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Ambassador Dustin F. Rodgers, A.G. Ret.
Official Mail via: 770 Maple Street #1466, Florence, Oregon 97439

Saturday, April 10, 2021

3801 Parkwood Boulevard, Suite 100,
Frisco, Texas (214) 618-7200

a Delaware General Corporation Law Employer ID: 75-2138671

South Jetty RV & Camping Resort
5010 S Jetty Rd,
Florence, OR 97439

New party added February 2021:

Whalers Rest RV & Camping Resort
50 SE 123 Street, South Beach, OR 97366

RE: Discovery Letter + Notice of Possible Legal Action(s)


To Whom it May Concern,

I am contacting you today in regards to my Thousand Trails membership.

Before I bring my complaints, I want to say that during the Covid-19 lockdowns the assistance afforded to us was exemplary. Such that my lovely wife and I had seriously been considering just dropping some issues you will now see here, and we are making a paramount issue of them, due entirely to the treatment we received from the Manager at Whaler’s Rest Resort on the Oregon Coast.

If not for this sad man, perhaps this letter would never have been written. Perhaps the peace of mind that my wife and I depend on, and pay for would not have been threatened, perhaps I would not find myself in a corner fighting for my peace of mind.

So, guess what happens when you corner a Lion…?

You must understand the position your Whalers Rest Resort Manager has put us in.

Horribly, a position your company all too quickly jumped in and supported.

The unwarranted, unlawful duress alone is going to cost him AND your company millions by the time I am done.

You leave me currently no choice but to rip through the matters here with a vengeance to make sure this never happens again.

Simply because it costs your company too damn much time, and I will seek sanctions for future offenses to ensure that you have incentives to show better behavior in the future.

Likewise, I suggest that your replacement park managers have actual degrees in management within the hospitality industry, and specifically a degree in resort guest services. Get one that actually graduated

with honors too, just be safe and avoid liabilities like you will see here.

Because when things escalate to trespass, harassment, extortion, discrimination, elder abuse, property damage, mail tampering, and other criminal actions, such a company needs a culture change.

If not criminal prosecution is the future forecast the subject company can expect.

So, Let’s Pause a Moment…

There is a collection of problems delineated here that resulted from your Whalers Rest Resort Park Manager ignoring, and with presumed impunity, repeatedly violating so many applicable laws.

Simply deplorable… First, your Whalers Rest Resort Manager, and too many of his staff, have an all too obvious, overly friendly relationship with a specific husband and wife Thousand Trails member. Which is an underpinning factor that led to a laundry list of illegal actions that I am here bringing to your attention, and giving you notice of intent to take legal action for same.

First a serious note…

Management Contrast:

I want to be perfectly clear here about the contrast of personnel that you have from park to park on the Oregon Coast, and I saw similar issues in California:

Case Study One

As I write this from my part-time home here at South Jetty, the new manager here, Tammy, is bar none the best manager you have ever hired.

So good, Tammy should be “THE MODEL” for every Resort RV Park in America..!

A sweet, caring disposition, and all the signs of someone that understands customer service, and that many people call Thousand Trails their FULL-TIME HOME, as in my case.

Lastly, Tammy understands that people come to these parks with expectations of a pleasurable experience. She gets that better than any of your staff have shown before. Simply AWESOME..!!

I will likewise note that she has a very small, but happy and dedicated crew growing, outperforming the Whalers Rest Resort staff, while less than half the team size. I say this is worthy of investigation, and a case study to save the life and future of your company, under the operational cost and quality rating headings specifically, and do not forget the value of happy workers, Tammy engenders a happy culture too.

Case Study Two – ouch

A direct and drastic contrast… the manager at Whalers Rest Resort is a rude, unhappy man, a dangerous racist, and considering his over-reaching actions in my case, and others I am aware of… he is a dangerous liability to your company in the very best case… he will be the source of millions lost, in the worst case, as I proceed with my legal actions and multi-regulatory agency complaints.

