; (a) joining; or (b) doing business with one of our companies. So you are likely here as part of your due diligence process to check us out, and we fully understand the need for due diligence processes. So no worries, nothing to hide, we believe in transparency and practice it except as regards personal matters or protected client information.

Okay, so where to start is always the thing.

The Foundations

Both my wife and I were born to very different realities than most.

Marileen: My wife Marileen was born to a Chinese Doctor and a family of six in Sacramento, California. Her father was financially solid, but due to his race and the prejudices of the 50’s he was the victim of an elaborate attempt to destroy him and his career. A journey he eventually came out on top of, but at the cost of his career due to the financial losses.

Never-the-less he was not poor by any means, when he passed his estate was well over five million. Mostly because he also was a very shrewd investor, and so Marileen grew up with the family taking care of many apartments they owned and an office cleaning business.

Dustin: My story is quite different. My mother was a very intelligent and successful accountant and entrepreneur. She divorced my father when I was very young, and I was told my father had passed away (20 yrs before true). While she married again briefly, the only change was a new little sister. For the rest of my childhood years up it was just the three of us and since my mother’s businesses are always swamped she was rarely home, working long office hours most of the time.

This meant I was home alone with countless hours to meditate and contemplate the world and my role. Alternatively, I would go to the office after school, and hang in the waiting room, asking all the successful business people how they make their money. I would also go with my mother on audits, where I would be learning about how business works from the backside stockrooms, etc.

Both my wife and I learned at a very young age that owning your own business is the only way to enjoy the world as we know it. Over time, this truth has only become more evident.

Marileen and I got connected when was 15, had a brand new 4×4 3rd prize winner monster truck, and manager of our family-owned health food store. My grampa convinced my mother to open the health food store and bakery, with grampa running the bakery and my mother hired Marileen to work in the bakery. It all started with extra long lunches and you can guess that we have been together ever since.

I had started my first business at 12, and as my mother and I parted ways the second time, Marileen and I went out to start our lives and our businesses. Being from business families we did not make great employees, so I had three short jobs and gave in so by the time we had been together a year, we were full in with our own businesses again. I started with a property maintenance business leveraging what I had learned from my Grampa, a general contractor.

Over the years we had about 30 businesses, mostly successful, but a couple we chose unwisely. Live and learn as they say. Our strength came in marketing, advertising, and sales. Our first adventure, ADS, Ltd. an advertising agency that morphed into what is today a full-blown advertising agency. It all started with Marileen, a typewriter, and a phone book. She typed up mailing lists, and I sold bulk mailing (snail mail, no Internet yet, 1982) services as our first marketing adventures. Quickly we grew to handle display advertising for newsprint, and magazines as well.

Next radio advertising and we use dour marketing experience to open other companies, like “Dining for Two” which was our most successful programs ever for restaurants, averaging 5 per seating, $100+ sales and $20+ tips in 1983, I believe the most successful program f the times, and we started the process of franchising it. But the timing was bad, as Mrileen’s father was having health issues and we chose to save him instead. I always choose people over the business.


The Philosophy

We have always had a strong philosophy about how and why we do business. It is important to us and guides us in all that we do in business. Basically, we feel that the role of business is that of servant to the community and a utility, resource, and protector of its staff and clients.

While not a classic think, ours is based on this simple concept:


The Journey






copy from a letter I wrote



Aloha Dr. Dustow,

Thank you for sending the video my may… I think of you often and I pray that the Creator is cuddling you during this crisis.
They say, be careful what you ask for, so when you send such a video, I am admonished to reply, because I want things clear, “fear” is the enemy of all good men and women. It has been in all times past and shall always be so.
That said, here is my reply… take no offense, as I have never claimed to be part of any herd, I am like the Lone Ranger, in Mr. Rodgers neighborhood, things work differently…
So here goes, enjoy peace and love and without “fear”.
If you choose to continue, I ask your forgiveness in advance in place of anything that you may find insults your belief systems, etc. In that regard, consider this “In My Humble Opinion” – or just something some crazy guy postulates for your entertainment.
One more NOTE, please forgive the length, and do not read unless time is not too precious… SINCE IT IS OF LITTLE CONSEQUENCE REALLY and more exercising of the mind.
Also, you should know that I am sharing this with some other very special friends that I think might enjoy some alternative thoughts…
From what you sent, I was not impressed with the video, just “fear” at its core.
But, the chart and website it mentions… that’s another matter..!


