ONE-TIME OFFER • • • This happens only once in a lifetime • • • CLICK THIS TAB

Note | a One-Time-Offer..!

All land is valuable in part because of scarcity.

Likewise, this “Virtual Land” that we are selling in a few days, is in short supply.

We plan to sell these “Hotspots” purely to help fund our ongoing “Game Development”.

Once the goal is reached, Hotspots will sell at “Market-Driven Prices“.

When available in a few days, we will be selling these “Hotspots” for $1,500 to $3,500 each.

After selling the first 2,000, this will provide more than enough for our projects. Certainly, this project will generate more income than any of our team needs to live comfortably. So we have serious charity plans.

Our philosophy…

We need to move away from greed and separation, to a united world, driven by people, their talents, and a passion for life.


Only 2,000 Hotspots will be SOLD..!!

This is the only chance you will have to buy our hotspots this cheap.

This is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Offer..!  ~ this will not happen again until 2023.**

CAUTION: [highly speculative statement]

We expect that future prices will exceed $50,000 per Hotspot, and acquiring one will be at then prevailing market rates, but we believe they will never be this cheap again. For resale, they will already be producing income, thus the higher value.

This is actually “commercial” virtual real estate, that will later be bought and sold based on tax return verified income and professional appraisals.

After this sell-out, you will only be able to buy a Hotspot from a LAND BARON..!

You can bank on this promise.


** For each Hotspot sold, we will give one Hotspot to a charity of the buyer’s choice.


** NFT Markets: Top 100 NFT Coins by Market Capitalization

Notes: **

  • This limit is based on releasing only our first five (5) games before 2023;
  • We plan to release more than five (5) games;
  • These five games will have an average of 50 Hotspots “per image frame”;
  • The average game will have from 5-30 “image frames” each;
  • We plan to give away 20% of the Hotspots we create. These may be resold;
  • We do not charge any fees on resale, but the marketplaces charge a fee;

our robots do the work, you get the cash…

Our Games can make you Money Daily..!

They say, making money is NOT easy – in the past, this WAS 100% true


We reveal “cutting-edge knowledge” that works like giving you a fishing pole… it will help you work less and MAKE MORE TODAY, tomorrow, and the rest of your life.

You wanna be lazy and still make money…

No problem, learn these secrets, and you can… EARN FOR A LIFETIME..!

BUT DON’T MISS OUT on this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity..!! 

  • It’s a FACT, you can make money with this – Every Day..!
  • It’s true, “Programming” is complicated – So we do it all for you..!
  • This is a true set-and-forget income – You want that, Right..?

Here’s the news, it’s worth a look:

  • Consider a Virtual Land Business (ex-domain seller)
  • Blockchain Games: Fad or Future?
  • Virtual Real Estate – Sells for $635,000..!
  • Virtual Real Estate – Sells for Millions

This is SIMPLE, you never need to play our games,  just learn how to be a LAND BARON..!

No problem, share this with your accountants and lawyers, our strategy is that good.


Okay, Let’s Shake the Money Tree now…

As you can see, “Virtual Land” is a thing and with it, players referred to as “Land Barons” are making insane money.

Land Barons own some of the Hotspots that you see placed within the games.

These hotspots each function to open scripts that can perform many different types of action, from an instant prize to a clue, a video, image, etc. Or it could be a simple “Shop Front” link so a window to shop on the merchant website opens.

The Secret | DIY in-Game Advertising..!

The purpose of this section is to summarize the available advertising options for the ‘In-Game” advertising specifically. For more see: In-Game Advertising

START HERE: play with our “Gamified Shopping”…

Pre-Release DEMOs…

  • Art Gallery and a Shopping Mall
  • Mahalo.Island
  • Pier.39 – Fisherman’s Wharf
  • New.York.City
  • Miami.Marina

The above do NOT include active discounts, rewards, or prizes. They are merely demos to show you how this works, use your imagination.

Our “Big Release” is TOP SECRET until March 17, 2021 – 6:00pm PDT

Common forms of “In-Game Advertising:

DYNAMIC IN-GAME ADVERTISING - Real-time insert/remove used for most Internet advertising

Dynamic In-Game Advertising = $4.00 -to- $12.00 CPM

This is the most common real-time insert/remove used for most Internet advertising. This format is commonly used to deliver integrated billboards, posters, and banners into the game environment.

This works well for time-sensitive campaigns and allows for targeting methods including geo-targeting, day-parting, and targeting specific games or genres within our network.

Factors that influence the CPM rate:

  • Availability of an agency/media buying discount;
  • Availability of inventory;
  • Overall budget/size of the campaign;
STATIC IN-GAME ADVERTISING - Programmed or embedded directly into the game

Static In-Game Advertising = $50,000 -to- $500,000

This type of advertising is programmed or embedded directly into the game. Best compared to product placement in movies or television. Once pled into a game, this advertising cannot be removed.

Pricing is generally based on:

  • The level of integration;
  • Expected audience size;
  • Game success;
  • Flat Fee Agreement;
  • Requires aligning the “advertisement” with game elements;
ADVERGAMES - Specifically designed to promote a brand or a product

Advergaming = $15,000 -to- $100,000

This genre of games is specifically designed to promote a brand or a product. Like In-Game advertising, this will require preparation. Typically the most expensive form of game-based advertising because it is dedicated to a single advertiser and is generally free to the user.

In effect, this type of game advertising is a promotional creation that aims to gather players around a particular brand or product so the entire cost is to the advertiser. It is possible to mitigate this cost by customizing a pre-built popular game format.

Land Baron Options | Regular Income or a One-Time Resell Profit

RENT - Your Virtual Land

Rent Your Virtual Land in our Multiverse

Since our experience is a gamified virtual shopping experience, merchants can get valuable traffic from players/shoppers on Mahalo.Island or Peir.39, or hundreds of other A.X.R Experiences at Mahalo.Market.

The value of a player clicking a Hotspot (Virtual Land) in our game is comparable to the value of a click a merchant might buy from Google:

SELL - Your Virtual Land

So, perhaps you wonder if you can sell your virtual land or other property?

ADVERTISERS BUY - To market, they will Buy or Rent Hotspots

Advertisers Buy or Rent Hotspots

Daily “Visitor Traffic” created by the game will click these hotspots and when one is clicked it causes an action which an advertiser has paid for.

So perhaps the advertiser wants people to come to visit his website. In this case, the click can bring up a display that says to earn a reward or find a clue to a larger prize, click here, to be transported to a website where the player/shopper must next find a golden egg, etc.