Extra Bonus Points Here:

I recommend: Adopt case study one as a policy. You might even recover your crazy horrible reputation in the marketplace.

Better, you won’t have people like me knocking on the door with piles of paper and demands for actions, etc. To be completely honest, I am looking to push more than $5 million in damages, fines, and penalties for the Whalers Rest Resort Managers’ actions, and your involvement in support of his unlawful actions. Because penalties need to deter future actions.

Note, while I don’t actually expect you to remove the inflammatory staff members, like the Manager at Whalers Rest Resort, I do suggest the logic of avoiding millions of dollars of pending complaints and demands focused around his actions and specifically your involvement as a corporation.

No worries though, your call, I would just prefer that I do not have to write the paper on the first 14 items below.

So if the Whalers Rest Resort Manager was no longer in the equation. Then I save some valuable hours and thus we do not have to go down that path.

For now, let’s move on to a list of the many complaints, each of which will require substantially more lengthy discussions.

But, I will actually help your lawyers resolve things, or if we cannot solve this politely, to prepare for my legal actions.

No need to make this hard, I am happy to help you mitigate as much as possible actually.

We could easily talk this out and resolve it with a couple of friendly calls, some management changes, and a few pennies. It’s an available choice today. Not so much as time passes.

Membership Obligations on Your Company

My membership is a base-point in some matters that follow and so the circumstances of my membership need to be clear from the start.

My wife and I started with a basic pass, and to be fully honest, we waited over two years to buy that pass because the reputation of Thousand Trails is that bad. I have seen few companies attain such high marks for bad services, bad attitude, poor if not mostly negligent maintenance, horrible managers, horrible rangers, some of the worst cleaning staff ~ both for work quality and attitude.

Frankly, once I joined, I quickly learned that most if not all the reports are true.

Worse the damages and outright crimes committed on my wife and I are well, soon to be the subject of several legal actions against your park manager at Whalers Rest Resort and again your company for your support of his actions, and for as you can see below other matters that I have been patient for you to resolve. But where your Whalers Rest Resort Manager has pushed me to the point that my patience left the building, so to speak.

Membership Upgrade Circumstances = Obligations

Below you will see that one of the issues is damage to our motorcoach at South Jetty Resort in 2016, noted below as: “Personal Property Damage – Stump”. This matter is of importance because it sets the stage for my membership upgrade later in the same year.

In short, this damage was unacceptable, and there is fraud on the part of the then park ranger and the manager which lead to my inability to properly execute claims for damages via any other process.

Thousand Trails Liability + Obligations Delineated

My membership upgrade was conditional that repair would be sorted and paid by Thousand Trails, we made ourselves very clear about this stipulation. We were assured repeatedly by both the salesperson and the then park manager that they agreed and understood this condition.

This leads us to the following:

  1. Thousand Trails is responsible for the damage done by the stump, i.e. gross negligence;
  2. Thousand Trails induced me to upgrade to full-time membership with the assurance of the repair;
  3. Thousand Trails accepted the contract with the coach for membership upgrade with said damage “well known”;
  4. The Whalers Rest manager committed criminal extortion; threatening my peaceful use of the Resort over said repairs;
  5. As we are full-time and paid for full-time park-to-park membership, said “criminal extortion” causes us undue duress;
  6. Further, the said damage is less than 3.3% of the visible side-surface area, and less than 1.4% of the full RV surface;

Clearly, my wife and I are defrauded in the said transaction, if you stand with your Whalers Rest Resort Manager’s harassment, extortion, discrimination, and other crimes regarding the same damages to our motorcoach. I think a judge will take a very dim view of this matter alone. I can’t wait to see how that plays out.

In fact, it gets better, check the next section and consider the judge’s view on the matter.

Let’s Review Something Important Here…

In American society, we use many measures, and one that seems to apply nicely here is the concept of condition as a rating of A-B-C-D or in percentage points.