This, not the video, is what I find interesting… I do not identify with the video genre. I hate “Fear Peddling” and those that use it help no one. Add the religious implications and things just get silly to be polite.

That said, you do not know how deep my life has taken me down the rabbit holes of conspiracy theories, religious silliness, etc. (at one time, I was the repository for countless religions and conspiracy groups – secret documents, legal papers, etc.), I will say that my life and my mind was prepared for these days and times in all the right ways.

For example, in 1979 Marileen and I stood at the corner of crazy and reality so deep in the Idaho forests and ready, even our own religious gurus and nutcases. We see the good and the bad, one at the time, Jonny Todd, was commonly believed to be a former member of the council of 13, Illuminati. Convincing enough, no problem, but pushing from the face of “fear “never the less.

Then in 1984, JR Hoffman, a super-star evangelist with the “7th Day Adventists” (SDA), — I was a wingman. MY grandfather, my uncle, Marileen’s father, all strong SDA leaders. All of us sharing a common desire to preserve and “PROFIT” from the thousands of “Recordings” (Cassette tapes), such work of the minions does not help us with the words and actions of the best evangelists, and my family was behind hundreds of them, sharing the propaganda. I saw all of the best from many religions “peddling fear” and profiting from it, living a nice life from the “preaching of fear”.

But I am not a follower, I am a renegade, with a passion for making right what was wrong.

I research, I postulate, I develop all my own thoughts but with the benefit of not sleeping more than 3-4 hours a day, I read and assimilate more information than any normal 20 humans in America. That information allows me to ask the right questions, and see nearly all the possible answers.

Add, that I have my own revelations and direct hotline to the Creator… I do not function well with the idea that we need a church, a priest, a pastor or prophet to stand between us as an advocate with the Creator.

The truth is so very much more beautiful than that could ever be.

Once you can see into the heart of the Creator and feel his love and his pain, the blinders are off, the gloves are off and without the colored glasses, things become so very clear. The beauty of His plan and the brilliance of the multiverses, the true function of time and space, dear… the world is so very, very off course.

What awaits us beyond this particular verse is a multitude of verses and an infinite number of realities concurrently operating in perfect balance. The Creator not only balances the universe most people see, with all its infinite hot spots of awesomeness but countless layers of similar and different realities. Think quantum physics on overdrive.

This, what we are going through is part of a plan to be sure… but the shadow government is NOT IN CONTROL. They are but delusional puppets tolling like ants as they build complex and amazing structures and we see the obvious planning and work that in this case took more than a couple of centuries to reach this point. Yet, the Creator is doing more than just watching.

Trust that He has a much better plan, that His plan will also incorporate and make sense of all the same hot points many conspiracy theorists embrace, but the results will not be the doom and gloom “PREDICTED” and I stress “prediction” vs. “prophecy”.

It is important to note that “prophecy” is infallible, clear, and precise, given to leave no doubt of the source of the intent of the message. Where, “prediction” is smart, scientific, perhaps displaying great intellect, but is completely fallible as it is complete conjecture, or clever deduction leading to an obvious or well-considered result. And so, “predictions” fail, a simple truth.

So, if a source offers more than one “prediction” that comes true, the people will too quickly believe the “predictions” or “prophecies” and so, therefore, all other “predictions” from the said source are now considered “prophecies”.

It is a logical course of thought, a seeming proof of truth in the pudding so to speak.

Yet, you can clearly see the difference, a single failure from this “source’ i.e. a single “prediction” failed is the only proof needed to clarify the source as capable of only “prediction” not “prophecy”. To this, there is no counter. For “prophecy” never fails, it cannot, it must not.

So, the believers will solve this puzzle with the argument that the interpretation was incorrect, so they simply adjust the man-made error and have a new date or a new version a “revelation” that solves the puzzle and again underscores all the achievements, the previous “correct” “prophecies” of the past, and now the new improved and corrected version of the otherwise failed “prophecy”.

Rinse and repeat, for every organized religion and you can see why I have nothing to do with any of them any longer. — Though at one time I was a minister of sorts.

Our Creator is so very easy to understand… simply open your mind and ignore the noise and let Him touch you where nothing else can.

So back to the world, the COVID-19, the shadows and all that… I will NOT be a party to any “fear”, for I have none, and I can share what I have, it is really so very simple. Many of the organized religions can’t help but share pieces of the truth, that is the true deception of it all. They have many things right, but enough wrong to keep the world in darkness for so many ages. So very sad.

