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If you’re here, you want to become an online merchant.

Great, because this program is designed specifically to help you on such a journey. Unlike normal college or university education, with this program, you start with nothing, finish a “Merchant” with your own online SHOP.

As far as we know, this is the only program of its type in the world.

As a Mahalo.Market first, we are anxious to select and train new students. However, this program can only accept a limited number of students. We estimate that we can do this for up to 3000 students after which, our inventory of products may be depleted, of course, we acquire new products for this program monthly, so the actual limit is unknown.

Please complete the form below;



    Due to the limited nature of this program, we will look first to students that present a compelling case for why they wish to participate. Tell us your story with as much color as possible. The best stories will be rewarded with a scholarship covering the total cost of this program.

    So, if you’re as excited as we are, fill in the blanks above, we look forward to hearing your story.

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