Search Engine Detector


A simple way to detect spider visits automatically and notify you by email.


Discover When Your Website Gets Spidered By The Major Search Engines

So You Can Target Your Site Updates For Maximum Benefit

Do you regularly update your websites to make them more attractive to the search engines?

Did you realize that your wasting a lot of time and effort in doing this?

Search engines send out “spiders” that crawl through websites in order to find all the web pages so they can be listed on the search engine.

This update can result in a site being added or removed from the listings as well as affecting its position in search results.

So if you regularly update your site, you need to update it in-between spider visits. Updating at any other time is just a waste of time and effort.

But how do you know that a spider has visited your site?

Search Engine Detector offers a simple way to detect spider visits, automatically notifying you by email that a spider visited.

This can save you unnecessary work, while allowing you to optimize your sites for search engine benefits.

Search Engine Detector makes it easy to detect search engine spiders on any website you own.


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