To set this up, the advertiser will;

  1. Select the hotspot or group of hotspots they wish to use for advertising;
  2. Select an advertising package
  3. Pay for the advertising package;
  4. Paste in the URL or code they want to be displayed in the game;
  5. Receive the requested “CLICKS”;
  6. Receive precise analytics about the clicks.

Via this process, the money was collected, next, it is paid out to Land Baron(s) involved in the above purchase, less a small property management fee.

In this way, a “Land Baron” receives a “Hands-Free Income“, via our completely automated solution.


Advertiser Motivation Explained

Advertisers/Merchants advertise to get prospects, in this case, visitors to come to see what they sell.

Unlike the pre-Internet world, the options for advertising on the Internet seem almost limitless. From banner ads to coupon sites, to sponsorships, end more.

But, in all these cases, the Internet makes it possible to reach massive volumes of people in seconds if done right, but hours, or days at worst. This speed and the volume of people reached in this short period is huge.

The trick is to be seen, the Merchant/Advertiser is generally already good at the CLOSE, they just need to be seen. The best have detailed personas, and they know exactly what age, gender, etc they want to reach.

HOW MERCHANTS USE - To get attention and sales

How Merchants Use this Technology

Using this cutting-edge technology…

No need to travel anywhere.


Can go… LIVE from anywhere, 24/7.

Looking for a secret weapon..?

This is designed to GET ATTENTION, and DRIVE SALES..!

This solution – wraps a ‘Virtual Sale’ end-2-end… Seamlessly..!

Engage prospects with cutting-edge technology, and let them;

    • EXPERIENCE your Gallery from Home
    • TRY your ART instantly, on walls around their home
    • PLAY with your ART using Gamification Technology
WHY DOES THIS WORK? - a "Shock n Awe" approach to marketing.

Why Does This Work? | Entertainment Rocks..!

Gamification | Multiverse Shopping Experience

Games employ a sort of “Game Challenge” and a “Shock n’ Awe” approach to marketing.

We attract people by a combination of;

  1. engagement (playing the game, the challenge),
  2. shock (wining is easy),
  3. awe (wining is frequent).

We employ a Treasure Hunting format, with treasures hidden across hundreds of Multiverse Worlds, and thousands of advertiser websites;

  • 30-40% of all clicks made result in a WIN;
  • Other CLICKS result in either a CLUE or is an obvious Store marker;
  • In effect, players are winning many times every visit to the game;

This naturally leads to excitement shared with friends all encouraged to play and win the easy prizes.

Gamification is all around us,” Danny Maco, former general manager of University Games, said to MobileCast Media. “Loyalty programs are a great example, which you can see everywhere, whether it’s at Safeway or flying on an airline; they all have game mechanics [such as] the progression bar — a mechanic associated with achievement.”

So, Virtual Land is a Thing…

Time to get this figured, there’s a land rush online and everything “Virtual” is exploding.

Instantly, online experiences from games and museums to shopping, have exploded in popularity. Expected to exceed $196 billion in revenue by 2022, now considered to be one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet.

Let’s take a look at some headline news…

VIRTUAL LAND - A whopping $26 million in just 30 seconds

The Virtual Land Rush ~ A Big Deal

For those that are unfamiliar, “Virtual Land” is a thing.

In the process of trying to place a value on a recent company acquisition, we decided to put some research into appraising the value of virtual assets, in particular, “Virtual Land or Virtual Real Estate”.

You might ask what is Virtual Land? ~ The answer might surprise you…

To help you understand, we offer the following quote:

People Are Paying Insane Amounts of Real Money for “Virtual Real Estate”

You could not even visit the land sold here yet..!

June 2018: Offered interested buyers a chance to exchange their own cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain for virtual “LAND” (parcels of 1,100 square feet each or 10 by 10 meters).

Digital 1,100-square-foot plots in Genesis City are selling for as much as $200,000.

Its ICO raised a whopping $26 million in just 30 seconds from private investors, enthusiasts, and VR companies. Like all cryptocurrencies, there’s a ledger for the marketplace as the “LAND” changes hands.

Genesis City is a plot of virtual land, roughly the size of Washington, D.C., that investors can buy slices of for obscene amounts of money. Even a simple 1,100 square foot plot can go for as much as $200,000, according to Bloomberg.

VIRTUAL LAND - Video News Stories
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VIRTUAL LAND - 2021 News and Articles
Mar 5, 2021 What’s worth picking up at the NFT supermarket?

NFTs are designed to give you something that can’t be copied.

Mar 5, 2021 Billionaire Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, is selling his first tweet as an NFT
Mar 1, 2021 Grimes has gotten into the crypto art game

The collection is currently rolling out via Nifty Gateway, with proceeds from the auction’s sales are going to Carbon 180, an NGO that is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions.

Mar 1, 2021 XRPL Labs Founder Has a Proposal for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the XRP Ledger

“Where normal tokens and the native asset XRP can be divided (eg. receive 1 XRP, send 0.5 XRP), NFT’s can only be used as one whole, unique token: they are indivisible.“

Feb 28, 2021 NBA Top Shot leads NFT explosion with $230M in sales

NFTs, which exist entirely on the blockchain, is revolutionizing the traditional model of trading cards.

Feb 28, 2021 Non-Fungible Tokens 101: A Primer On NFTs For Brands And Business Professionals

2021 and a plot of land on the Axie Infinity gaming and virtual real estate platform has just sold for $1.5 Million, breaking prior records. This trend is only expected to continue with virtual land sales like The Sandbox’s recent Public Sale Wave 2, selling out in less than a minute.

Feb 27, 2021 If you haven’t followed NFTs, here’s why you should start

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — or scarce digital content represented as tokens — are driving a new wave of crypto adoption.

Feb 27, 2021 NFTs Boom as Collectors Shell Out to ‘Own’ Digital Art

in 2020, NFT trading was worth over $250 million, an increase of almost 300 percent from the previous year. On online platforms such as Rarible, OpenSea, and Nifty Gateway (backed by twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss)

Feb 26, 2021 Crypto collectibles are selling for thousands
and celebrities like Mark Cuban are cashing in
CryptoPunks isn’t a new phenomenon — it was released by developers Larva Labs in 2017. But it’s boomed in popularity lately, generating $45.2 million in sales volume in the last seven days alone according to the website
Feb 26, 2021 How to sell a cat GIF for half a million dollars
Feb 26, 2021 The DeanBeat: How non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will change games

The NBA Top Shot (a digital take on collectible basketball cards) is giving NFTs an enormous boost, and it’s why Google searches for “NFTs” skyrocketed in the last month.

Feb 26, 2021 NFTs, which exist entirely on the blockchain, revolutionizing trading cards.

