Membership Master SAAS*


A Simple And Easy To Use Script For Protecting Membership Site’s And Files


Do You Have The IQ Of a Genius?

Looking To Use Some of the Membership Platforms?

Then You Need Our Software!

If you have ever tried to install and set up a membership platform then you need the IQ of a genius to get started. Different levels to be set, different access points, set up the delivery, login, rights. It goes on and on.

All I wanted was a simple solution, just click and go. Upload the software and start protecting and building your site within just an hour.

How Amazing Would That Be:

  • Upload the software
  • Add a few settings
  • Protect your content

Introducing Membership SAAS Master Tool

You Can Protect Anything From:

    • Zip files
    • Plugins
    • Ebooks
    • Any download

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