The Humanity Project

The Humanity Project

The Humanity Project is about a plan to completely change the world we live in.

We need to make it work “for the people”,  efficiently and quickly ending modern-day slavery, and the need to work for basic survival.

With the new system, we all work together, and with the majority of those able to work, our plan requires a mere three (3) hours, just one day per week.

Amazingly, we can easily achieve all of this and so much more!

Free homes, free energy, free food, free health care, free education, free internet, etc.

More importantly, the freedom you will realize from NOT trading most of your time, for most of your life, just paying for the basic necessities of life!


Learn More This Project

This is an exciting project by a man we all love – Scotty Saw, with a heart as big as an ocean and the determination to bring a better life for all.

Visit “The Humanity Project” website – click here

Get the Humanity Project App (Android) – click here  **APK

See the HTML5 Mobile Phone Page – click here
(you can also go to – Mahalo.Market/HPA)


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