The Creator is NOT to be “feared”, even that concept… “fear the Lord…” OMG seriously. Completely backward, upside down, inside-out and just plain the wrong picture of such a beautiful and loving creature, He is so gracious to accept man’s poor understanding of Him.

The truth is all around you every day everywhere all the time, even the tiniest most insignificant pebble speaks of His glory and his attention to detail making even a pebble so ugly even a crab won’t have it, and just in sight of that an agate so beautiful, so unlike what you expect that it seems alien and imported from Mars or Venus or the mind of a creative and loving being.

He is NOT the destroyer, the dragon to be feared, He is much more like “Puff the Magic Dragon”, waiting by the endless sea of time and space waiting for us to reach out to Him and rise above the crazy “small” thinking that plagues this world and this dimension of the multiverses. Heck, even this small change in thinking leaves a pleasant melody in your head if you know the song.

Peter Paul & Mary – Puff The Magic Dragon
…I offer this song fo many reasons, not the least of which is the love that “Puff” has for the “Boy” in this case mankind… That is the heartwarming truth…
Now, to set the mood further… I recommend:
This is the dream, the direction, the goal of all that came before us and all that we must endure…
I encourage you to be a part of the Dreamers, the future…
Now consider… this concept of the multiverse…
The One (2001) – Trailer

** a good explanation of the multiverse, the core goal of the bad guy, not good, but it is a great movie by Jet Lee

Moving on…

Seriously, if the message is “fear”… IT DOES NOT COME FROM THE CREATOR, and the source should not be endorsed. We simply must NOT be fooled by the incorrect interpretation of any so-called “prophecy” or the many other forms of “fear” that are so very, very, just too common throughout history, scrolls, books, movies.

What we “must-do” is spread hope and good cheer and help the person to the left and the one to the right, and let that be the small things that we can do to move the energy forward and upward in pursuit of things too much greater than mankind can yet see.

I have such sorrow when I see the “fear” that is gripping the world so much of the time when the truth is that while we all share this big marble, we can each be so connected to the Creator that we are never alone, or in fear, stressed or pushed beyond our comfort zone. Instead, we can grow and expand our minds and abilities each and every day in the pursuit of changing the world to be what we want to see.

In closing (soft close), I want to share the basis for my inability to process or give life to “fear”. While it would take me many hours to tell the series of events that make up my highly unusual life and the “trust” that I have for the Creator. I will share a few examples and hopefully plant in your mind a picture that you can process, and if you can embrace any part of it, you may never know “fear” again. I know I cannot.

To set the stage, I will say that my experience and “trust” is summed up very well by a movie based on the book by Redfield, titled the Celestine Prophecy”

Movie: Celestine Prophecy (Trailer)

** Netflix may still have the full movie

Of course, there is that word… “prophecy” right. But trust me, the movie presents a peek into Mr. Rodgers neighborhood, what I have lived since well before seeing the movie, my whole life actually.

A second example is from Star Trek, an episode called.. “Spectre of the Gun”

Star Trek – “Spectre of the Gun” (S3-E06) = Preview = full show

The thing I expect you to get from these movie examples is the concept that “fear” DOES NOT APPLY when you “know” that your existence is more than what you can see in the mirror. Add that, the Creator is not limited by human concepts, so the concept of a multiverse is NOT too much for the Creator, in fact, it is part of the plan. A plan that leaves all creatures completely and utterly clean of all wrongdoing, and able to see with the mind of the Creator the beauty of His vast creations and the plan that brings it all together into complete harmony, all of us “guilt-less”, innocent, and able to see clearly the things that the Creator sees and has always known.

The Creator does not make mistakes, so another important test, along the same lines as “prophecy” vs. “prediction”. If you know everything and the Creator does, how can you make a mistake? it is simply not possible, it is innately counter to the very energy of the Creator. So then, how in such an understanding of the Creator, can any suggest that he made a mistake, and had to correct it, at any point, under any circumstance, for any reason whatsoever.

It seems completely ludicrous, and yet is the core of more than half of the world organized religions. Many examples of Old Testament vs. New Testament, totally different Gods? Or the garden of Eden, as if the greatest most glorious Father-Creator could place a tree in front of “children” and say DO NOT TOUCH under penalty of 6000-7000 years of suffering. That would be like putting a 3-year-old in front of a nice glowing hot stove and saying don’t touch. The thought is so very silly at best, insulting to the Creator at the least.

