About the Founders

About the Founders

Entrepreneurs and Merchants

The “founders’ of Mahalo.Market are a group of; artists, inventors, software developers, merchants, and founders of several companies;

…….…aka; Team JingleSPOT


Our founders bring real-life experience…

For decades our founders have been creating and selling products and services. Starting before the Internet, adapting to online sales was natural.

Following are some experiences leading to this project…

Online Buyers

The founders purchased supplies to operate their companies, and to; produce, package, and deliver their brands, including; computers, cars, commercial trucks, RVs, RV parts, software, and many other products for resale from top marketplaces, including; Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Aliexpress, Alibaba, as well as via individual sellers.

Offline Sellers

They sold advertising, baby products, cars, cleaning products and services, computers, designer crochet, direct mail services, health care products, home repairs services, household goods, legal products, masonry services, painting services, personal care products, publications, real estate, and more.

Online Sellers

They sold their own products and services online, including; advertising, books, cars, clothing, computers, crochet, eBooks, novelties, RV parts, SaaS services, PC software, and more.

Marketing & Advertising Consultants

They have helped their agency clients sell millions online, including; art, awards & trophies, cars, clothing, commercial car & RV towing services, computers, home furniture and decor, office and commercial furniture, office equipment, residential and commercial painting services, school band uniforms, and more.

Billions for Merchants, since 1994


Founder Brands Include



Always Cutting-edge

Decades of cutting edge marketing, advertising, merchandising, and promotions experience;

  • 1981 – started selling direct mail and local display advertising;
  • 1982 – invented “Funny Money”, used as an advanced marketing novelty;
  • 1985 – sold and set up a million-dollar teacher’s computer network for Nevada Schools;
  • 1986 – sold $25m+ investment real estate properties, then managed as rentals;
  • 1990 – consulted and won a Maui tour bus licenses (first in 15-years), managed marketing;

At the forefront of the Internet revolution;

  • 1993 – they built three of the first websites – for both public and government;
  • 1993 – designed, published, sold advertising; ‘The Map” the no#1 free tourist map Maui;
  • 1993 – designed the Maui County Emergency Maps (county contract);
  • 1993 – created and produced children’s programming;
  • 1994 – built one of the first merchant websites (the same year as Amazon);
  • 1994 – transitioned Hawaii to the web, from Sabre/Apollo, moving; hotels, tours, etc.; *
  • 1995 – opened the first Internet Cafes on the Island of Maui;
  • 1995 – started CCTV programming and advertising in local hotels (Maui);
  • 2000 – started building and promoting online affiliate marketing networks;
  • 2001 – started selling $50k+ year in books online (Amazon, eBay, etc. 2001-2013)
  • 2002 – created the first ‘folding-mini-brochures‘ (multi-fold biz-card, QR + URLs, etc.);
  • 2004 – designed the first miniature marketing ‘stamps’ (Itsy Bitsy Art);
  • 2008 – built some of the first commercial smartphone ready websites;
  • 2009 – built custom software for marketing/promotional school bands uniform mgt;
  • 2010 – first to market “responsive websites” for smartphones;
  • 2011 – first to market “scratch-2-win” gamification for smartphones;
  • 2013 – earned eBay Top-Rated PowerSeller (using custom “in-house” software);
  • 2014 – built the “First Friday” social network and marketplace;
  • 2015 – started promoting and selling fine art prints online (famous Maui artists);
  • 2016 – started building mobile APPs for Android and Apple devices;
  • 2020 – they bring the Mahalo.Market, with the promise of buyer traffic and sales;


Again Helping Merchants Grow

Today, ‘Team JingleSPOT’ brings decades of experience to the all-new Mahalo.Market, focusing on helping Marketplace merchants grow sales exponentially.

Additionally, Mahalo.Market is the new home for all the eCommerce needs of ‘our brands’ too, completing a dream, to bring our sales together under a single safe and user-friendly platform.

While Brad Johnston is the official ‘Marketplace Manager’, Dustin and Marileen remain involved in the daily operation of FRYD.TV the parent company, and JingleSPOT an important sister company, and the experienced marketing arm of the Mahalo.Market.

Team JingleSPOT