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  • Get Rich With Blockchain Gaming?
  • Virtual Land is here to stay!
  • Virtual land is selling for millions

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AVATAR - Female look-a-like avatar for Marileen Rodgers, company director

START HERE: with our “Gamified Shopping”…

Pre-Release DEMOs…

  • Demo | Art Gallery and a Shopping Mall
  • Demo | More 360 Games “Samples Only”
  • Hotspots | Options & Pricing (hotspot value)
  • Gamification | a cutting-edge ‘Shopping Experience’
  • Virtual Land | It’s a Really Big Deal..!

Learn About Blockchain from the Experts

You do not need to read any of this, we do all the blockchain work for you.

Learn About Gamification from an Expert – Fun, Enlightening

While we have hundreds of game solutions. axr360 Gamified Shopping is the best starting point because it fixes things for Merchants (drives buyer traffic to their websites), and provides a powerful ADVERTISING solution, which of course generates daily cash income that we share.

  • Therefore, the first games are NOT like video games, think of these working more like the Safeway pull-tab games, updated for 2021.

These games are augmented with rare historical landmarks worlds and then expand into both real-world and virtual geo-caching and other more advanced games.

  • Use your imagination and add 4-kids to see where we are going.
  • We have gamified education solutions that earn the same game rewards.

Want to know more. Maybe you want to catch up on our level of the game world?

For any interested in learning more about gamification and how it works in different applications. Get this free course.

19,000+ students enrolled = 4.6/5.0 stars (2,900+ ratings)

NOTE: While we highly recommend this FREE training… you do not need to learn this either, we handle this part of the deal too.



How our Games Make Money…

Let’s think of this as a step-by-step process…

You DO NOT have to read this either. But here we share the step-by-step process of things. Like exactly how we go about creating Virtual World Games with Hotspots / Blockchain NFTs aka Virtual Land.

FIRST – we create a new game world.

This may be the format seen in DEMOs above or using other formats.

Since this process involves uploading to our servers, some very high-resolution elements, and images, which must be carefully selected, watermarked, and other coding done as well.

The game creation process is a time suck, but there is a sort of artistic element as well.

After Game Creation

Foundation Hotspots are Placed

At this point, the background images, video, or maps have been set.

So the game designers begin adding;

  1. Navigation “Hotspots”
    used to move between panoramic images, or game map images, or VR environments [aka] room to room when used in malls or buildings, etc.
  2. Links to other games in our network, etc.
    generally, we provide for endless loops of play between our games;
  3. Hotspots for POIs (“Points of Interest”) ie; historical or tourist notations, etc.;
  4. Storefront Hotspots – Placed on most applicable commercial locations;


Now, game hotspots are added…

Step-by-Step Hotspot Creation

A creative in every sense, the game designer must find a balance between too many hotspots, plenty of frames/rooms or landscapes, etc.

So considering “Game Theory” guidelines, our game makers carefully:

  1. Place a Hotspot in the game world; (see: hotspots)
  2. Connect hotspot to a “Specific Game URL”;
  3. Use this URL to create a Blockchain ID for the Hotspot (aka) Virtual Land;
  4. Setup a PUBLISHER account at the AD SERVER (Publisher = Hotspot Owner);
  5. Create an AD SPACE;
  6. Paste control CODE into the page at URL #2 above (ie; ad space = Hotspot)

From this point forward:

  1. The BLOCKCHAIN handles “proof of ownership”;
  2. The AD SERVER collects PYMTS from ADVERTISERS;
  3. All PYMT is made DIRECT to the Hotspot owner’s PayPal account;
  4. At the moment of any PYMT processing, a 30% “Hotspot Management Fees” is deducted from the sale by way of “Split-Pay” technology, and net hotspot income is a deposit to the specified PayPal account.


Selling Your Blockchain Hotspot

A Blockchain Transfer

Here we are assuming that a specific “Virtual Land” represented by a BLOCKCHAIN TOKEN is sold by the OWNER to a BUYER.

The following steps would occur:

  1. Purchase the GAME TOKEN at the Opensea Marketplace;
  2. SELLER Transfers the AD SERVER Username + Pass to BUYER;
  3. BUYER logs into the account at AD SERVER and changes OWNER + PAYPAL;
  4. Transfer of both BLOCKCHAIN and Hotspot INCOME now completed.


Automation as an Art Form

An Advertiser Purchasing Hotspot Advertising

Here, we have a Merchant that is setting up a marketing plan, so put-on your ADVERTISER hat and follow along.

The ADVERTISER will follow these steps to place advertising:

  1. Select AD BUYER PAGE; (see our “Live” Ad Server, active since 2011);
  2. Locate Desired – Game | or Select RON (Run of Network ads);
  3. Locate Desired – Hotspot(s) (could be just one, or dozens);
  4. Select CPM or CPC delivery method;
  5. Select any modifiers – Location, devices, etc. (to show the right people);
  6. Set the total number of displays 10, 100, 10,000, etc.;
  7. Paste AD CODE or upload AD image to be displayed;
  8. Advertiser makes PAYMENT;
    The Ad Server collects using Split Pay
  9. A Hotspot management fee 30% deducted;
  10. Net fees are deposited directly to the Hotspot owner’s PayPal account; *
  11. Hotspot owner may log into AD SERVER 24/7 to see stats;

** CPM = 1000 Displays / CPC = Pay for each click

For a project of this type and magnitude, this automation is essential, as it allows us to remove any manual processing, even accounting is eliminated since no money was held for even a moment. (see Split Pay)

Instead, on any sale, a Land Baron payment is made “INSTANTLY” when any ADVERTISER makes a purchase.

