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We are a group of; artists, business and marketing consultants, designers, developers, inventors, marketers, product creators, programmers, seasoned merchants, serial entrepreneurs, and founders of several companies;

…aka; Team JingleSPOT

We bring decades of marketing, advertising, merchandising, and promotions experience to the all-new Mahalo.Market.

Additionally, Mahalo.Market is now home for all the eCommerce needs of ‘our brands’, completing a dream, to bring our sales together under a single safe and user-friendly platform.

Experience: As Online Buyers

We have purchased supplies to operate our companies, and to; produce, package, and deliver our brands, including; more than 100 computers, cars, commercial trucks, RVs, RV parts, and more than $200,000 in software, and resale products from top marketplaces, including; Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Aliexpress, Alibaba, as well as via hundreds of individual sellers.

Experience: As Offline Sellers

We have sold millions of dollars worth of advertising, baby products, cars, cleaning products and services, computers, designer crochet, direct mail services, health care products, home repairs services, household goods, legal products, masonry services, painting services, personal care products, publications, real estate, and more.

Experience: As Online Sellers

We have sold more than $3,000,000 of our own products and services online, including; advertising, books, cars, clothing, computers, crochet, eBooks, novelties, RV parts, SaaS services, PC software, and more.

Experience: As Marketing & Advertising Consultants

We have helped our agency clients sell more than $25,000,000 online, including; art, awards & trophies, cars, clothing, commercial car & RV towing services, computers, home furniture and decor, office and commercial furniture, office equipment, residential and commercial painting services, school band uniforms, and more.


Inventors, Product Creators, and Experienced Merchants

Team JingleSPOT is also home to “active inventors” and “product developers”, over the years they have created, produced, and sold many products, including;

Product ……………. Type ………….. Description
BioAir 2000 Health Electrostatic RV Air-Conditioner Filters
Child-Guard Legal Child Guardianship Documents Kit
Crochet Machine Crafts A variety of crochet patterns – beginner to advanced
Funny Money Graphic Art Novelty Banknotes, Collectibles, etc.
Itsy Bitsy Art Graphic Art Novelty Stamps, Collectibles, etc.
Marileen Clothing High-end Exotic Clothing Designs
MystroX Software Integrated Business Applications Suite
National Forms Legal 200+ Legal forms, including Corp, LLC, Trusts, etc.
S2W Games SaaS Internet-based Scratch-2-Win and Spin-2-Win
Sexy Sprouts Health  Sunflower Micro-Greens Packaged
Sucker Foot Health Disposable Mustard Packs
The Great Big Hunt Game Online Business Promotions Game
The Map Print Tourist Maps (Maui)
UltraFrequency Health Binaural Infused Healing Music CDs
UltraSilver Health Colloidal Silver Supplement
Zenetic Art Magnetic Art Magnets, Sea Shells and Beach Rocks

** incomplete listing

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