We can compare this by using say the grade point average of the manager’s training or performance… how might we do that?

I suggest we use the A-Typical grading system used to determine the grade point average of say every professional in your company with a college degree.

Let’s now see grading the damage to my motorcoach by the same measure… the grade point averages of the Whalers Rest Resort Manager, shall we?

So what you see here is a common grading system employed by colleges, universities, and well I don’t need to tell you, because if you’re reading this, you have enough education to have encountered this scale.

As you can see, if we used this ruleset, the damage in question to the side of my coach, i.e. the basis of your Whalers Rest Resort Manager’s extortionary, and fraudulent behavior is a mere 3.3% of the side-surface visible area, or, it would conversely grade at 96.7% not showing the damage from the stump that my wife and I are being extorted over, by your Whalers Rest Resort Manager, and sadly actions supported by your corporation..???

Thus, in this common comparison that I am quite certain a judge would enjoy discussing. Where my motorcoach would still earn a clear and present visual “A” with respect to grading the said damage….

Letter Grade

Percent Grade

4.0 Scale













As you can see, if we used this ruleset, the damage in question to the side of my coach, i.e. the basis of your Whalers Rest Resort Manager’s extortionary, and fraudulent behavior is a mere 3.3% of the side-surface visible area, or, it would conversely grade at 96.7% not showing the damage from the stump that my wife and I are being extorted over, by your Whalers Rest Resort Manager, and sadly actions supported by your corporation..???

Thus, in this common comparison that I am quite certain a judge would enjoy discussing. Where my motorcoach would still earn a clear and present visual “A” with respect to grading the said damage….

Therefore certainly not subject to such unwarranted harassment, discrimination, and outright extortionary demands for repair, and particularly when the damage is the fault of your company and the subject of fraudulent activity by your now past South Jetty Resort management. Seriously? Bad move..!

Frankly, I cannot wait for the opportunity to watch your lawyers dance around in front of a judge and explain how none of this true, none of it was your fault, that your company has an exemplary record of care, concern, maintenance, and all the things that are polar opposites of what the public record you know is, i.e. not at all flattering.

You know the saying, “I would hate to be in your lawyer’s shoes”

Let’s move on to the specific problems, so you can get ready for my legal actions if we cannot resolve this first:

Complaints: Whalers Rest Resort, Oregon

  1. Discrimination – Against a Native American Indian Diplomat;
  2. Elder Abuse and Subsequent Duress and Distress;
  3. Extortion by threat of Breach of Contract leading to duress;
  4. Loss of Income – Harassment / Meetings / Duress;
  5. Unlawful Harassment – TT / Regarding Whaler’s Rest Event;
  6. Unlawful Harassment – Whaler’s Rest Manager; Twice
  7. Unlawful Harassment – Whaler’s Rest Ranger;
  8. Unlawful Trespass – Whaler’s Rest Manager; Twice
  9. Unlawful Trespass – Whaler’s Rest Ranger;
  10. Unreasonable Duress – Whaler’s Rest Manager; Twice
  11. Unreasonable Duress – Whaler’s Rest Ranger;
  12. Unreasonable Duress – TT / Regarding Whalers Rest Resort;

We have a list of things above, that I intend to expand to more than 100 pages of details, to ensure that your company and your Whalers Rest Resort Management have a perfectly clear understanding of the offenses. Notice, whatever your Whalers Rest Resort Manager put in the record (I will be demanding in discovery BTW) is a complete and utter lie I suspect, designed to, (he hopes) backup his trespass, harassment, extortion, elder abuse, and down-right deplorable behavior in this matter.

