Media Kit

Media Kit

Aloha and Welcome

Mahalo.Market is a fresh idea in marketing for both merchants and consumers. Our ideas and our ideals are quite different, as our strategies and end game.

To help people understand us better, the following Media Kit is our ever-growing collection of materials that can be used to explain, market, share, or otherwise use in almost any way that will bring buyer traffic or more merchants to our marketplace.

If your helping, please use these materials freely.


Short Overview

Our online marketplace, brings buyers to merchants, using advertising powered by promotional games, competitions, and millions of dollars in prize awards each month.

We connect our shoppers to products and services from First Nations, family-owned businesses, startups, and a variety of small companies that sell better quality products, and your purchases help to support good causes, families, natives, and never-billion-dollar companies.

For buyers, we deliver a single point to source millions of products.

While we are growing, our goal is to have a shop for every small business on the planet by 2025. Since we offer POWERFUL FREE STORES, for those that need it, we feel our goal is reasonable.

  Launch   July 4, 2021
  Location   Florence, Oregon
  Staff Size   11
  Funding   Seeking Strategic Partners + Investment
  Contact   Marileen Rodgers, Public Relations Director


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About Mahalo.Market

We offer the same conveniences, unified wallet and purchase history, but direct connections with our merchants, we don’t even touch the money you spend with them. We encourage our merchants and shoppers to chat, share and help each other build a better world community together. We play the role of a connection platform since we are NOT trying to squeeze every profit we can.

Are we cheaper, not always, are we better, ALWAYS.

When you buy from a Mahalo.Market merchant, your buying from people who need and want your business. Our mechants care if your happy, because they want you to come back, they want you to tell your friends, they want to serve you for life.

  • Because that is what makes their lives better, servicing their customers.
  • This is not the kind of marketplace you may have seen in recent years.

We are NOT, and I repeat, NOT interested in building a pile of money for ourselves. In fact, quite the opposite. Our goal has always been to make a few pennies, by connecting the world in beneficial ways, for good reasons and fair profit only.

No Closing Fees

So we don’t charge per sale fees for example, because that can too quickly become a burden to our merchants. Plus, it makes us liable to provide too much information to taxing authorities, and other government agencies. For what, more money?

Instead, we just push buyers directly to our merchants. We make money from advertising and extra services. Also, if a merchant wants a more powerful store, we sell upgraded stores with great features.

Employee and Charity Owned

In the end, every person in our companies is an owner, as we are a new kind of corporation as well.

We are a BESOP Corp. That’s a Beneficial Employee Owned S-Corp for the layperson. In short, everyone that works with the company owns a piece of the company. Plus, part of our company is owned by a nonprofit, which allows us to push profits directly, tax-free, to a variety of charity programs, you can learn more, click here.

Lastly, our founders, executives, and employees have all agreed to cap their earnings to at five million per family member after-tax, leaving the rest to charity use. So at no point will this company make billions and waste them, every dime possible will be pushed to the people that need it the most.

Better Shopping, and a Better World, Not Billions

In part, we do this by not charging our merchants high fees, other companies charge 15-20% or more, which raises the prices the merchants must share with buyers.

In the real world, many malls charge such high rents and a percentage of sales, for the convenience of many shops in one place for buyers, but at the expense of merchants which is passed to the buyers at high prices. Our pricing is not done this way. We charge for actual value delivered only. Not a pile of profit as well. So our merchants pay affordable stores and manageable on-demand service fees.


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