According to the outlet Cointelegraph, during the second half of last year, $9 million worth of NFT goods sold to buyers; during one 24-hour window earlier this week, $60 million worth of digital goods were sold.

Feb 26, 2021 Why Is Everyone Investing in NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have become an overnight investing phenomenon, with $60 million in sales on Tuesday—surpassing total sales for the entirety of 2020. a popular meme of a flying cat with a Pop-Tart body leaving a rainbow trail, for the equivalent of roughly $580,000, per the New York Times.

Feb 25, 2021 NFT Crypto EXPLAINED — Non-Fungible Token Art is BLOWING UP!RED HOT

NFT crypto will revolutionize non-fungible assets and could be the future of art & collectibles. What do you think?

Feb 25, 2021 NFT mania: Are blockchain art and NBA crypto-collectibles a fad or the future?

The NFT market tripled in size in 2020, increasing 299% year-on-year to more than US$250 million, according to, a data company that tracks NFTs and NFT marketplaces on the Ethereum blockchain. “The whole NFT space is going to do over a billion dollars. It’s like 3X, 4X growth year over year,” said Zach Burks, founder of NFT marketplace Mintable, in an interview with Forkast.News.

Feb 25, 2021 NFT marketplace Sorare raises $50 million in Series A led by Benchmark

“We see NFTs as a trillion-dollar market with several winners,” Julia told The Block.

Feb 24, 2021 Crossroads Sold at Auction = $6,600,000
Feb 23, 2021 It’s an NFT Boom. Do You Know Where Your Digital Art Lives?

Clearly, buyers are very excited about the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This month alone, Nyan Cat’s creator nabbed almost $600,000 in ETH, a single Hashmask sold for $650,000, rare CryptoPunks are going for over $1 million and a chunk of “land” in the game Axie Infinity fetched 888 ETH.

Feb 17, 2021 Artwork made of 5,000 images captured over 13 years

“Not unlike the advent of Street Art as a blue chip-collecting category, NFT-based art is on the threshold of becoming the next ingeniously disruptive force in the art market,” he said. “Christie’s is proud to be in the vanguard of this exhilarating movement.”

Feb 12, 2021 Death of the Old | Auction = $388,938.00
Feb 12, 2021 Brace Yourself, Binance Smart Chain NFTs Are Coming!
Feb 8, 2021 NFT Economy Grows Exponential: $1M in Non-Fungible Token Sales Last Week
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Jan 20, 2021 First DAO to Own, Govern, and Monetize Virtual Land
Jan 12, 2021 LUKSO’s Fabian Vogelsteller predicts NFT and ERC-20 uses will grow

Decentralized finance (DeFi) taking off: “That is interesting to see because I created ERC-20 which created all of these tokens, and now seeing what comes out three years later

Jan 06, 2021 Why 2021 Will be the Year of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
Jan 04, 2021 Buying Virtual Land will be the Next Big Thing for 2021
VIRTUAL LAND - 2020 News and Articles
Dec 21, 2020 Upland – Virtual Land Will Be the Next Big Thing
Dec 17, 2020 XENO NFT Hub, the First NFT Marketplace Powered by Polkadot

“We strongly believe that blockchain and its application to NFT technology will change the landscape of ownership and digital rights in profound ways,” states Anthony Di Franco, the president of Xeno NFT Hub. “We will initially focus partnership efforts and platform item curation in three primary areas: gaming, sports & entertainment, and collectibles. This does not mean we will prohibit other types of NFTs from our ecosystem,

Dec 13, 2020 Virtual Gaming Worlds: NFTs Creating New Cross-Chain Gaming Monetization
Dec 11, 2020 Top Digital Entrepreneurs Launch Metaverse Property

Two North American serial entrepreneurs with an extensive portfolio of successful startups have launched the first virtual real estate company called Metaverse Property. The ambitious project focuses exclusively on the virtual housing market within the Metaverses.

Dec 08, 2020 Survey Finds Gamers Want to Sell Virtual Items
Dec 04, 2020 Why Crypto Land Sales are Going Interstellar
Dec 02, 2020 NFT representing 5% of Monaco F1 Delta Time track auctioned for $220K
Nov 23, 2020 The NFT Revolution in The World of Augmented Reality
Nov 20, 2020 Top Crypto Gifts for the 2020 Holiday Season
Nov 12, 2020 Age of ILCoin Retribution: VR is Disrupting the Blockchain and Gaming Industries
Nov 10, 2020 Real Estate vs Virtual Lands: New Verticals of a Global Economy
Nov 10, 2020 Virtual Lands: New Verticals of a Global Economy
Oct 31, 2020 Gotta collect ’em all: An overview of NFT marketplaces
Oct 23, 2020 Big Land Sales Ahead of Axie Infinity Token
Oct 15, 2020 NFTs in Gaming: From Pay-to-Play to Pay-to-Win

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), also known as “nifties” in some corners, have opened up a trove of intellectual property to monetization.

Oct 08, 2020 NFTs take on DeFi? Nonfungible tokens push to be the next crypto craze
Sep 30, 2020 Art world moves in and out of the virtual realm
Sep 20, 2020 Breaking virtual ground: Blockchain-secured land entices real estate investors
Sep 18, 2020 Fantasy authors turn the VulcanVerse NFT game into a trilogy of books
Sep 17, 2020 LAND Rush: Why Crypto Whales Are Buying Up Virtual Real Estate
Sep 14, 2020 You can now only buy LAND for $SAND
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Sep 10, 2020 Whale vault gobbles up virtual real estate for development in The Sandbox
Sep 08, 2020 Binance acquired virtual space in The Sandbox by buying 4k LAND
Sep 02, 2020 The Care Bears’ Care-a-Lot Kingdom is coming to The Sandbox Metaverse
Aug 24, 2020 Avoya Travel Pivots to Online Platform for 2020 Avoya Conference
Aug 23, 2020 Decentraland, Dragon City and the rise of NFTs in China
Aug 14, 2020 The Fascinating Web Of Entropia Universe, The World’s Only ‘Cash-Based’ MMO
Aug 09, 2020 Crypto Artists and Investors Trusts NFTs to Transform the Art Industry
Jul 25, 2020 The pandemic is causing the rise of making real money from virtual worlds
Jul 21, 2020 Samsung Blockchain Wallet has added support for Decentraland
Jul 17, 2020 Atari Partners with WAX For NFTs, Joins Board Alongside Shatner and Marvel
Jul 15, 2020 The Rise of a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
Jul 06, 2020 The Tokenized Metaverse: Non-Fungible Token Sales to Surpass $100 Million
Jul 06, 2020 Tomorrowland reveals images of its virtual stages
Jul 06, 2020 Virtual Land: Digital game technology contributes
Jul 02, 2020 Avoya Travel Hosts First-Ever Virtual Land Forum Event
Jul 02, 2020 NFT token sales hit $100 million as virtual economy booms
Jun 30, 2020 Billions and Billions: How Brands Take Blockchain From Niche to Normal

“The value we create inside of our virtual worlds will become indistinguishable from the value we’ve historically created outside of them.”

