What’s up in Who-ville, and what do they Say..?

There is this big story some of it you know, so much to tell, how should it go..?

Image Santa + Video PlayTelling this big story… we thought long and hard, how to use things that you already know… to put on a big show.

Remember, it’s Christmas you know…

So we thought a lot about what you need to know, then we decided first to go with some old things that you know, adding some new things… that you just have to know..!

What follows this cute little scroll, comes from a Christmas long, long ago.

INTRODUCTION - Buckle your seat belts, and journey with me.


YES, YES, I know, you may actually think, this is a silly way to go…

But as you will soon see… this is really not, about you or me..!

It, is really much bigger you see…

and let me just add… that this story will wrap all things up, in a blanket so comfy, and not at all old.

A blanket made not, with some Silver and Gold, but with something better… Humanity.

Let us say, that concepts from an older day… often they did “Pay it Forward”, and so will we…

Now from this point forward, we have a mission… global we go, just so that you know.

Because as you will soon see, the only way for Whos like you and me, is to…

~ “Be the Change You Want to See”

which brings us to the changes you came to see…!!


So, buckle your seat belts and journey with me,

This will be a ride to remember, you’ll see…

Like most good Christmas stories, there is a big bad goof, known to you and me as the grouchy Grinch… to the right as you see.

He is the one who would steal Christmas he thinks… and as you know, he would take all of these things… from each Who, even all the good Whos, we know.

But, it’s Christmas as you know…

and the Grinch simply must not win, so let the stories begin…


CHAPTER TWO - The 2nd Christmas Story


Thinking and Planning, the Time is Now Here…

As we can see Mr. Grinch has been quite busy… planning and working bringing such tears and fears to so many Whos in Who-ville… some so close we can see.

His job well done in recent years…

Indeed, it is so hard to choose his best work;

  • Was it the homes foreclosed in twenty oh eight;
  • The lean economy followed by bankruptcies, so many meeting such fate;
  • Or maybe the 79,000 spies in so many great Who-ville industries;
  • Perhaps it was the henchmen in the Grinch’s old basement, hacking and breaking many Who-ville companies and all the Who-ville government;
  • Or was it compromised machines voting the next Great and powerful “King of Sleepy old Who-ville”?

Regardless, we know with all of this, the Grinch, working his magic quite early, ordering the closing of each business all around… drowning the merchants of the once-great… Who-ville town.

Business by business, month by month until the one thing running, the almighty and Great Grinch Machine, so carelessly devouring all Whos in its path, set to deliver “necessary things”, all shiny and bright, with nothing made right, and that’s just not right..!!

The Grinch, smirks and thinks…
“broken toys are so naughty, its’ so very nice”

While, every once happy and nice not-necessary merchants in Who-ville, dare not work, hug, or sing, they must ask no questions and complain they must not, today they simply do not disobey.

Giving Mr. Grinch everything he might say each bright new day.


The Whos are quite worried, and restless they are…

It has been a bad year, after many so far…

Who families in masks, scraping at pennies, with not so many gifts for any.

Whos stay at home, and always indoors, you know how it goes, fearing a bit of more news. Whos no longer happy, with kids staying home, so no time alone.

It’s likely true, so many Whos are set to lose…

At this moment, Whos each one…

they can feel that the brew is not done, but it’s not a good stew, not even for a Who.

While it’s a sad day in Who-ville, but changes all-new… are coming quite soon.


Not all Whos are Alike…

There some Whos, they call Crazy Who, not like any other Whos in Who-ville, quite different indeed.

So one brave little Who working through the night to fight, she shares one idea, and the Whos they do like.

Another protesting Who works feverishly for years, deep his secret workshop, over the years, he toils day and night to re-write… a sad Christmas eve… planning to turn New Year quite bright.

You may even know, or you might have a hint…

YES, the reclusive Who in this story is just me.

Really quite different, stopping for nothing, this Who climbs 10,000 steps…on a quest, changing the Whos pieces of ‘coal’ into Whos’ hopes and dreams come quite true.

Like a fine Gold… from deep within his great workshop… comes the “Mighty, and Magical Marketplace”, always playing nice music, making the Whos sing, again and again. Now officially calling for the New Year to begin.

Soothing a beast-like Grinch, our marketplace music will bring in… a grand New Year, with little to fear, hope, and good cheer.

Soon each Who, in the great town of Who, will know for true, that all Grinches… can in fact be beaten.


CHAPTER THREE - a Cosmic Event and a New Year to see


Really a simple 1-2, and 3, will make us all Free…

a Cosmic Event, a New Year to see

My plan is so simple and so sweet, it took a lot more than a whole week.

Tweaking and thinking, and tweaking again, and again. this solution is infectious and will go viral… sharing, again and again, great blessings coming with each grin.

The benefits are so very clear, and the time is so near.

With many Whos talking and singing decades they have, to proclaim the dawning of a new age;

The Age of Aquarius

While on the surface, 2021 definitely does not feel like just another turn of the calendar page… and with good reason. A completely new era is on the horizon. After 400 years, now in just hours, the “Age of Aquarius” comes into full glory..!