This is useful, powerful automation that allows us to be generous with the money this machine generates daily.


click to enlarge


About the axr360 Game Ad Server

The games we create are based on using a variety of tools, which produces a variety of problems we must resolve via automation.

Chief among these, the offering, sale, and collection of payments from advertisers. For this, we use a custom-built AD SERVER because it manages the collection and payment of advertising fees that “Land Barons” receive from ADVERTISERS.

Again, our Hotspots allow merchants to ADVERTISE..!

  • This what a “Land Baron” owns, a “Hotspot” aka “Virtual Land”.

This means that ADVERTISERS will be purchasing the use/rental of hotspots and using them for advertising their products and services.

This is the everyday advertising and marketing process for ADVERTISERS, and as such many commonly use DIY services to place and pay for advertising orders.

The AD SERVER allows us to remove human intervention, we basically automated the selection and payment for the advertising.

  • Try our “Live” Ad Server, active since 2011 – click here
    Note: We have built a completely new Ad Server, 100x more powerful for 2021..!!


A Second, and Very Different Income Model

The above more manual process for the ADVERTISER is contrasted by a very different and “Completely Automated” system for buying advertising.

This alternate way to BUY and SELL sell advertising to ADVERTISERS is known as an RTB system.

Real-time Bidding (RTB) is a means by which advertising inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis, via instantaneous programmatic auction, similar to financial markets. With real-time bidding, advertising buyers bid on an impression and, if the bid is won, the buyer’s ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s site.

RTB replaced the traditional DIY buying model. Promoted as being more effective than static auctions for both advertisers and publishers in terms of advertising inventory sold, though the results vary by execution and local conditions.

Integration into this RTB world is planned for our Phase Three expansion, so by the first quarter of 2022, it should be fully integrated.

The Goal | Automated Distributed Hotspot Advertising Sales

We actually hope to get this done sooner because we fully expect that this will result in a substantial increase in revenues. While also ensuring that 100% of active hotspots earn advertising revenues, because of the more frequent RON (run of network) and package buys that will become available as well.


Now Compare Other Games

This would not be as impressive if we FAILED to share the following important information.

It’s scary, dangerous, exciting, even sometimes profitable. But, look closer, see what the experts see, FOMO drives too many of the blockchain games..!!

  • Remember: Where’s the Beef..?

Once you understand what makes our program tic, that we do not rely on any sort of FOMO.

We think you will see the substantially greater value of our “Virtual Land” aka “Hotspots”. With a clear and certain path to real-world automated advertising income.

Our system does not rely on a prayer that you can find someone to buy your “Virtual Land’ at a higher price than you paid.

It’s substantially more likely you will want to keep the built-in, daily advertising income.

Worth Reading..!

** See More Game Reviews

Related Topics – Important..!!

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Our Awesome Technology Partners

A shameless plug for the guys and gals that we depend on the most…

A special shoutout to BSEtec…. from the blockchain to altered realities and virtual worlds, without their honest, reliable, and high-quality services, this project would not be possible. We can give no higher recommendation. They have a massive team, of incredible people, and they enjoy what they do.

Meet the BSEtec Team, some of the finest developers on the planet.. click here

BSEtec specializes in the stuff we need the most, creating custom technology solutions, including;

Blockchain Technology: these folks specialize in planning, executing, and verifying the application of blockchain technology in any use case. Their blockchain projects span all stable technologies including; Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple, Neo, and Hyperledger among others. Naturally, we can’t live without this expertise.

Augmented Reality the live direct or indirect vision of a real-world/physical environment. The elements are amplified by sensory input (Like sound, video, graphics, or GPS data), generated by a computer. You guessed it, the folks at BSEtec, they live and breathe this stuff. Awesome work.

Cloud Technology is for everyone, and every ingenious company requires a solid presence in the cloud infrastructure. BSEtec can help organizations to transform IT infrastructure with world-class Cloud Computing Services, which will improve productivity and reduce IT resource requirements, resulting in lower costs and reduced time-to-market factors. We live in the cloud, can ask for better partners.

Full-stack Engineering with BSEtec a globally renowned and reputed full stack development company, delivering end-to-end solutions with superior knowledge and extensive experience. Well-versed with a wide range of cutting-edge full-stack technologies such as Angular, ReactJS, VueJS, Python, NodeJS, PHP, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and much more. This is not just some pitch a gun-ho writer came up with. We depend on the expertise these guys bring, and you can too..!

Here’s the bottom line, you simply cannot go wrong with BSEtec, call them today..!!


The Last Word

Simply put… we wanted to create a system that delivers a fun, entertaining game for players, many of whom are also affluent shoppers, merchants, and advertisers as well.

We also wanted to drive solid reliable traffic to smaller merchants.

Lastly, we wanted the create a money machine that could pay out billions to the people, rather than just fill our own pockets.

Why, because one of the biggest problems on this planet is the poorly distributed wealth of the world.

With so much wealth in the hands of so very few, too many toil away their lives, never given a chance to live, create, build a better world, or perhaps enlighten us all.

A burning fire to change this and even the balance a bit, has been the driving force that kept the developers pushing forward and the investors paying the bills for 30+ years…

Well, we did it..!  Releasing in just days, Hotspots on sale soon..!!

This is the real deal, and we are so very excited to share this with the world.

Respectfully, Team Mahalo.


P.S. A very special thanks to Brad Johnston, our Marketplace Manager. His dedication to helping with the development of our games division has proven invaluable. Likewise to William Quam our President for his hard work on the blockchain, to Alan Arato for his never-ending support, Andrew Annenberg, Tara & Russell Karaviotis, Denny Ray, and countless others that help pave this journey.

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