Jun 03, 2020 Upland.Me: A Virtual Property Trading Game Mapped to Real-World Addresses
Jun 01, 2020 Top 30 enterprise-friendly VR spaces
May 26, 2020 Recently Listed Parcels of Virtual Land Going Through the Virtual Roof
May 26, 2020 Virtual land sales going through the (virtual) roof

Virtual land in Somnium Space is selling like digital hot cakes. In the past ten weeks, hundreds of land parcels in the virtual world have sold for a total of $470,000. Users can buy land and build on it, manage, rent and sell land parcels. The platform aims to monetize communication, e-commerce, entertainment and more in the virtual space.

Apr 23, 2020 Virtual entertainment picks: Land of 10,000 Streams
Apr 19, 2020 Virtual Land Based on Blockchain – Huge Popularity
Apr 15, 2020 Using a Virtual World to Escape the Isolation of Social Distancing
Apr 13, 2020 Some Museums are Pivoting to Virtual Engagement
Apr 05, 2020 Virtual Worlds: The next frontier for businesses
Apr 02, 2020 The Sandbox Sells 3400 Ether Worth of Virtual Land in Five Hours
Mar 26, 2020 Somnium Space Sells 110 ETH of Virtual Land
Mar 24, 2020 Forte signs partnership with developers Netmarble and Hi-Rez Studios
Mar 22, 2020 Ethereum-Based Game to Enhance User Experience with Matic Scaling Solution
Mar 19, 2020 The Sandbox raises $2 million more to build out blockchain-based game world
Mar 18, 2020 ‘The Sandbox’ Game on Ethereum Announces Third LAND Presale
Mar 18, 2020 12 historic sites you can virtually tour from the couch
Mar 12, 2020 MetaFactory: Digi-Physical Limited Edition Goods Unlocked
Mar 11, 2020 Real Life Monopoly Thanks to Cryptocurrencies
Mar 09, 2020 Axie Infinity Exclusive Interview – DeFi + Gaming
Mar 05, 2020 Fungible Tokens Turn Monopoly Money Into Cryptocurrency
Feb 23, 2020 Rocket Lauches Virtual Mortgages on Decentraland – NFT
Feb 22, 2020 VR world turns digital currency into cold cash
Feb 21, 2020 Gaming Currency Surges In Real Cash; Airline Allows Passengers To Pay In Crypto
Feb 19, 2020 HikeLand: A new Virtual Hangout for Hike users
Feb 18, 2020 The Sandbox Game on Ethereum Sells $206,000 Worth of LAND
Feb 17, 2020 Ethereum-based Sandbox sells out another virtual LAND presale
Feb 16, 2020 Gamers Invested $1 Million in Virtual Real Estate
Jan 30, 2020 Rocket Genesis NFT Loan
Jan 02, 2020 Will 2020 be the year of Crypto Art and Virtual Land
VIRTUAL LAND - 2019 News and Articles
2019 CBS Interactive does Star Trek blockchain deal with gaming company

CBS Interactive to introduce Star Trek starships into Crypto Space Commander (CSC).

Nov 15, 2019 Museum Virtual Tours: The Case Study of Italy
Sep 23, 2019 Will Second Life Get A Second Life? Five Virtual Lands
Aug 31, 2019 Gamescom 2019 Interview: Somnium Space Is A Virtual Investment
Aug 16, 2019 Second Life Is Plagued by Security Flaws, Ex-Employee Says
Jun 30, 2019 Gold Rush: Flipping Digital Land in Virtual Worlds
Jan 31, 2019 How Do We Value Virtual Land?
HOW TO VALUE VIRTUAL LAND - the $64,000 question, with many answers

The Value Basis for Our Virtual Land

The value of “Virtual Land” is a $64,000 question, well nowadays, it’s a million-dollar question, and the answer will vary based on the factors that make up the specific ‘Virtual Land” being appraised.

In most cases, “Virtual Land” is connected to an “Augmented Reality” [AR] or a “Virtual Reality” [VR] environment, commonly this is related to an online game world.

With axr360 Games, our “Clickable Hotspots” represent “Virtual Land” that can be rented for marketing and advertising purposes.

Merchants buy “Visitor Traffic” every day to bring potential buyers to their websites.

Advertising using one of our “Hotspots” is similar to using other CPC advertising networks:

A VALUATION FORMULA - How much is a single Hotspot worth?

The “Formula” to calculate the value of a Hotspot

The value of a single Hotspot is based on the value of the traffic that it can bring to any advertiser. This means to determine the value, we much determine the traffic that it brings.

That answer comes from the popularity and overall success of our games. So, to understand our expectations for this, you need a bit of background.

axr360 Games are powered by JingleSPOT marketing

Started in the early 1980s, JingleSPOT is an advertising agency with expertise and experience. JingleSPOT has created many successful programs and the last social network they built realized 1.2 million visitors per month in less than 90 days.

Our company maintains many websites, all have received enviable traffic for years.

The Numbers

At this point, we are using the following to calculate the effect of a single Hotspot. These numbers are extremely conservative, so as to avoid over speculation.

Based on the abilities of our advertising and marketing arm, we can drive traffic to each of our games.

    1. We can divide the total number of expected annual game “CLICKS” by the number of “Hotspots”.
    2. The RESULT is the number of expected “CLICKS” on a single Hotspot annually.

So, how do we calculate the number of “CLICKS” to expect from each visitor?

Base “Click” Drivers:

A….. Visits – Each Prospect (3)
B….. Visits – From referring family and friends (3)
C….. Visits – From sharing on social media (3)
D….. Clicks – Estimated “Clicks” each Visit (10)
E….. Play Time (Est. 6-7min.) *verified
F….. Total Clicks Annual (15-40% player retention ignored)
G…. Total number of Hotspots in target game (1500)
H…. Total clicks for ONE Hotspot
J…… RTB price for a single “CLICK”
K….. Hotspot Management Fee (30%)
L….. Annual Estimated Net to Hotspot Owner
M…. Divide annually to get monthly (12 mo.)