Complaints: Whalers Rest Resort, Oregon / Co-Conspirators

TT unlawful intervention in a civil matter
Civil / Cross Complaint claim Against TT, Whalers Rest + the Whalers Rest Resort Manager Personally

  1. Unlawful Harassment – TT Member @ Whaler’s Rest
  2. Unlawful Trespass – TT Member @ Whaler’s Rest

TRUTH: Investigation will reveal that he and a small cabal of his staff are close friends with husband-wife members that perjured themselves, thereby involving your staff in their crimes. The record will show that I was given permission to enter their property with my coach while parking it. This permission without stipulation, automatically acquiesced our moving a satellite dish to prevent damage. End of story.

Therefore, we did not trespass said members, or commit a crime of any kind, and if we had, it would be a civil matter, where even police are advised to refrain from involving themselves, but where your management has dumped your company right in the middle and made you liable for same.

So that matter is going to civil court because those “members” have committed the crimes of trespass, harassment, perjury, and incitement of this whole matter with your company. Thus a cost to us, and subsequently even more damages. Naturally, I will be taking legal action in the millions for that, and your company is currently contemplated as a party to the criminal activity by such members against us..!!!

Trust me, this one will hurt, boys and girls..!

But your involvement is easily fixed, just take action to remove your company from the equation, provide me with the required details to service the said member’s legal process, and distance yourself from the actions of your Whalers Rest Resort Management Team. Giving me a reason to remove you from the defendant’s list on legal actions in this matter. A simple 1-2-3, and no problems for your company on this one.

Complaints: South Jetty Resort, Oregon

  1. 1. Fraud – Failure to file or share accident report (stump);
  2. Loss of Income – Unable to move (tree);
  3. Personal Property Damage – Paint;
  4. Personal Property Damage – Stump;
  5. Personal Property Damage – Transfer Switch;
  6. Personal Property Damage – Tree;
  7. Tampering with U.S. Mail;
  8. Unlawful Trespass – Whaler’s Rest Manager;
  9. Unreasonable Duress – From Near-death Experience (elder abuse);

First, I want to be very, very clear that everything above is the result of previous managers. The current manager Tammy, is exemplary.

As you will note, the above list allows me to push more than one criminal action.

Thank your poor selection of park managers for this of a litany of complaints..!!

Okay, so I am only going to summarize these so that we can open a serious discussion on how you plan to resolve them. Or how I plan to make a legal issue of each.

About the points above…

You see, when you contract for a service, in this case, the service of providing lawful, safe parking for a motorcoach, there are obligations. I know you want to hide behind your rules, disclaimers, yadda. But, that stuff is no protection from pure negligence, and regardless if you have been successful in defense of same in the past, Oregon is its own legal animal, and I can assure you that you will lose badly over negligence in every case.

Personal Property Damage – Paint;

So let’s start with the little stuff, #3 is about negligence that multiple park managers allowed to continue. A tree at the upper side of the South Jetty Resort – Loop A, that could not be passed without scratching every oversized vehicle and especially larger coaches like ours. Add to this, that you rent the corner space full time, and allow that resident to park out where it is not possible to miss his vehicle while making a said turn. The tree was finally resolved by I believe the current manager but did more than a few million in damages over many years. This is just one example of gross negligence. But the smallest.

Personal Property Damage – Stump;

Now let’s look at number #4 as this is even greater negligence and your management added #1 Fraud to the equation for extra measure.

So the short story, and we will explore this in detail via the soon-to-follow legal actions if required. Let’s just say that a busy weekend parking problem was ignored, leaving egress crazy difficult, and management did nothing. Worse, management changed the long-standing egress pattern, leading to the damage. When the damage occurred, I was going to call the police and management talked me out of it and took an insurance report, promising to handle the matter.

The matter was never handled, instead, I was defrauded, the management refusing to even share a copy of the report. Too late then to place a police report, no evidence of the cars involved, and unable to place claims against the insurance of the guilty parties parking out of place.

But in the end, the change in egress leads to a dangerous egress that was not planned or verified, and not cleared of hidden stumps that then damaged my coach. The game is over! The insurance report by the park management resulted in a very serious fraud upon my wife and I.

