Startup Merchant Steps

Startup Merchant Steps

This program is designed to take you from just owning and knowing how to use a computer… build on this to help you build a reliable income-producing online business in approx 90 days’ time. Of course, the time required is up to you and how fast you complete each step of the process.

This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme, so forget money falling out of the sky into your lap. That is not what will happen here. Instead, we will show you how to build something very real, and how to keep growing it, and your income with each effort you make.

So, you will work for each step, and you will reap the rewards you work for, that is our promise.

The Basic Plan

The process actually involves a lot of ‘Baby-Steps’ but these are the four main components:

  1. Choose a Niche
  2. Build a Website
  3. Get Visitors to Your Website
  4. Earn Revenue From Sales

Of course, this is overly simplified, and if it were actually as easy as the above sounds, then everyone would do it, and there would be no opportunity. Fortunately for you, this is not the case. The above steps mislead in that they gloss over hundreds of steps that are required to start and maintain your business.

In reality, the real steps are detailed in the following text.

Follow These Steps to Success

  1. Buy a Domain Name
  2. Buy Website Hosting Services
  3. Connect Your Domain to Your Hosting Account
  4. Install a Pre-Built WordPress Website
  5. Begin Your Website Backup + Recovery Plan
  6. Install Plugins – WordPress Superpowers
  7. Upgrade WordPress to Multisite
  8. Add a Store Website – Install WooCommerce

Let’s Get Started

While these steps are easy by themselves and most people, and even children have done this without supervision. So there is no need to fear the process. Instead, take each step as a building lock and understand that we have worked to make this as easy as we can. That said, many steps can be removed from the equation and are, when you join our ‘Startup Merchant Program’.

Step-1: Buy a Domain Name

Let’s start with some smart ideas about buying a domain name. Things like how to choose and how to save money.

  • How to choose your domain name
  • Where to buy your domain name
  • The domain control management system
  • How many years to pay for
  • Auto-Renew – Yes/No

Step-2: Buy Website Hosting Services

This part is critical, choose wisely or endure the pain. The author has used countless hosts since 1993, so a bit of advice will save you tons of frustrations. Before you can build a website, you must have a place to put your website files so that people will be able to get to your website. This is why you will need a company to “HOST” your domain name. This simply means they are connecting your domain to the Internet.

The following are important things to consider when selecting a hosting company.

  • Too Cheap – Too Good to be True
  • Control Panel Selection
  • Backups
  • Security + SSL
  • Host Support Response Time

Step-3: Connect Your Domain to Your Hosting Account

Now that you have a domain name and have selected a hosting company, connecting your domain name to your hosting company is mostly accomplished by completing a registration form with the hosting company. They will handle the technical stuff for you on that side of the equation.

However, what they will NOt DO is connect the domain name itself to them (the hosting company). That is NOT within their control in this case. Therefore you will need ot handle this.

Step-4: Install a Pre-Built WordPress Website

Step-5: Begin Your Website Backup + Recovery Plan

Step-6: Install Plugins – WordPress Superpowers

Step-7: Upgrade WordPress to Multisite

Wanna Skip The Above StepsClick Here

Step-8: Add a Store Website – Install WooCommerce

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