The Formula;

(((((A+B+C) x D = F / G = H) x J) – K) = L) / M = Monthly Income

Using the above formula, you can apply an annual number of visitors that we drive, like 365,000 (ie; 1,000 per day) or One Million annual, or more. Remember, we have built sites and promoted to 1.2 million visitors in less than 60 days. Today we think it may be easier with more people staying home and playing games. Also, our research show games to be powerful marketing for Merchants, we believe that we are positioned to capture this greater value.

When the above formula is applied, the result is the monthly PRE-TAX estimated income of a “Hotspot”.

For obvious reasons, including statements potentially misleading to investors.
We cannot and will not offer a completed version of the above formula.

But, we are very confident we can drive more than ONE MILLION players to each of our games annually.

Run the formula, see for yourself, even just 500 players visiting per day to a single game, would “Force” our Hotspots produce an estimated 10% annual return on investment at a $3000 per “Hotspot” purchase price. So you could buy a “Hotspot” cheaper, or we could do much better than 1000 players daily per game. These are of course the speculations that you must decide for yourself.

Net Present Value (NPV)

Naturally, if you were to sell this ‘Hotspot” the annual “After-tax” income and a typical 6- 8 year amortization, will reveal the “Net Present Value”. From this, you can come with a reliable resale value, or what the next investor would pay you for your Hotspot.

The Complete NPV Formula:

TCV = Today’s value of the expected cash flows
TIV = Today’s value of invested cash
NPV = Net Present Value

((((((A+B+C) x D = F / G = H) x J) – K) = L) = TCV) – TIV = NPV

Again, we must leave it to you to calculate this using the “Traffic Numbers” that you believe will make sense to you.

We have stated what we believe we can do. Also, that we will do it via social and video marketing referrals, and more.

That said, if the above is applied, you will see that even at just 500-2000 daily visitors, the ROI on a single hotspot is financially attractive.

Once again, no problem, please share this with your accountants and lawyers.

See how our Games can Make You Money…

First, understand that we do all the work… You can’t get this wrong, it’s done for you.

Basically, we create robots that make money, then we then share this money with you…!

We think it’s pretty exciting, in fact, after years of research…

This is the easiest way to make money we know of, and we think you will agree..!

This is SIMPLE, you never need to play our games,  just learn how to be a LAND BARON..!

Again, share this with your accountants and lawyers, our strategy is really that good.


How our Games Make Money…

Let’s think of this as a step-by-step process…

You DO NOT have to read this..!

But here we share the step-by-step process of things. Like exactly how we go about creating Virtual World Games with Hotspots / and use Blockchain NFTs to create “Virtual Land”.

FIRST – we create a new game world.

This may be the format seen in the DEMOs above or using other formats.

Since this process involves uploading to our servers, some very high-resolution elements, and images, which must be carefully selected, watermarked, and other coding is done as well.

The game creation process is a time suck, but there is a sort of artistic element as well.

After Game Creation

Foundation Hotspots are Placed

At this point, the background images, video, or maps have been set.

So the game designers begin adding;

  1. Navigation “Hotspots”
    – used to move between panoramic images, or game map images, or VR environments [aka] room to room when used in malls or buildings, etc.
  2. Links to other games in our network, etc.
    – generally, we provide for endless loops of play between our games;
  3. Hotspots for POIs (“Points of Interest”) ie; historical or tourist notations, etc.;
  4. Storefront Hotspots – Placed on most applicable commercial locations;


Game Hotspots are Added…

Step-by-Step Hotspot Creation

A creative in every sense, the game designer must find a balance between too many hotspots, plenty of frames/rooms or landscapes, etc.

So considering “Game Theory” guidelines, our game makers carefully:

  1. Place a Hotspot in the game world; (see: hotspots)
  2. Connect hotspot to a “Specific Game URL”;
  3. Use this URL to create a Blockchain ID for the Hotspot (aka) Virtual Land;
  4. Setup a PUBLISHER account at the AD SERVER (Publisher = Hotspot Owner);
  5. Create an AD SPACE;
  6. Paste control CODE into the page at URL #2 above (ie; ad space = Hotspot)

From this point forward:

  1. The BLOCKCHAIN handles “proof of ownership”;
  2. The AD SERVER collects PYMTS from ADVERTISERS;
  3. All PYMT is made DIRECT to the Hotspot owner’s PayPal account;
  4. At the moment of any PYMT processing, a 30% “Hotspot Management Fees” is deducted from the sale by way of “Split-Pay” technology, and net hotspot income is a deposit to the specified PayPal, Bank, or crypto account.


Selling Your Blockchain Hotspot

A Blockchain Transfer

Here we are assuming that a specific piece of “Virtual Land“, represented by a specific “BLOCKCHAIN TOKEN” is sold by the OWNER to a BUYER.

The following steps would occur:

  1. Purchase the GAME TOKEN at the Opensea Marketplace;
  2. SELLER Transfers the AD SERVER Username + Pass to BUYER;
  3. BUYER logs into the account at AD SERVER and changes OWNER + PYMTS;
  4. Transfer of both BLOCKCHAIN and Hotspot INCOME now completed.


Automation as an Art Form

An Advertiser Purchasing Hotspot Advertising

Here, we have an Advertiser setting up a marketing campaign.

So put-on your ADVERTISER hat, and follow along…

The ADVERTISER will follow these steps to place advertising:

  1. Select AD BUYER PAGE; (see our “Live” Ad Server, active since 2011);
  2. Locate Desired – Game | or Select RON (Run of Network ads);
  3. Locate Desired – Hotspot(s) (could be just one, or dozens);
  4. Select CPM or CPC delivery method;
  5. Select any modifiers – Location, devices, etc. (to show the right people);
  6. Set the total number of displays 10, 100, 10,000, etc.;
  7. Paste AD CODE or upload AD image to be displayed;
  8. Advertiser makes PAYMENT;
    The Ad Server collects using Split Pay
  9. A Hotspot management fee is deducted (30%);
  10. Net fees are deposited directly to the Hotspot owner’s account; *
  11. Any Hotspot owner may log into AD SERVER 24/7 to see stats;

** CPM = 1000 Displays / CPC = Pay for each click

For a project of this type and magnitude, this automation is essential, as it allows us to remove any manual processing, even accounting is eliminated since no money was held for even a moment. (see Split Pay)

Instead, on any sale, a Land Baron payment is made “INSTANTLY” when any ADVERTISER makes a purchase.

This is useful, powerful automation that allows us to be generous with the money this machine generates daily.


click to enlarge
THE AD SERVER - The Robot that makes you Money

About the axr360 Game Ad Server

The games we create are based on using a variety of tools, which produces a variety of problems we must resolve via automation.

Chief among these, the offering, sale, and collection of payments from advertisers. For this, we use a custom-built AD SERVER because it manages the collection and payment of advertising fees that “Land Barons” receive from ADVERTISERS.