Personal Property Damage – Tree;

Now let’s look at #6 the Tree Damage. You could say this is my favorite.

Here the negligence of your management resulted in a tree nearly destroying our motorcoach and killing us both. It is a great story with an ending where you can now think about paying even more for the unreasonable delay in settling that horrible, near manslaughter case (hypothetical) against your company.

Before you dismiss my hypothetical, let me share something with you –

Here, enjoy this reminder link as your company is well aware, and was very well advised of all this, see –

PS; this has been waiting long enough the page is having issues, we will fix that soon, as part of the preparations of legal actions.

I should also mention that it is very disturbing that I have since been told of many tree related damages and outright destruction that your company has allowed both previous and since, and pushed off to RV owners insurance.

I plan to show that all tree damage is the result of your ongoing company culture of irresponsibility and down right fraudulent publication, because you knowingly imply the fitness of your parks for use, and when you do not properly maintain the trees, you become the keepers of weapons of destruction, and your implied safe parking is quickly fraudulent under Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations.

Tampering with U.S. Mail

Here’s an oldie but a goodie, the park management at the time (Eric), allowed his staff to open member mail without permission. So I will be adding this Federal offense to the list of more serious jailable crimes against us.

Easy, Quiet Settlement vs. Dangerous, Costly and Very Public Legal Battle

Well, I suspect you already get the idea from the above, there will be many more pages discussing all of this.

To be honest, we are looking at 9 points of discussion, so far on South Jetty Resort matters alone, and I just started. So figure I will need to write about 150-200 pages of details, discourse and demands, research, and case point examples to underpin my arguments. Then we’re looking at perhaps another 50 pages of interrogatories, other actions, and filings.

This does not calculate the additional matter of proving your poor business practices across the spectrum nationally, where I am aware of many open cases of similar tree damages, etc. I could write a book on the topic of Thousand Trails business culture, employee turnover, etc.

I will naturally seek to assist and the group as many cases that I find as possible, simply to prove the conspiratorial nature of your operations as well. For example the practice of removing all previous records from parks where you have replaced the management. Smart, remove the evidence, but that evidence can be forced through discovery, so get ready for a rather long list of discovery demands.

In short, we can make all of this so very easy. Because I did not pick this fight, and I do not want this fight…

I want you to crack down on bad management, and treat the damages done to my coach like you actually care about your members, and guests’ “well fair.”

My coach, for example, was completely undamaged before your park did all of this to us. We could settle this for pennies if you can simply show some respect for what your company has done to us, and the patience we have shown in the matters at hand.

Rather than stand behind the heinous crimes your company has perpetrated against my wife and I, and so many other members the entire encyclopedia of property management, gross property neglect, and deplorable guest services can be published based on your company alone. Your company could be the best example possible to demonstrate what no company should ever aspire to.

Frankly, I can’t imagine how any of your executive staff, or managers can live with the reputation that Thousand Trails has built brick-by-brick in recent years. I can imagine they get tired of apologizing for your company.

So, it will not be hard to demonstrate that your company culture is of the worst kind, nor that we are just another in a long line of criminally damaged members of your park system.

Therefore, you can expect that I will belabor the point, and build out the picture so that the Judge and Jury can clearly see that what has been done to my wife and I, should be seen as merely the icing on a very bad cake.

Or, you can show the colors you want to fly… The flag of change. You can start right here and right now demonstrating that your company is determined to change the historical culture, and ready to embrace a new and bright future where you replace the bad case study examples of bad management as noted herein, with the cases study example management you are clearly capable of, based on Tammy, your most recent South Jetty Resort Manager.

To help you do that, I mean change your reputation, I am prepared to double your market exposure. I established FRYD.TV for precisely that reason. To promote and build up companies with the forward-thinking customer and community beneficial companies. We could help you completely change your business image and double your member sales. But, to do this, you must make important changes. You cannot expect to grow a long-term business based on a deplorable reputation, hell I waited two years because the Internet is full of horrible examples of Thousand Trails deeds.

