Mother’s Day Surprise

The Mother’s Day Surprise

Aloha Team Mahalo, Friends, and Clients…

Marileen and I have been keeping a little secret…!!!


Marileen is officially going to be a mother.

24 weeks

But here it is Mather’s Day, and we decided it’s a good day to share the good news…!!!

Well, it’s official there is just so much work to be done, the Creator is sending us another angel to help us reach the finish line that much faster…

Yay..!!! Coming soon, baby Rodgers…!

Our Little Family

We live full-time in a Class A Motorcoach for now…

Our Pay it Forward lifestyle is minimalistic, we are on a sort of sabbatical, out connecting with the land, our native peoples, and we made a decision some years ago to “UNHOOK” from the world for a while (rat race) “so to speak”.

To live more with the land, like our ancestors… well not exactly, we have. a more “Glamping Luxury Version”, but a similar idea anyway, just the modern version.

The idea was/is simple, live a “Pay it Forward Lifestyle”, and we have achieved most of it… We started by cutting the cords, we have no electric meter, no water meter…


We have over 80 top-quality, resort-class RV parks across the uSA that we call home 365 days a year (full time), for a reasonable lifetime membership.

We get all the water, power, and other utilities we need, plus we get… pools, hot tubs, tennis, even saunas all included with our membership.

UPDATE: Friday, Oct 15, 2021

UPDATE: Friday, Oct 15, 2021

Thousand Trails, otherwise known as Equity Life Styles

This horrible company has screwed us from the start. We tried to be patient, to work things out with them, etc. But they have damaged our coach multiple times see the worst here, click:

Thor’s Hammer vs. Gulf Stream..!!

The above was actually the second major damage, things only got worse, harassment, elder abuse, trespass, mail fraud… the list goes on.

We were forced to put them on notice and request that they address the matter at hand, click here

That letter was delivered to the South Jetty Manager on the Date shown.

Due to a new offense against us, in June, we reserved the paper and took video, to which they responded by putting a disturbance notice on our account, and a nasty letter.

Well today, Friday, Oct 15, 2021

The company, against the advice of the property manager, canceled our current reservation and all pending into 2022, forced the manager to come to tell us =we had to leave immediately, then no warning 2:00 pm. They are doing this, because of the f=damage they did to our couch and rather than taking care of it.

Naturally, this causes us even greater harm, Marileen is due to deliver. in days, and our fully paid membership, and our patience with the company, has come to this. Naturally, we are planing a very elaborate lawsuit, but in the meantime, the resort home that we paid good money for is craped, and we have been screwed again.

Fortunately, the Creator takes care of us, so we will let him provide the answers and do our work as usual.

Of course, we also “Dry Camp” (no-hook-ups) for weeks at a time in places like you see in the pics here, and on beaches, alongside lakes, always, we have still the full comforts of even a dishwasher. This is a fully self-powered, live anywhere coach.

On that note, anywhere includes people allowing us to stay in awesome places with them at secluded farms and ranches, golf courses, wineries, and of course, our vast family of native reservations too, so many incredible places, too many to list them all.

Even, plays nicely for the baby too, we will simply park on a reservation, near the tribe midwife, and we’re good to go.

Naturally, our lower overhead, allows us to be more generous too. See by living a “Pay it Forward Lifestyle”, we figured the more we save, the more savings we can pass on to our team and our clients.

The Rodgers Family Reloaded…

  • Marileen ~ (mommy)
  • Surprise ~ (baby ??? coming soon)
  • the DuckBird ~ (celebrity/superhero)
  • Sir Grey ~ (celebrity/spinmaster – flying the friendly skies of Oregon)
  • and the Ambassador ~ (happy papa) writer more
    .Photo of our Director of Public Relations, Marileen Rodgers. She is wearing a green flannel jacket with a t-shirt. She is at the beach, with rocks behind her. She is doing a Shaka sign with her right hand.
  • Lady, Tweety, Toucan, Pokeeta, Lucy, and Chocolate
    ~ (the band of little angels that follow us)
  • Zoe (Marileen’s skinny bikini model ~ gets easily broken up)

Cool Enough to Share

So, because we love this lifestyle we have also redesigned our companies to make it comfortable for any of our team members to also enjoy a similar lifestyle.

Our President does this too, and soon others. The beauty of our new age of digital business.

We are able to be UNPLUGGED, and still have unlimited high-speed internet, unlimited movies, tons of room, a huge basement, the beaches, forests, lakes, rivers, hiking, and the campfires are all so lovely and memorable.

Soon, we will have our retrofitting done and the motorcoach will make its own water extracted from air, have an additional wind power system for power, and it will incinerate all waste, so we will no longer require hook-ups at all.

In short, we are closer and closer to the “Green Machine” we visioned years ago…

  • Our current “Carbon Footprint” is less than 10% of the average;
  • Our insurance, food, dining out, everything is cheaper;

Lower Cost of Living = Less Stress

Of course, it costs a lot to set up to start, we chose to pay cash for the motorcoach, mobile office, mobile internet, and upgraded to have even a dishwasher for convenience, etc.

This year we will relicense the motorcoach and cars for the last time in our lifetime. Thereby eliminating that cost so only insurance after that, cheap also because we drive less overall, no work commute, no city or traffic driving.

Our “Pay it Forward” travel lifestyle is in the blood.

The KeeTooWah (Cherokee) have been doing this for 1000’s of years… we are just enjoying a bit more comfortable version.

Who knows, you may like to try someday.


A New Baby Means a Bigger Plan

Looking forward we had already been planning a major upgrade. Now we are advancing our plans a bit, so that in a couple of years, we will upgrade to a shipboard lifestyle and travel the open seas, with a larger ship using it as the world base for the World Indigenous Nations Council.

We all have dreams, we dream bigger about ways to make a better world.

A ship like this will let us carry 100-200 diplomats at a time,

So we work toward world peace on a larger scale.

• • •

We have detailed plans to move from having turned our motorcoach into a Green Machine as noted above, we can do the same with a ship. The biggest operational costs are fuel, water, and waste management. We will use the wind to replace fuel costs, converting wind to liquid fuel from water, again pulling water from the air, incinerating waste, etc.

The ship itself will be a retrofitted cruise ship similar to the above. The cost range for this size ship in good working condition is approx $10-20m and operational costs considered, we will be operating an onboard casino to cover operations, and use two annual winner takes all $50,000,000 play-offs to fund our operations.

Not an uncommon strategy actually, 100 players, one million to onboard, two weeks all expenses paid, and you play. One player walks away with a $50,000,000 prize pot, we keep $50,000,000 to over-pay the crew, operate the ship, and feed the poor, etc.

• • •

Meanwhile, for the other 11 months of the year, we can move people, cargo, and ideas around the world at virtually no cost, paid by the gamblers of course. So in the end, we live for very little on a bigger global playing field, still enjoying a Pay it Forward lifestyle.

• • •

Speaking of “Pay it Forward” — What’s your dream? Can we help? We work to make a better world for all. But, it starts with the little things, like helping you make your business more successful.

Short of cash? Don’t let that stop you, we can finance. We want to see every family own a small business, the best way to build and protect your financial future. Let us help.

• • •

Dustin F. Rodgers, A.G. Ret.
Ambassador to the U.N.
for the KeeTooWah (Cherokee) West Terra
President, World Indigenous Nations Council (WIN)
Chairman FRYD.TV,
JingleSPOT, Mahalo.Market, and axr360 Games


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