Humanity Token

The Humanity Project

Original Digital Artwork

2021 Jonny Lightfoot

NFT Tokens = [ THP0001 — TMP1000 ]


About This Artwork

This original digital artwork was designed by Jonny Lightfoot of the KeeTooWah West Terra (Cherokee Band).

Here Jonny celebrates; The Humanity Project

Created by; Scotty Saw, Humanitarian


Pending: Not Yet 4 Sale..!!!!

It is everybody’s responsibility to help leave a better world for our children and grandchildren. IF WE don’t then WE are to blame when they grow up in a world of suffering, pain, hate, and separation. The world is getting worse but it really can get better! AND we will show you how!

WE ONLY need to create the first community project and it will grow and duplicate itself naturally and they will pop up everywhere and it will very quickly change the world!!!

Your purchase here will start the process, and these NFTs will only grow in value as our project grows.

Note: They are a little more than just digital art

Buyers will receive    Pending Not Final..!!!!

  1. All artwork files as; “HI-RES” JPG files 3000×3000+ px for each frame;
  2. Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership;
  3. Finished artwork ready to play; Animated GIF 1400×1400 px;
  4. NFTs Paid for Transferred to Buyers Wallet;

Bonuses: When You Buy Multiple NFTs at $25 ea;

50….. Limited Edition, Matching T-Shirt + Mug;
100… Hand-painted Oil ~ (any-one selected frame);

** each level inherits the previous level bonuses;
** purchases may not be combined;
** one-time only, cannot be ordered after 2021;

The Humanity Project ~ Opensea Marketplace Page



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