So, I could turn this crazy collection of deplorable actions against my wife and I, into a media event about your disdain for the discovery of your current Whalers Rest Resort Management, and the past management at South Jetty Resort actions. You would spend pennies to solve the obvious with my wife and I.

Likewise, you could spend a few more pennies to make other members whole. Thus giving me the foundations to justify delivering a series of press releases and articles on the fantastic changes at Thousand Trails and the bright future ahead.

So as you consider your options here, compare the idea of a broadcast network happy to promote beneficial changes to your corporate culture across the board, resulting in an increase in membership and profits. Because I will commit $$ to help you move in this direction as a company. It’s that big of a deal for me to promote this type of change.

So, I ask you why not..? The alternative, I burn hours and money in the opposite direction, your reputation is not improved, and you spend the money anyway correcting a mountain of mistakes made not so

much by you, but by managers responding to out-of-date business culture.

So I implore you to as a company, take this time to do the right things, to choose a better brighter future for the culture of your company, and let me help you make it known across the nation. I would be so very pleased to do that instead. I so much prefer writing exciting and positive press releases, over complaints.

The Time and the Cost of the Pending Battle

In truth, I would much rather have a polite discussion and just enough compromise between us.

That said, your Whalers Rest Resort Manager pushed me way too far, and his/your treatment of a Native American Indian Diplomat is absolutely deplorable, and must be brought to justice.

Seriously, all the damages, crimes and compounded by the deplorable conduct of your Whalers Rest Resort Manager, I will be thrilled to argue these matters with judges right now, great timing folks. Should fit right in with the BLM movement and other changes where companies like yours pay big for both present and past transgressions against minorities, and others.

Considering these troubling times in the United States, I think you know that it is an unwise stance, to stand behind yet another atrocity against any minority.

Yet, you have several damages and crimes over several years piled up with my wife and I.

What do I have on my side of the table?

  1. I am a Native American Indian Attorney, and have never lost a case;
  2. This will be the 4th time I beat a multi-billion dollar company, more good practice as far as I am concerned;**
  3. I have the talent to write piles of paper for legal action, I enjoy the process;
  4. I am semi-retired, so costs me just my time to keep your attorneys busy on many fronts;
  5. Note, wealthy folk, like me, wear leisure for camping, but I am by no means poor, I can sustain a costly legal battle;
  6. I am an entrepreneur, my business is; advertising, marketing, and I control broadcast media networks;
  7. It will cost me only a few buttons to turn this into a media circus across the nation, which will help move stock points;
  8. I am a diplomat, in this matter, I can make a formal complaint to the Oregon State Attorney General’s Office;
  9. I can also make a formal complaint to the US Attorney General’s Office, and to the US State Dept;
  10. There are of course a collection of other agencies I can involve as well, I do not need to be a minority for many of them;**Perhaps you would like to confer with the other billion-dollar losers, just ask, contact information available..!

I tell you this as a warning…

DO NOT think that you can just play the normal game…

Mine is an entirely different situation, and all things considered, the question of whether my WIFE and I are VICTIMS is mute. So I will move quickly past the damaged part to consequences for the worst behavior I have seen personally from any company in my 55 years of doing business.

Elder Abuse

I will not bother to explain what you already know about Elder Abuse, I will just advise you that my wife is disabled and an elder, protected under Elder Abuse Laws, and I will be delineating this matter, the effects of your Whalers Rest Resort Manager’s actions, and those of your corporation on her health.

Likewise making a formal complaint therefore with the Oregon State authorities. Unless this matter is resolved before I write those documents. Not much more to advise you here, just get ready, or avoid the battle, your choice.


As noted above, discrimination is clearly a factor here and will be addressed. Further… if in discovery I find that any other minority has been adversely discriminated in any similar fashion regarding, that would be a serious problem.

