The Red Rock Network

Gigage Nvya Elohi

Red Rock Network | RRN

The following is a visual representation of the Red Rock Network, or “Gigage Nvya Elohi” in the old KeeTooWah language.


A Closer Look

Our Red Rock Network is designed to push traffic via several intra-network solutions.

Items in BLACK represent “Traffic Black Holes” or ways to drive traffic to our shopping sites. Our Shopping Sites are grouped under Mahalo.Market covering a variety of products and services, and our sister educational functions grouped under the Beneficial Business University of Puerto Rico, as shown above.

FRYD.TV Network

About FRYD.TV Network

FRYD is our broadcasting arm and part of our strategy to keep advertising in-house and a controlled cost item. Think of FRYD as a competition to CBS or ABC for example as our goal is to in effect deliver news and entertainment broadcasting via a variety of venus, many simulcast. Primary programming will be streamed from the FRYD.TV domain.

Considering the now common censoring we see in the social video platforms like Youtube and Shoutcast, we will limit our simulcasting to non-controversial programming. Otherwise, we will offer a simulcast programming package with a global reach.

Live Video Streaming is our Foundation

The following are the TV broadcasting networks we plan to broadcast via…

Social Video Networks

Social Networks can bring big traffic, but impose censorship issues. Following are the networks that we have automated syndication for. This means we can auto-post videos to each of the following on a scheduled basis and with spin titles, etc. for SEO purposes.

..and Blogger, InstaGIB, LiveJournal, MobCrush, Periscope, Smashcast, Tumbler, Twitter

** Our syndication software fans the flames by posting to:

As our videos pick up more views, Google ranks it higher in their search results… sending more traffic and views to the video! Within hours, the video is getting increasing views, so the video sharing websites start placing it at the top of their search results as well, this is a compounding effect..!

New Age TV Broadcasting

TV broadcasting has changed in definition over the last 15 years. From 1965 TV to now on-demand viewing from many possible devices. Our goal is to be available on all available systems, to reach the widest possible audiences. These are newer venues that can be considered private or closed circuit broadcasting.

  • Apple TV
  • FireTV
  • Roku
  • more… to be inserted here

Traditional TV Broadcasting

Not many years ago common over-the-air TV broadcasting changed to HD only and while still available it is not as popular as other alternatives and carries a very high operating cost. The alternatives, we plan to broadcast over, include;

  • CATV
  • Satellite TV

Show / Programming Contracts

There is a large volume of available programming if your offering distribution to start. As we grow, we can offer revenue for syndicated shows on a cash in advance basis. But many producers are competing for air time, and we can offer them commercial income across a wider syndicated reach.

  • Band Champ
  • Children’s Programming (cartoons + special productions)
  • Indie Short Films Syndication
  • Influencer Syndication
  • Mr. Beast Show
  • News Syndication
  • Pageants – Miss + Mrs.
  • Talk Shows


Radio Broadcasting Plan

FRYD.TV is covering bases and reaching into the Radio Broadcasting market as well. First, air time for 4-hour radio talk shows is dirt cheap for the reach.

In Hawaii, we have a strong edge with ur partner Alan Arato bringing direct connections with iHeart Radio, and several other multi-station owners in Hawaii. Alan is a past DJ, and well-known MC, and a performer.

Radio Show Contracts

  • Alan Arato, Hawaii
  • Band Champ Syndication
  • Old Time Radio ~ Classics
  • Talk Radio Syndication
  • Village Music Syndication

Alan has already arranged for time on a shared basis with other radio talk show hosts and we can push our agenda at will via this venue for approximately $10,000 monthly. Reach will be island-wide in any case. We would be able to resell the time in the form of live call-outs to our merchant clients as well.

Alan has also acquired exclusive rights to radio programming that we can use and the “Uncle Tom” radio show as well. Best known for the “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” series.

We believe will contract air-time for “Village Music Syndication” with iHeart and other stations and networks, where we will contract the music on shared commercial syndication. ie; wrapping one or more commercials in feature syndications. The best case here is to insert the village commercials and ask for this to be run under NP to help the villages, try this under a NSF charity program.

TNT Network

Why we Build TNT Networks

A “Targeted Niche Traffic” Network (ie; TNT), is a real-time 2021, Web 2.0 version of the original 1890’s “Press Wire” concept. Specially adapted to the structure of the Internet, and designed to mimic natural “Brand Development” as a process.

click to view

Aside from the tech jargon, the TNT Network is our own “Broadcasting System”, custom-designed to promote via very tightly defined “niches”.

Functionality can be compared to a typical multi-media publication, such as Newsweek, Time Magazine, USA Today, iHeart Radio, etc.

We “Plant-a-Trees” for you

We have an “Evergreen” supply of “Buyer Traffic” specifically generated, and sent specifically to our merchants.

You name the target URL, and we deliver the “Buyers”. People specifically interested in what you want to sell them.

Why Advertising with us is Better

The simple answers.

(1) a lower marketing cost;

(2) a higher quality result;



How Many Visitors are in Your Dream?

This service has a single goal… “Delivers steady monthly buyer traffic to merchant websites”.

While you can drive all that traffic to one page, it is often more realistic to drive traffic to a collection of pages. In particular, if you have an e-commerce store or sell otherwise more than one product.

So in a simple formula, we can drive 1000 visitors daily to any page.


The Business of Marketing

This is a combination of deep marketing a core business, and creating an online niche-specific multi-media publication. So that if our merchant is selling dresses, then we are featuring the latest fashion, criticizing, and promoting our merchant’s dresses alongside celebrity dress pictures, fashion news, etc.

In short, the business of delivering desirable and valuable content to the exact niche that a merchant wants to sell to.

This is not “Rocket Science” and anyone can do this. But it can amount to a business in itself.



Following is the Step-by-Step process we follow to build our TNT Networks.

  1. Persona: We clearly define the PERSONA(s) (target customer profiles) that are the most likely “BUYERS” our merchants need.
  2. Target Marketing: We investigate the best ways to reach these TARGETS. (which social, what topics, trends, etc.)
  3. Keywords: We research KEYWORDS and QUESTIONS to find the TRIGGERS to use when we create content.
  4. Strategy: We develop a strategy to build a presence in the pathways the target customers follow daily.
  5. Content Creation: Create content, articles, posts, videos, images, infographics, checklists, guides, etc. We also focus on the content, if they like something, we know and use that.
  6. Content Spin: We spin from 6-20 versions of core content we created, so we can post all original Material on Web 2.0 accounts. We also manually verify all spun content, we make sure it is still a good read.
  7. Schedule Posts: Set a schedule for “manual” account creation, as we do not use robots for this, and each account with each Web 2,0 is carefully created and populated in a natural way, with original content.
  8. Baby-Steps: Next, simply take baby steps to the goal. This is NOT a race, it is a process that “must” look completely natural to Google.
  9. API Automation: API integrations are set, and automation carefully applied.
  10. Work Report: All work is reported.


More details soon…


Our Foundations | Experience & Case Studies

Inquiring minds will ask about case studies and other foundations for this strategy.

To be honest, that’s the very point. This “formula” is completely based on a combination of Internet experience started with the building of three of the very first websites in 1993, and the detailed study, and careful breakdown of countless strategies, formulas, and case studies since that time.

The truth, anyone can do this, the information is publicly available.

We found so many secrets, we created a special website just to keep track, you can use it now, and you can also see the following “Case Studies”, a small snippet of our base collection.

SEOpedia Case Studies




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