axr360 Signup Issue

NOTE: Our new APP works without. a problem as we can see, but the Game site is having issues, will be fixed in the next few days.


axr360 Games Release

Launched to drive merchant independence and profit, the FRYD.TV Network has harnessed the enjoyment of gaming, shopping, and information into one virtual experience in ways that will benefit both you and our world.

The Art of Quantum Cognition in life and business is defined as the ability of the people in an organization to transform strategic vision into unmatched financial reward by refocusing traditionally profitable business activities into a cutting-edge disruptive business model.


The Team Behind This

The “founders’ of axr360 Games are a group of; artists, inventors, software developers, merchants, and founders of several companies.


Soft-Release Notice

While we planned to do a full release today, however, we have run into several delays. Including staff shortages, noting this division of our company is in a startup phase, so most of our staff have other jobs to pay the bills while we build things.

But we refuse to pressure our staff, they are all fine people. Mahalo for understanding.

So, please consider this a “Soft-Release” you can download our APP and install, for a gaming experience.

NOTE: We will be new parts of our network daily now through the end of the month.


Learn More This Project

Since this project is directly integrated into its sister project, you can learn more at Mahalo.Market

Visit “Mahalo.Maket” website – click here

Visit “Mahalo.Market” About – click here

Visit “Mahalo.Market” Founders – click here

Get the axr360 Games App (Android) – click here  **APK see below

See the HTML5 Mobile Phone Page – click here


Why Our Apps Are NOT on Apple or Google Stores

You may have noticed the news in the last year… We have been a company longer than Google or Apple, and we will not allow them to in any way CENSOR any of our business, communications, etc.

So the fact is, there is absolutely no difference between using our APK install compared with Apple or Google Stores.

Just a few extra steps to install, PROTECTS US ALL from evil corporations that censor even important members of the American political structure.

So, you can rest assured you will never find us in the Google or Apple Stores, they are NOT a necessary evil, they are just evil.

Mahalo for understanding, and remember, our goal is to increase communications transparency, etc. The exact opposite of these companies, and many others like Twitter, FB, YT, etc. all censoring like they have the right to control our communications, wrong..!


How to Install and APK

APK installations work in Android 8.0 Oreo, it hasn’t changed since.

This is how to install APKs on all modern versions of Android:

An APK kit is the same App as you download from the Android marketplace;

The ONLY difference, you must self-install;

Why an APK? – You know Apple, Google will censor your access;

You can trust ALL APPs downloaded from the Mahalo.Market we verify them;

Download the APK file:

You now have two choices;

1. Click on the completed download in your mobile browser;

2. Navigate to your Download folder using a file browser app

Android will ask you to grant permission to install the app;

Grant the permission, it will bounce you back to the install screen;

If not, navigate back to the Download folder, and try again;

The app will safely install;

Your APP installation will work like any other app you download;

You can find the icon in the app drawer, open the app, use as any APP;


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