Strategy | The No-Fail Startup

Strategy | The No-Fail Startup

The Startup Merchant Program; BOSS LEVEL

The following is an accelerated twist of perhaps the most reliable and successful income strategy for “Startup Affiliate Marketing”.  It’s is based on the simple concept of combining small trickles of visitor traffic from a collection of niche websites.

This method is inexpensive to set up, when you follow the simple, 1-2-3 steps, and have a small budget for pre-built websites.

Resulting Income, $100+ Daily

IT IS EASY to manage 100 WEBSITES when they are 90-100% automated. *1

  • 100 Websites, Each Making $1.00 Daily from Affiliate Sales Commissions;
  • All the Websites, Managed From a Central Control Panel;
  • All the Websites 90-100% Automated;
  • All the Website Marketing 90-100% Automated;
  • 20 Hours of Monthly Website and Marketing Management;
  • Daily Visitor Traffic – 200+ Each Website (20,000 Daily Visitors);

Ideal Startup Budget

  • 100 Pre-Built Websites $15 to $50 each;
  • Paid WordPress Automation Plugins – $1,000+;
  • Reliable Hosting – $50-99 Monthly;

Total = $3,700 to 7,500+ (year one)

ROI = 4.86 to 9.86, or $150 (per hour invested monthly)

NOTE: The ‘Return on Investment’ above is based on an artificially low visitor CTR (click-through rate), ie; xx%, where you will see some more realistic CTR examples for your inspiration.


How This Works

Building, managing, and marketing a network of 100 websites is easy when you follow this step-by-step process:

Step 1: Install 101 New Websites

Since you want a strong system that can manage a number of websites, this is the only logical configuration:

  1. Install One WordPress Multisite Network;
  2. Install a Collection of WordPress Plugins (Free and Paid);
  3. Deploy One WooCommerce eCommerce STORE;
  4. Deploy 100 Niche Websites on the Network;
  5. Configure a STORE Button, from Each Niche Website;

Step 2: Build The Marketing Core 

You need people to come to visit your website so that you can present things they will want to buy. You also need methods to generate traffic that does not depend on search engines:

In this section, we develop the marketing syndication system:

  1. Configure a full spectrum of social accounts, for each of your 100 websites;
  2. Configure Auto Social Posting (plugin), posts each time you add a POST or PRODUCT;
  3. Configure Daily New Article Posting System, do not schedule, see step 4;
  4. Collect and configure 250-1000+ Pages of niche content to each Niche Website;
  5. Store Products: Begin creating social post streams; memes, videos, etc. (5-10, for each for Sale);
  6. Niche Websites: Begin creating social post streams; memes, videos, etc. (5-10-25-50, for each);

Step 3: Add The Products

Now you need to enter some products for sale.

  1. Configure Affiliate and Dropshipping Accounts;
  2. Select niche products to match your 100 niche websites;
  3. Load products into the STORE at approx 100+ per day maximum (Target = 10,000+ );

NOTE: Do not skip step #2 to come here, the value lost is not replaceable. Doing it in this order will result in losing hundreds if not thousands of marketing posts drive by the setup done in step #2.

Step 4: Marketing Automation

You need people to come to visit your website so that you can present things they will want to buy. You also need methods to generate traffic without depending on search engines, and we will provide the needed data, the tutorials, and the tools needed.

In this section, we kickstart a daily stream of visitor traffic with (clickbait):

Schedule (Auto-Post one every 3-6 hours for each below)

  1. Content Posting: Post new niche content to each Niche Website;
  2. Websites Promotion: Social streams; memes, videos, etc. ;
  3. Products Promotion: Social streams; memes, videos, etc.;


By The Numbers

This plan MAKES NO SENSE with only 1-2 WEBSITES.

But with 100 websites, it adds up to $6,000 per month. With an average of only 50 daily visitors per website. *1

  • Just 20 WEBSITES at $2.00 DAILY each, will make $40 DAILY, or $1,200 MONTHLY.
  • Making $2 DAILY from ONE WEBSITE does not require search ranking.
  • 100 WEBSITES making just $1.00 DAILY is $100 DAILY.

With the proper setup website and quality traffic, it can take just 20 to 50 visitors to make $1.00 to $5.00 just from AFFILIATE AD CLICKS (not counting sign-ups or product/service sales).

  1. MOVIE TRAILERS WEBSITE: The owner received only 20 VISITORS and ONE AD CLICK, that one ad click made $1.52. It takes 3 ADV CLICKS to make $4.50.
  2. DUCKBIRD: for August 2021, 22,700 PAGE VIEWS, 301 CLICKS, destination-driven traffic, Facebook channel, Youtube account, with many playlists, no other promotions, wired revenue system is broken. Based on no. #1 above, this should net approx $457 to $1,752 mo.
  3. DATING WEBSITE: The owner received only ONE SIGNUP up in 10 DAYS from only 60 VISITORS (6 visitors per day), He got paid $50 COMMISSION, which converts to $5.00 PER DAY for 10 days, from just the 60 VISITORS.
  4. GOLF WEBSITES: The owner received only 104 PAGE VIEWS, 9 CLICKS, and it made $12.62 PROFIT. That’s from only 104 visitors that day, only 9 ad clicks. $6 from 52 visitors.

Quote “From my experience, it’s easier to make $1 a day from 100 sites ($100 a day) than making $100 from 1 site. When I started I was making $900 per month from my 100 sites with zero work, each site made about only 30 cents per day, from accidental visitors”.



  1. An Experiences Affiliate Marketing Consultant
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