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Our Brand New Keyword Tool For Finding The Keywords With The Largest Search Volume

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Ever Struggled To Find Keywords That Are Right For Your Business?

Keywords With Low Competition But Good Search Volume?

Getting good keywords for your business and website is vital in creating a good successful SEO campaign. Organic traffic still outperforms paid traffic in every way.

Organic traffic vs paid

Organic is different. Matching keywords to user intent means you may be present in many searches. The user may find you consistently, and once they get to your site, they are more likely to stay.

Organic users are still your best long-term customers. They have lower bounce rates and more pages visited, and they are more likely to return.

Our brand new keyword tool for finding the keywords with the largest search volume but low competitors.

Features include

    • Search volume in both AdWords and word tracker
    • KEI find effective keywords
    • Export all data for later use
    • Total words how many words are included in the phrase

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