I could go on, but I know I probably upset plenty of apple carts already, and so I will stop here and say that if you want to hear more of the true nature of the Creator, I would be happy to share more explicit stories and visions. But for now, let me say that knowing the truth, sets you free forever of any “fear” and leaves only unshakable “trust” and “faith” in your heart and soul.

So, that said, as shared with me (… I took a look, a very deep look at the materials, and I see a plan that has taken many years and many minds to detail and diagram out to this extent. Much of it is good stuff and on the surface would be good for all the world. Is there an ugly underbelly, (, absolutely. But can the Creator use this tool to bless, most definitely YES.

So, I will mention one more thing here, the term and concept of “One World Government”. This is a topic that I find particularly interesting. It is shared freely among a vast number of people and is particularly ingrained in many organized religions as something we should “fear”.

For this (“One World Government”) marks the beginning of the end of time and all that jazz, beware, and fear this time, etc, etc.

I caution strongly that this interpretation is very shallow, and likely completely off base, again because the source of this concept is coming from people who sell “fear” and make millions every year from “Tax-Free Donations” while they spread this “fear”. Forget not this, before you so quickly accept the secrets they share with the flock.

Let’s look at the other side of the rubric cube.

I grew up a Star Trek baby so to speak, so I embrace the philosophy of Gene Roddenberry’s Federation and the concept that mankind will grow beyond this world and all that jazz shall we say.

I also follow Isaac Asimov, a brilliant man that shared his “science” in the form of what many were to believe was fiction… see:

Foundation: Fall and Rise of the Galactic Empires = Quick Intro

The Foundation Trilogy, by Isaac Asimov (Full Version 9hrs)

“one of the most influential science fiction series of all time”
“This book predicted the pocket calculator 30 years before it’s time.”

Isaac Asimov is also the author of…

I ROBOT – A BBC Radio Sci-Fi Drama

“think Alexa” played out a few years from today, or maybe closer.

In any event, I believe that the future of mankind is far more glorious than any of these great thoughts and ideas.

So I leave you with that thought and pray that you share in my lack of “fear” and embrace the comfort of knowing and living in complete and utter “faith” that the Creator is at your side, waiting to answer your needs in ways that Alexa can never do.

So I see a future much brighter and more blessed… I see things like the need for a “One World Government” before we could even have the “right” to be a part of any galactic ‘Federation” if you will.

It is the natural course of action indeed. How could any other planet take us seriously if we cannot be of a more singular purpose and thinking that we are so far from today?

Would you want the current planet Earth to join you in a galactic partnership designed to bring peace throughout the galaxies? Seriously..?

The current and past view of organized religion is counter to “science” and “technology”. That is to say that today’s technology is yesterday’s relies on magic and sources future “fears”.

If I were to take my cellphone or my computer and jump to 1757 and go show either and the abilities they bring, it would quickly be labeled “evil” and a thing to be “feared” as from the “devil” by virtually every organized religion.
Add that organized religion is responsible for more death than any single source in the history of mankind. Not an honorable legacy, rather a message to be well considered.

Be safe, be happy, be health and “fear not”.

Offered in love and for your peace of mind, I pray that I have not bent your ideals, insulted your intelligence or your religion. But, rather I pray that I have at the very least encouraged you to open your eyes and look at things in a slightly different way.

NOTE: This wheel:


It is very interesting and quite likely is a sort of road map by the shadow governments. I recommend that you go to full screen and “click” the small arrow in the top middle to make the wheel bigger so you can read it. Everything is clickable and referenced well, so dig down and then return and dig down deeper as you do this, you will see the answers to many questions clearing, judge for yourself is this to be feared, or is this the blueprint for a government that would make us worthy as a race and a world to enter a “Galactic Presence”. To be a useful and functional part of something bigger than this insignificant marble in space.

So sorry to be long-winded, but this whole lockdown leaves me concerned with the future of the mind, not your health, or your wealth, but your mind, that is what is actually under attack. DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR MIND. But, who is “them”? Is it the people and organizations that push the “fear” perhaps. Perhaps they are the thing to question more than the things they point fingers at and spread rumors and perhaps the false interpretation of.

In simple terms, I pray for each and all to USE YOUR MIND, to be WATCHFUL, FAITHFUL and FEARLESS in all things.

In closing, I share the theme song of my life, a driving force behind who I am, where I am going, and the power I see coming to this world – so what if I oversell it, it’s that good that simple:
Paul Revere & The Raiders – Indian Reservation

The time is here, and the world needs change… my people can help… you can help, the neighbor can help.

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