THE SECRET FORMULA - A simple, powerful equation guaranteed to help you sell

The Secret Formula = {a.R+E.+(g+R*r.A)*H.i+v.C+W*X.r/a.A}

A simple, powerful equation guaranteed to put you ahead of the rest;

    • Augmented Reality [A.R.]
    • Ecommerce Shopping [E.S.]
    • Gamification
    • Retargeting
    • Robotic Automation [R.A.]
    • Human Intelligence [H.I.]
    • Video Chat [V.C]
    • Webinars
    • Xtended Reality [X.R.]
    • Accounting and Analytics  
      40%+ more SALES *

A crazy cool experience… Bet on it..!

We can empower your sales today.


HOW TO USE - Get first to market attention and sales, NOW

How to Use this Technology


Using this cutting-edge technology…

No need to travel anywhere.

BUYERS and SELLERS can go… LIVE from anywhere, 24/7.

Looking for that secret weapon for more sales..?

This wraps a “Virtual Sale” end-2-end… Seamlessly..!

Engage prospects with cutting-edge technology, and let them;

    • EXPERIENCE your Gallery from Home
    • TRY your art instantly, on walls around their home
    • PLAY with your art using Gamification Technology


OUR TECHNOLOGY - Interactive A.R.X.R Selling

Interactive Virtual Tour n’ Sell

AR Virtual E-Commerce Shops

This secret super-seller technology delivers a completely different shopping experience.

With this technology, we can deliver that extra edge over your competition, today.

Unlike your typical store, this technology starts with an engaging 360 virtual taste of your store.

Or if you have no physical location, we can create a unique, affordable, A.R.X.R experience.

What happens next, is the latest technology at work…

Never seen before, this goes beyond a cool experience, to help you make a sale right there, live, no need to go anywhere… an order can be placed on the spot.

Looking for a secret weapon for more sales….

We got your back..!


LEAN MEAN SELLING MACHINE - Powerful Remote Selling Technology

A Powerful Remote Selling Machine..!

Touchless, instant, interesting, and entertaining;

    • Uses Safe Human-Powered Technology;
    • Let Your Competiton on Zoom, Eat Dust;
    • OutSmart, and Out Sell with the Latest Tech;
    • Protects your art from digital theft too;

Engage inside the A.R.X.R Experience with;

    • Interactive CTA;
    • Videos, Images;
    • Buttons, Texts;
    • Pop-ups, etc;
    • Live Video Calls;
    • Gamification System;
    • and many more exciting tools

Sell inside the A.R.X.R Experience with;

    • eCommerce;
    • UNLIMITED interactive Hotspots;

Generate Leads inside the A.R.X.R Experience;

    • Let Visitors Unlock Rewards, Incentives, and more

Connect with Your Customers and Prospects 24/7;

    • Video Chat, routed to the first Available Agent, even at the beach;
    • Set Appointments in Advance to Tour with your Best Customers;


GAMIFIED SHOPPING - The most engaging experience gets the traffic

Check the Gamification

It would not be Mahalo.Market if there were not some serious gamification to engage your shoppers, and reel in the sale.

During the virtual experience, your shopper can be instantly engaged with the latest gamification techniques…


Engaging and selling Art with Puzzles

This is a classic images puzzle.

The Shuffle Puzzle (also called 15-puzzle, Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square, and many others) is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing.

The task of the puzzle is to collect all the numbers in ascending order: from left to right, starting from the upper left corner.

In this Puzzle, you can compete in speed with players

Play a Game:


ECARDS - Selling Art with event and holiday eCards

Sell Art with eCards

The founders behind Mahalo.Market have been first with many technologies over the years.

Here is another innovative idea, using art in this way, can generate a great deal of cash, and each exposure is a potential sharing event, leading to the greater potential for viral marketing value.

  1. Easily create and sell ecards in your shop.
  2. Buyers will purchase your ecards just like any regular product.
  3. Buyers can easily customize ecard information, make it personalized, and send it to their recipient on any date.
  4. Buyers can send an ecard copy to themselves also for free.
  5. Buyers can update Ecard content information.
  6. Buyers can see Ecard preview on the product, cart, and checkout page.
  7. We can also send customized ecards to Merchants and Shoppers anytime.
    (Useful for Promotional activities, providing any general notifications to users, or for greeting them on occasions.)
    All opportunities to expose your art for sale.



ANALYTICS - We have Advanced Analytics

We Got Analytics Too

How about built-in technology analyzes the behavioral patterns of your visitors…

  • Learn what part of the tour people like;
  • Show that part first to new visitors;

Skyrocket your conversions with ZERO extra work.


RELATED TECH - A variety of Augmented Reality

More Related Technology

  • Talking Wine Bottles


CASE STUDIES - Learn how, where and what happened

Case Studies | Art Sales and AR



SHOP PLANS - Affordable solutions

ar360 Shop Plans



Question | How will you sell without this technology?

This Augmented Reality technology is a part of the all-new Mahalo.Market experience, and might be just the thing you need to close the next big deal.

Remember, this is a brand-new, cutting-edge technology

The added features here like gamification and live video can be found nowhere else but here at Mahalo.Market.

Learn more, ask your Mahalo.Market agent for details, and how to beat your completion hands-down.





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