In a monumental cosmic event, on December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will each align into the great  “House of Aquarius” for the first time in nearly 400 years.

This historic event is referred to by NASA as the “Christmas Star“.

Yep, this star will be visible — be sure to look southwest about 30 minutes after sunset. This is the first time since 1623 that he biggest planet in the solar system and the ringed planet will be this close

This foretold event, “known as a great conjunction” heralds in the “Official Age of Aquarius”.


So what does all this mean, for you and for me..?

Aquarius is the sign of innovation, technology, and revolution. Aquarian energy tends to put the light on logical thought, innovative growth, and collective well-being.

More specifically a spotlight on humanitarian issues, because Aquarius is of course the chief sign of humanitarians.

With the dawning of this great age of Aquarius, we have seen rapidly growing in number, most incredible “Moonshots”, one after another, building month and year, after another with great speed.

Let’s take a sneaky little peek…

2002 – The First Personal Digital Assistant, “SIRI” by Google;
2004 – Facebook, 2.6 billion active users per month (connecting 1/3 of the planet);
2005 – Youtube, The rise of personal video broadcasting, streamed Free;
2007 – The first touchscreen smartphone, iPhone;
2010 – A.I. Wins Jeopardy, IBM Watson;
2017 – The First Self-Driving Car (No Safety Driver), Waymo;

** Moreover, globally, knowledge is expected to increase 300%+ over the next 5 years.


CHAPTER FOUR - This is our Moonshot


This is our Moonshot, right here, and right now…

This is an age where both entrepreneurs and scientists are able to go 10x farther, 10x faster than ever before.

For 2021, Mahalo.Market brings world-changing things;

To Shoppers we bring;

  • 100% Money-Back Happy Customer Guarantee;
  • A first online marketplace designed 100% for the disabled;
  • Easy shopping, easy returns, and wishlists;
  • Gamification, competitions, prizes, and more;
  • Small family-owned shops from around the world;
  • Special treatment and offers to frequent shoppers;
  • Special deals and discounts, coupons, and ways to save;
  • Transparency, names, and numbers of all Merchant known;

To Merchants we bring;

  • 100% Disability Compliance to Merchant Websites – and it’s FREE
  • Advanced Affiliate marketing built right in;
  • Free display advertising to make sure they win;
  • Free press releases, to talk-up the Merchants all the world around;
  • Guaranteed buyer traffic, to each Merchant we actually give;
  • Integrate Accounting system, to save Merchants’ cash;
  • Integrated Project management, to manage things right;
  • Relief from hundreds of billions in lawsuits, before they have to fight;
  • Social and video marketing platforms, that work almost alone;
  • Transparency, names, and numbers of all Buyers actually are known;

And to all we bring;

  • 24/7 live support stands by for questions, problems, or ideas;

There is of course much more, to see; click here


The Age of Aquarius and Mahalo.Market

Our principle founder (Ambassador Rodgers) is the quintessential Aquarian. Calling for independence, peace, prosperity, love for humanity, common fellowship, social idealism, and a purging of the toxic energies hiding truth and transparency from us all.

The Mahalo.Market answers this call, with the first online marketplace to offer 100% transparency in the business between shop owners and buyers. Encouraging each to directly interact and pursue mutually beneficial transactions.

Our marketplace only manages transactions, merchants receive funds paid instantly, without delay to their Stripe merchant account.

This model is in complete contrast to the a-typical online marketplace where merchants can be “banned” for direct communications with buyers.

In our model, merchants build their own customer base, while also sharing that customer base with other participating merchants. Much like a conventional (physical) mall in your local market.

Merchants also manage their own financial affairs, for example taking payment and managing returns directly.

Also unlike other marketplaces, the Mahalo,Market “does” direct promotion on behalf of its merchants, with press releases, video, and social promotions.

Mahalo,Market even guarantees buyer traffic to merchant listings.

Mahalo,Market also provides merchants with many valuable marketing tools, free accounting, free project management, free social management tools, and much more, all designed to save the average merchant over $1000 on monthly software costs.

This is the direct result of a vision, that has taken half a lifetime to bring to fruition. A vision based on sharing and caring, moreover the idea that “Pay it Forward” can drive a business model to success.

So naturally, first and foremost, Mahalo.Market is designed to “Pay it Forward” in many ways.

Starting with FREE, anyone can afford a FREE shop. Ensuring anyone can be successful from the start.

Better, Mahalo.Market offers a “Startup Merchant Program” designed to take a student from “newbie” to a successful merchant in 90-to-120 days, and will let the student walkaway with a profitable online store.

The cost, of course, is totally FREE..!


Pay it Forward

What does this really mean?

Simple, our founders wanted to give without concern of a direct return. So, Mahalo.Market does just that, we give every day, but we do not know exactly where the dollar vested, becomes a dollar earned.

It is when we give $100, or when we received it?

The timing blurs a bit, sort of like the chicken and the egg question.

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