Our Hotspots allow merchants to ADVERTISE..!

  • This is what a “Land Baron” owns, a “Hotspot” aka “Virtual Land”.

This means that ADVERTISERS will be purchasing the use/rental of hotspots and using them for advertising their products and services.

This is the everyday advertising and marketing process for ADVERTISERS, and as such many commonly use DIY services to place and pay for advertising orders.

The AD SERVER allows us to remove human intervention, we basically automated the selection and payment for the advertising.

  • Try our “Live” Ad Server, active since 2011 – click here
    Note: We have built a new Ad Server, 100x more powerful for 2021..!!
MORE MONEY FROM RTB - About Real-time Bidding for Advertising

A Second, and Very Different Income Model

The above more manual process for the ADVERTISER is contrasted by a very different and “Completely Automated” system for buying advertising.

This alternate way to BUY and SELL sell advertising to ADVERTISERS is known as an RTB system.

Real-time Bidding (RTB) is a means by which advertising inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis, via instantaneous programmatic auction, similar to financial markets. With real-time bidding, advertising buyers bid on an impression and, if the bid is won, the buyer’s ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s site.

RTB replaced the traditional DIY buying model. Promoted as being more effective than static auctions for both advertisers and publishers in terms of advertising inventory sold, though the results vary by execution and local conditions.

Integration into this RTB world is planned for our Phase Three expansion, so by the fourth quarter of 2021, it should be fully integrated.

The Goal | Automated Distributed Hotspot Advertising Sales

We actually hope to get this done sooner because we fully expect that this will result in a substantial increase in revenues. While also ensuring that 100% of active hotspots earn advertising revenues, because of the more frequent RON (run of network) and package buys that will become available as well.

COMPARE OTHER GAMES - Where does the money come from?

Now Compare Other Games

This would not be as impressive if we FAILED to share the following important information.

It’s scary, dangerous, exciting, even sometimes profitable. But, look closer, see what the experts see, FOMO drives too many of the blockchain games..!!

  • Remember: Where’s the Beef..?

Once you understand what makes our program tic, that we do not rely on any sort of FOMO.

We think you will see the substantially greater value of our “Virtual Land” aka “Hotspots”. With a clear and certain path to real-world automated advertising income.

Our system does not rely on a prayer that you can find someone to buy your “Virtual Land’ at a higher price than you paid.

It’s substantially more likely you will want to keep the built-in, daily advertising income.

Worth Reading..!

** See More Game Reviews

Related Topics – Important..!!

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Our Model Targets | Casual Achievers and Explorers

Our target gamer is predominately the ‘Casual Gamer”, and while we will likely enjoy a draw and subsequent traffic from both Hardcore and Medium core gamers, we will focus our primary attention on attracting the Casual Player” who is statistically our target market.

  • The casual player is also typically a more affluent and educated player

While do not yet offer multi-player games (planed for 2022), we do have teams, leader boards, levels, and badges that promote player competition for points. We also maintain forums and chat between players.

In short, we offer functions that promote competition, comparison, and other features that will appeal to the Socializer-Player.


Gamer Classification

According to Dr. Richard Bartle, in the 1990s, there are four types of game players:

While this is a dated study, the basics remain static. But should be compared to the following classification of mobile gamers.

ACHIEVERS - They will go to great lengths to achieve rewards
  • They Like To = Win, create, compare, show-off, and challenges;
  • Single-Player = Games that offer ratings, appeal to Achievers;
  • Multi-Player  = Show off their skill and hold elite status to others; *a1

Also known as “Diamonds” (♦), these are players who prefer to gain “points”, levels, equipment, and other concrete measurements of succeeding in a game. They will go to great lengths to achieve rewards that are merely cosmetic.
The more they win, the better. Achievers also expect the game to challenge them. More, they want others to share the experience and awe at their achievements in the game. These folks want badges, and they want to show them off. They will figure what badges they don’t have and get them.


*a1 – Microsoft’s Xbox Live utilizes the Gamerscore to reward Achievers, who can get points by completing difficult “Achievements” in the various games they purchase. They can, in turn, compare themselves to other gamers from around the world.

EXPLORERS - They are the treasure hunters that turn one every stone.
  • They Like To = Explore, curate, review, and rate or vote;
  • Single-Player = Paying attention and solving puzzles, find your way out, etc;
  • Multi-Player  = Become bored when they have experienced its content;

Explorers, dubbed “Spades” (♠) for their tendency to dig around, are players who prefer discovering areas and immerse themselves in the game world. They are often annoyed by time-restricted missions as that does not allow them to traverse at their own pace. They enjoy finding glitches or a hidden easter egg.
Naturally curious, they enjoy the discovery and the process of things. They are the treasure hunters that turn one every stone and find every secret. The Explorer discovers the wrong way, rather than experiencing a ‘failure’. Some feel the need to map the experience and share the secrets with others.
They are also content creators, that enjoy and share the twists and turns of the journey. For these, it’s useful to have an overreaching narrative, then craft an experience that gives an ‘Epic Meaning’ to the game.

KILLERS - Clearly the disruptive force in multi-player games
  • They Like To = Troll, cheat, hack, heckle, and harass;
  • Multi-Player = Cause mayhem, pitting one’s skills against other players;

Clubs” (♣) is an accurate moniker for what the Killer likes to do. They thrive on competition with other players and prefer fighting them to scripted computer-controlled opponents.

Clearly, the disruptive force in multi-player games is the player that uses any trick to complete. The Killer has only one goal, to win. Not a lot of positive words for Killers, they are ingenious for workarounds and hacks.

Generally, you want to avoid these players. They seldom help your game.

SOCIALIZERS - The game is merely a tool they use to meet others.
  • They Like To = Comment, help, greet, share, and gift;
  • Single-Player = Objective explore and be find the game secrets;
  • Multi-Player = Provides limitless potential for new relationships;

There is a multitude of gamers who choose to play games for the social aspect, rather than the actual game itself. These players are known as Socializers or “Hearts”. (♥) They gain the most enjoyment from a game by interacting with other players, and sometimes, computer-controlled characters with personality. The game is merely a tool they use to meet others in-game or outside of it.

The Socializer is the Ambassador of the games, and will happily congratulate others on achievements. They will spark discussions and comment and share opinions freely. They don’t play for their own pleasure they seek social interaction. These folks are best attracted to multi-player games. The Socializer comes to the rescue when other players need advice or class to the game.

The four types of “Mobile Gamers” are classified as follows:

CASUAL - On a break, commenting, or relaxing after work

These are predominately people that are killing some time. They are on a break, commenting, or relaxing after work. These people are not strongly vested in the game, they just want quick, easy, entertainment.