As it stands, I cannot help but think that there is discrimination on more than one level here, so we will be exploring this topic more, should I feel the need to take legal action in this matter.

Or perhaps, you can absolutely prove that you have not discriminated against my wife and I..?

Further, if I look, I will not find even a slight chance of this occurring at any other time, property, or perhaps concurrently now at another property.

Let’s just hope that we do not have to go down this road because I will be looking very closely at this question. What will be found? I know of at least two other Indians.

In particular, considering the recent “Black Lives Matter” issues across the nation… it might be better that we push this anyway, just to make sure we keep things “fair” in the community at large… so to speak.

But I will leave that to how you respond to this notice, and what actions are taken to correct things.


So many issues, wow, that a company like yours would allow things to escalate like this? Completely unnecessary.

The thing is, my wife and I gave you ample time to fix the damages to our coach, and likewise, we have given you ample time to resolve the other matters herein.

Since you have taken none of it seriously, and since your Whalers Rest Resort Manager declared war on us, you are now in full breach with respect to our membership, and your company is a party to many criminal and other actionable matters.

You need to know this has gone far enough.

Better to fold now, than to face legal action(s) that will be costly and difficult at best to defend.

Therefore, I am asking you politely resolve these matters ASAP… without a hassle.

If this is a difficult decision for you, I would be happy to help you understand and deal with the problem, just say the right words, and I will be happy to write lengthy formal complaints to a variety of government agencies. That way, you will not have to think too much about the need to fix it, I am certain these agencies will respond with papers you will find less than welcome.

It worked very nice when your Whalers Rest Resort Manager tried to close the bathrooms for Covid, took me 5 min. to have the state take action on that crime against your members. He was ordered to keep them open.

Likewise, I can prepare a long and very costly legal action(s).

I will show you a very difficult legal journey, and you will find themselves defending your Whalers Rest Resort Managers’ actions as well, which I advise is not the best strategy to start with.

Do we need to go there?

The choice is yours…

I am busy, but I cannot tolerate this kind of abuse, so do us both a small favor. Please advise your staff to cooperate, and you do not plan to allow the Whalers Rest Resort Manager to cause further damage by prohibiting my use of the park, a breach of contract as you can see above, or cause any further duress by way of trespass, harassment, extortion, discrimination, or otherwise.

Whalers Rest Resort Manager is bent to harass people, and we see him doing it almost daily. He even came down to the South Jetty Resort to trespass and harass me and others, deplorable, he should know better than to think he has the right to trespass or harasses willy nilly. There are clear laws concerning landlord trespass, but he does not care.

As you will require time to read this mail…

Also, since this is a very serious collection of issues. Maybe you should have your attorneys review, advise, and prepare for our legal action(s), and complaints to various agencies. So I will allow you some time to talk to an attorney.

On that note, let’s say you can advise me either of your compliance or your defiance on say by the first of May, you could start by wiping my membership loan contract before my next payment on the 15th and firing the Whalers Rest Resort Manager, as a sign of good faith in these matters.

While your choice of the path here is fine with me either way, it can be costly or pennies to solve all of this, choose wisely.


Dustin F. Rodgers, A.G. Ret.
Ambassador to the U.N. for the KeeTooWah (Cherokee) West Terra Chairman
Chief Legal Officer for FRYD.TV and subsidiaries

CC; FRYD.TV, Board of Directors, Oregon legal council,




For the record, the motorcoach is owned by my company FRYD.TV, so we will be filing all matters concerning damages as FRYD.TV and then the personal matters separately, with the above being only a preliminary list of planned actions.


Since it has come to this point where I feel threatened enough to stand on my protected status, and take action in consideration of the trespass, harassment, extortion, and discrimination noted herein. have shared my diplomatic ID with Tammy at South Jetty Resort, you can also see my complete profile, and my Linkedin pages, see:

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