MXR-Presentation Re-Roll

Welcome to an Exciting New Era in Marketing

Our world is very different today than it was last year. True for every country on Earth. Moreover, the next year will redefine most services from groceries, school, and travel, to entertainment, and even how we support our customers.

What exactly will the new business format mean for each of us?

Both exciting and challenging, the role humans play, computers, robots, cars, and even watches and glasses play is all skipping a beat and jumping forward a decade all at once.

Now gone or gasping for air, many small business owners are trying to understand the evolving business landscape. With new demands in security, data, and privacy protection, in contrast to giants of the industry using mountains of data, treating customers like cattle waiting to be spoon feed.


We Offer a Cutting-edge, Integrated Solution

At Mahalo.Market, we have been working on a solution for years, that is ready to solve your marketing and sales problems today. While much of this was in development and testing for years, our solution is cutting-edge, and features all the important functions you need to deal with today’s issues;

Imagine an all-new engaging, interactive shopping experience

Touch-less, instant, interesting, and it’s entertaining;

  • Gamified Buyer Reward Points;
  • Gamified Lead Generations;
  • Gamified Product Selection
  • Gamified Reviews;
  • Instant Live Video Calls 24/7;
  • Loaded with Notifications, Call to Action, etc;
  • Transparent Pop-ups Float Midair, etc;
  • Uses Safe Human-Powered Technology;
  • Videos, Images;

OutSmart, and Out Sell with the Latest Tech;

  • Let the Competition Eat Your Dust
  • Make more efficient use of employees
  • Reduce your location overhead expenses
  • Reach your customers where they are
  • Work form your home, the beach, or in your underwear


This is not OPTIONAL, it is CRITICAL today


  1. Could be a DIRECT response to your CURRENT needs;
  2. THIS is ABOUT selling ART;
  3. PEEK at our “2021” plan;


A Special Presentation ~ Special Requirements

More than portable, this solution is designed to go with you connect with a wide variety of emerging technologies.

So, please gather your most trusted and important staff, owners, investors, etc. to share this experience.

  • We guarantee you will want to compare our solution for 2021.
  • We guarantee OUR integrated solution is DISRUPTIVE

This is so important to your business: Frankly, we are concerned how you will sell anything in the days ahead, without a very similar solution.

This is not what you think and it is crazily affordable.

So, please set aside a SPECIAL TIME, with little if any distractions

We promise you will not regret the time you focus on this Super-Powerful Solution


The Recommended Experience

  1. Try to gather at a wall-size smart TV or the “largest” computer display you have;
  2. Verify a solid internet connection, and best Internet speed before you connect;

We will share some links with you…

Please have all the devices opened at the same time, to the designated links;

  1. Zoom – Load Some Tablet
  2. Presentation – For Big Screen
  3. Presentation – For an iPad or 2nd (mobile device)

These links represent parts of a multimillion-dollar marketing machine, we have spent decades collecting, integrating, waiting, and creating to make possible.

What you will see, is a tiny fraction of a much bigger machine, that is aimed specifically at helping you sell more ART.


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