Music and Paradise – C

Music and Paradise

2010 – Robert Lyn Nelson

NFT Tokens = RLN-BAT-C-0000001 —to— RLN-BAT-C-1000000

[RLNBATC0000001 — RLNBATC1000000]

Original Acrylic on Canvas
Painting C of ABCD Set

This painting is one of a very special four-part complete image created by Robert Lyn Nelson.

This art is not shown or recorded in any public record because it is designed for a very specific purpose and this is the first time any of the four pieces have been shown publically.

Painted as a part gift and part business deal link. Robert was determined to craft something special that would memorialize several things.


Four-part painting, gifted to the following people, link them forever:

AA = Alan Arato (Famous Entertainer + Radio DJ)
AR = Ambassador Rodgers (Cherokee Ambassador to the United Nations)
BM = Bruno Mars (Famous Singer and songwriter)
TM = Tom Moffatt (Famous Radio DJ, Promoter, Uncle Tom Show, etc)

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