Merchant Approval

Merchant Approval Program

Let’s Make a Lot of Sales Together

Our goal is to deliver a “Mahalo Branded Shopping Experience” for our valued shoppers. We want shoppers to remember our marketplace for quality, reliability, fast delivery, and a great shopping experience.


Partnership Expectations

The relationship Mahalo.Market seeks with merchant partners;

  • Who can apply to be a merchant;
  • What we expect from our merchants;
  • What merchants can expect from us;
  • Steps for becoming a merchant shop owner;
  • A glossary of terminology;

We want our shoppers to share with friends and family, and return to shop for a lifetime.

Our ability to do this starts with developing strong partnerships with our merchants and together finding new ways to deliver on our simple promises;

  • Grateful, Excellent, Merchants, GEMS’;
  • a Fun, Easy, Unique Shopping Experience;
  • Fast merchandise delivery;
  • Full Public Merchant Details & Easy 24/7 Contact;
  • Guaranteed, Fast, After Purchase Support;
  • Fast, Easy, 100% money-back guarantee;

We believe that the ‘Buyer’, like ‘Gold’, is an investment that must be protected at all costs. Happy buyers return and buy more. The above promises kept, ensure buyer confidence, and future sales for all our merchants.

Grateful, Excellent, Merchants

Any merchant can apply… But, we are native, small business, and family-owned friendly..!

To be clear, that’s the deal… we built this marketplace to help these people foremost.

These are the real and ‘necessary business owners’ and their truly ‘essential employees’.

These are the 99% that make the world a better place…

Because our company is a small business, run by natives and minorities. To us, the size of your company matters, for example; if your too “Big” you don’t really need our help, so the products you offer would need to be things we don’t have in the marketplace. That said, we are unlikely to allow “big” merchants to be more than a minority on our platform.

Mega-Brands like Apple do not need help selling, they do that quite well already…

Our goal is to feature a variety of native and smaller merchants, including; KeeTooWah, Hawaiian, Cherokee, Mohawk, Pima, and other indigenous tribes.

In all cases, our bottom line focus is family-owned shops from around the world.

Other things we look for…

  • 25+ Items for Sale (exceptions made for quality brands);
  • A Current Website, Logo, etc. (Real Brands, exceptions for small, native or family biz);
  • Existing Seller Feedback on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.;
  • Passion for excellence;
  • Merchants that are ‘Grateful’ for every sale (the “Mahalo” in our name);


  • BBB Complaints (must be excessive, unresolved, etc.);
  • Excessive Bad Feedback (other marketplace platforms);
  • Hate Groups, Militants, other Distasteful Merchants., or Connected Parties;
  • Restricted Merchandise (“similar to other marketplaces”, see the list);
  • Restricted Parties (see list);

If your company currently sells less than $150 million annually, or you have less than 100 employees, come join us for a ‘family’ merchant experience. If you are bigger than this, please inquire.

Ethics Drive Success

Mahalo.Market expects approved merchant partners, to be guided by the highest ethical and legal standards. It is absolutely critical that our standards be upheld in all of our business relationships as well.

For more, see our Credo; click here

As part of our commitment to upholding the highest ethical and legal standards, Mahalo.Market has established the; ‘Mahalo Desk‘ for use by our by team members, business partners, merchants, and shoppers.

  • You can remain anonymous if you wish;
  • Anyone can report;

Use the ‘Mahalo Desk‘ to report any unethical activity.

Our support staff is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


Give a Damn, Care About These Things…

Being respectful of our shoppers, maintaining quality listings, a positive working relationship with shoppers, and marketplace support is required.

For more, see our Credo; click here

Below are key expectations, these help to maintain merchant integrity, and  Mahalo.Market’s, integrity.

  • DO NOT speak negatively of Mahalo.Market, or any marketplace support agent;
  • DO NOT speak negatively of other merchants, shops, products, or any related agent;
  • DO NOT speak negatively of Mahalo.Market competitors;
  • DO NOT SHARE our proprietary materials with competitors;
  • DO PLEASE follow all Mahalo.Market “Shopper Service Standards”;
  • DO NOT, while on video chat, with any shopper, the support team, merchant, or vendors do any of the following: chew gum, drink coffee/soda/water, or do any disgusting things please;
  • DO PLEASE recap with a Zone Support Team Leader, regarding any issues addressed, observations, feedback, or any outstanding issues;

Agent Gift Policy

Gift giving is a time-honored tradition among merchants, and we respect this. It is often used as a sign of respect, honor, or meant as a way of saying “Mahalo” (thank you), which we like a lot.

However, to prevent issues, please register all such gifts with a marketplace supervisor. 

We also ask that any gifts given be reasonable, and not overly lavish. Perks are greatly appreciated, but over-generous gifts are discouraged.

As a rule, please limit gifts to no more than 20% of your purchases (ie; a tip).

We fully support the concept of TIPs for a job well done, and we appreciate it when you perk our employees, thank you for your cooperation.

We are looking for merchants that share similar values, and our passion to be the best. This base-point ensures our mutual success, and our ability to ultimately ensure a growing number of ‘Happy Buyers’, routinely shopping at Mahalo.Market.

We are committed to working with our merchants providing the knowledge needed to understand how to build a successful business in our marketplace.

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