Complex strategy games on Monday, and puzzles on Wednesday, they are often not committed to a single game but do prefer the casual game.

  • Casual gamers = puzzle, strategy, scavenger/treasure hunt;
  • 49% American committed player 13% occasional gamers;
  • Occasional player play 1+ monthly;
  • Hyper-Casual Gamers = more a biz model than a gaming genre;
  • Most puzzle players are millennials 54+ not so much, 18-24 very popular;
  • Mostly women;
  • Most popular with affluent players income $250k+, more purchasing power;
  • Strategy games = 18-24 + 35-54, 17% Male vs. 15.8% female;
  • Strategy games = 30% make $250k+ smallest group under $50k;
  • Strategy games = mostly educated, high income, west coast;
  • Gamers = 18-24 = 33% | 25-34 = 40% | 35-44 = 25% | 45-54 = 18%
  • Big earners play more 65% earning $250k+ = Play one+ times daily;
HARDCORE - They live and breathe the game

Deep divers, live and breathe the game. They will play during conversations, during lunch, or at a party. They know every release and plan to be first in line for the next upgrade.

They socialize with other players on FB and a minor smartphone glitch is a really big deal.

MIDCORE - Not rushing the play the latest games

These folks tend to dabble, and they are not rushing the play the latest games, they play when in the mood. They tend to stick to a specific genre, and many were previous hardcore gamers that just choose to limit their playtime more than previously.

SOCIAL - Associate gameplay with building relationships.

These folks tend to associate gameplay with building relationships and they enjoy multi-player games with friends and family. They enjoy game-related trivia, and they tend to be competitive and enjoy beating friends at the game.

Game theory is a science we employ in our games:

The Geeky Stuff? – The Nuts and Bolts…

What follows is the heavy reading, for those that want to get to the bottom of every aspect.

LEARN BLOCKCHAIN - Experts share the secrets

Learn About Blockchain from the Experts

You do not need to read any of this, we do all the blockchain work for you.

LEARN GAMIFICATION - Fun and exciting, by an Expert

Learn About Gamification from an Expert – Fun, Enlightening

While we have hundreds of game solutions. axr360 Gamified Shopping is the best starting point because it fixes things for Merchants (drives buyer traffic to their websites), and provides a powerful ADVERTISING solution, which of course generates daily cash income that we share.

  • Therefore, the first games are NOT like video games, think of these working more like the Safeway pull-tab games, updated for 2021.

These games are augmented with rare historical landmarks and worlds then expand into both real-world and virtual geo-caching and other more advanced games.

  • Use your imagination and add 4-kids to see where we are going.
  • We have gamified education solutions that earn the same game rewards.

Want to know more? Maybe you want to catch up on our level of the game world?

For any interested in learning more about gamification and how it works in different applications. Get this free course.

19,000+ students enrolled = 4.6/5.0 stars (2,900+ ratings)

NOTE: While we highly recommend this FREE training… you do not need to learn this either, we handle this part of the deal too.

GAMIFICATION INTRO - How gamification works in simple terms

If your new to gamification in marketing, take a look at the following…

Quick Intro to Gamification

The following videos do a good job of explaining how gamification works in context with websites.



Engaging and selling Art with Puzzles

This is a classic images puzzle.

The Shuffle Puzzle (also called 15-puzzle, Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square, and many others) is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing.

The task of the puzzle is to collect all the numbers in ascending order: from left to right, starting from the upper left corner.

In this Puzzle, you can compete in speed with players


Play a Game:


Welcome to a brand new world of lead generation

Gamification is the key to getting website visitors more relaxed and more likely to engage with our opt-in form and brand in general.

Ordinary squeeze pages and popups have been shown so many people have developed ‘banner-blindness’ to them and the gift they get in exchange for their information becomes devalued.


GAMIFIED STORES - Interactive axr360 selling

Interactive Virtual Tour n’ Sell

eCommerce Shops, and axr360 Technology

This advanced, super-seller technology, delivers a completely different shopping experience.

With this technology, we can deliver that extra edge over your competition, today, right now..!

Unlike other eCommerce stores, this technology starts with an engaging 360 virtual shopping experience and advanced gamification.

  • Hide-n-Seek;
  • Incentives;
  • Interactive Puzzles;
  • Rewards – for clicking, looking, buying, sharing, etc.
  • Scratch-2-Win;
  • Spin-2-Win;

We left nothing out..!

No physical location? No worries…

  • We can easily create a unique axr360 experience for you.

What happens next, the latest technology goes to work for you…

This combination of A.R + X.R + Gamification has never seen before.

This is “First to Market” technology, and there’s more behind the curtain where our wizards are cooking tantalizing recipes for even cooler experiences and endless multi-shopping-verses.

TOP SECRET, this goes beyond a cool experience, we actually “help you” make “sales” right there inside the virtual environment. Live, no need to go anywhere… Orders can be placed on the spot, directly to your eCommerce Shop.

Looking for a secret weapon for more sales…

We got your back..!

GAMIFIED SHOPPING - The most engaging experience gets the traffic

Gamified Shopping is Cutting-edge Marketing

Our gamified shopping is a programmed virtual experience.

Designed for Mahalo.Market, to engage shoppers, and reeling in sales.

But, it’s not all about buying, that would not work.

There is much more… we offer non-shopping experiences like beaches, and historical places, pyramids, caves, underwater, and much more we can’t yet reveal publicly, all seamlessly integrated into an endless journey.





The Extended Merchant Experience

When a player selects a “Shop Front” hotspot, the merchant can choose to have the experience continue inside the shop.

  • This can be a hugely engaging experience, where salespeople can be standing by to assist in real-time.

During the virtual experience, shoppers are engaged with advanced gamification techniques…

  • We gamify your shopping experience..!


Worlds of Experiences – Choose Yours

Shops, malls, or local shopping areas can be imported into our gamification system, and using this we can provide shoppers with a virtual experience of businesses.

But more, using the latest technology they can interact with products and make purchases while inside our virtual game experiences.

  • Gamification pushes beyond shopping, bringing rewards, prizes, treasure hunts, and more.

This engaging environment is designed to entice shoppers to spend endless time engaging with products, store history, causes, and more.

  • Throughout this environment, we place special offers, prizes, and rewards for their participation.

Harder to explain and a joy to experience, if you have not already tried our gamified shopping experience, try now.

Seriously, the best way to understand, PLAY with the DEMO..!!.

GAMIFICATION REWARDS - Players can earn in many ways

Gamification and Reward Points

We have a complete Loyalty Rewards and Points System…

We can Reward Players-Shoppers using Reward Points for many things including;

  • Sign up and Referrals;
  • GEOcaching;
  • Social Sharing (FB, Twitter, etc.);
  • Making and posting a video
  • Merchant website visits;
  • Pop quiz rewards;
  • Posting comments;
  • Product purchases;
  • Solving puzzles;
  • Treasure hunting;
  • Visiting a merchant website;
  • Writing reviews;

…and so much more.

Earned Reward Points can be redeemed for future purchases.


Case Studies | Real Advertiser Results

This easy win play format keeps player-shoppers coming, and sharing the game, but there is more…

Example: The game can reward for sharing Merchants on social media;

Using our many gamification tools, we can drive thousands to any merchant for a variety of interactive results from Facebook likes, or subscribe to newsletters, etc. We help advertisers maximize campaign results.

Explore the benefits of gamification – playful experiences can engage customers:

REMOTE SALES - Lean Mean Selling Machines

A Powerful Remote Selling Machine..!

axr360 – Touchless, instant, interesting, and entertaining;

  • Uses Safe Human-Powered Technology;
  • Let Your Competiton on Zoom, Eat Dust;
  • OutSmart with the Latest Tech,
  • Out Sell with a full wrap experience, gamification, and more;

axr360 – Engage inside the Experience with;

  • Interactive CTAs;
  • Buttons, Texts;
  • Eyepopping Visuals;
  • Gamification System;
  • Popups and more;
  • UNLIMITED interactive Hotspots;
  • UNLIMITED interactive Rooms and Worlds;
  • and more exciting TOP SECRET tools inside and connected;

axr360 – Engage in the Real-World with;

  • Advanced try on your wall (Remembers room configurations $$);
  • Gallery walk, park, zoo, and nature walk experiences;
  • Holo-GeoCaching Real-World Gamification (Game Partners);
  • Hide+Seek QR codes competitions, etc.
  • Secret exhibits and gamification;

axr360 – Sell inside the Experience with;

  • Explainer Videos;
  • Full eCommerce Functions;
  • Live Video Calls;

axr360 – Generate Leads inside the Experience;

  • Explainer Videos;
  • Live Video Calls;
  • Rewards, Incentives, and more;

Connect with Your Customers and Prospects 24/7;

  • Video Chat, routed to the first Available Agent — even at the beach;
  • Set Appointments — Tour along with your Best Customers;
ADVERTISING + MARKETING - Experience + Stratgey + Technology

We take Advertising Quite Seriously

JingleSPOT and the TNT posting strategy predate the Mahalo.Market and axr360 Games.

This is how we market, using a trifecta of; Experience + Strategy + Technology.

You can learn more about the TNT Network; click here


Let’s have a look shall we:

click to enlarge
PAY IT FORWARD - Affordable solutions

The Age of Aquarius and Mahalo.Market

Our principal founder is the quintessential Aquarian. Calling for independence, peace, prosperity, love for humanity, common fellowship, social idealism, and a purging of the toxic energies hiding truth and transparency from us all.

The Mahalo.Market answers this call, with the first online marketplace to offer 100% transparency in the business between shop owners and buyers. Encouraging each to directly interact and pursue mutually beneficial transactions.

Our marketplace only manages transactions, merchants receive funds paid instantly, without delay to their Stripe merchant account.

This model is in complete contrast to the a-typical online marketplace where merchants can be “banned” for direct communications with buyers.

In our model, merchants build their own customer base, while also sharing that customer base with other participating merchants. Much like a conventional (physical) mall in your local market.

Merchants also manage their own financial affairs, for example taking payment and managing returns directly.

Unlike other marketplaces, the Mahalo.Market also “does” direct promotion on behalf of each merchant, with press releases, video, and social promotions.

We also Guarantee Buyer Traffic to Merchant Listings.

Mahalo,Market also provides Merchants with many valuable marketing tools;

  • Free accounting;
  • Free project management;
  • Free social management tools;
    …and much more, to save merchants thousands in software costs.

This is the direct result of a vision, that has taken half a lifetime to bring to fruition. A vision based on sharing and caring, and moreover the idea that… “Pay it Forward” can drive a business model to success.

Foremost, Mahalo.Market is designed to “Pay it Forward”.

  • Starting with a FREE SHOP. Ensuring anyone can be successful from the start.
  • Add our “Startup Merchant Program” from “newbie” to a successful merchant in 90-to-120 days.

NO COST, of course, it’s totally FREE..!

Why we did this thing…

Simply put, we wanted to create a system that delivers a fun, entertaining game for players, many of whom are also affluent shoppers, merchants, and advertisers as well.

We also wanted to drive solid reliable traffic to smaller merchants.

Lastly, we wanted the create a money machine that could pay out billions to the people, rather than just fill our own pockets.

We need to move away from greed and separation, to a united world, driven by people, their talents, and a passion for life.

Why, because one of the biggest problems on this planet is the poorly distributed wealth of the world.

With so much wealth in the hands of so very few, too many work away their lives, never given a chance to live, create, build a better world, or perhaps enlighten us all.

Photo of our Director of Public Relations, Marileen Rodgers. She is wearing a green flannel jacket with a t-shirt. She is at the beach, with rocks behind her. She is doing a Shaka sign with her right hand.

A burning fire to change this and even the balance has been the driving force that kept the developers pushing forward and the investors paying the bills for 30+ years…

Well, we did it..!

Releasing in just days, Hotspots on sale soon..!!

This is the real deal, and we are so very excited to share this with the world.

We expect these combined companies Mahalo.Market, axr360, PAL, and their disruptive technologies to generate in excess of 100 Billion Dollars over the next 3 years.

Add, that during January and February 2021, the Creator has gifted us with very special assets, worth more than Three Billion Dollars to power these projects.

Our plan is to pour the majority of our profits back into helping the homeless, the First Nations, the small business families, and so many more in need…

We have creative ideas and the ideas to fund them. Better, the Creator blesses our efforts to help those in need, so that life can be less troublesome and more fulfilling for everyone.

Each of us is a unique strand in the fabric of this reality. The small efforts we make each day, helping each other, is the foundation for our mutual success, thereby completing the Circle of Life.” ~Ambassador Rodgers, A.G. Ret.



Please visit the Philanthropy and our First Nations pages for more details about our plans, and our commitments.

Respectfully, Team Mahalo.


P.S. A very special thanks to the following special people:

and countless others have helped to pave this journey.



  1. 4 Types Of Gamers And Learner Engagement
  2. Bartle taxonomy of player types
  3. In-Game Advertising Pricing and Costs
  4. Mobile Gamer Demographics
  5. Who is the Modern Gamer?



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