The Ambassador’s Thoughts

Ambassador Rodgers Thoughts

I have come to see that many people represent many paths. This is the way of things. That said we must be tolerant of the ways that people live and develop themselves.

I have many thoughts about how we should live and think. I count them all as given to me by the Great Spirit. You may decide for yourself;

You will find some of my ideas parallel those of other people, even religions and governments. I make no apologies or claim. I say only that a little good can be found in all things, the goal is for all things to be all good.

Here is a collection of things to consider;

SYNCHRONICITY - Meaningful Coincidences


Let’s call this a natural science, it is best compared to a physical law… “Meaningful Coincidences” are tiny miracles steering us toward the good life.

We all experience these things in our lives that we cannot explain but lead to big things. Some think of them as just a “coincidence”, nothing more applies. But look deeper and even if accepted the “coincidence” theory, the math to support it is astronomical. Thus, “coincidence” is NOT a thing, rather we are looking for “Synchronicity”.

But remember “Synchronicity” is unseen until you seek and discover it all around you. Seek it and you will see it, and your life will change instantly as you follow the synchronicities and let them lead you.

SPIRITUAL DESIGN - How the World Works

The Spiritual Design of our World

GIVING - Brings power and blessings

The Power and Blessing of Giving

The Curse of Drama

Your Life Mission

The Truth of Intuition

Giving and Sharing Energy

The Destiny of Man

Heaven and Earth

Prayer Weaponized

Feeling the Creator Within You



  1. The Search for Truth and Meaning
    a) This is a personal journey, a journey by yourself, with yourself;
    b) You must not allow others to choose this path for you;
    c) Your path, is yours alone, no one can walk this path for you;
    d) Others may walk it with you, as your guest and as a participant, by choice;
  2. Treatment of Guests
    a) Guests in your realm must be treated with respect, every courtesy, and much consideration;
    b) Only the best food, the best bed, slippers, and a warm shower, go above and beyond;
  3. You Cannot and Must not Enjoy What is Not Yours
    a) Do not take what is not yours;
    b) Whether from a person, a community, the wilderness, or from a culture;
    c) It was not earned nor given. It is not yours;
  4. Have Respect for All Things Placed Upon this Earth
  5. Pray often
    a) Rise with the sun to pray;
    b) Pray alone;
    c) The Great Spirit will listen, if only you will seek and speak first;
  6. Respect and Honor the Opinion of Others
    a) Honor other people’s thoughts, wishes, and words;
    b) Never interrupt another or mock or mimic them;
    c) Allow each person the right to freedom of opinion;
  7. Bridle the Power of the Spoken Word
    a) Never speak of others in a bad way;
    b) You may disagree, but with the greatest respect, you may not even speak of it;
    c) Remember, your words hurt you too;
    d) The negative energy that you cast into the universe will multiply when it returns to you.
  8. To Error is a Human Lesson
    a) All persons make mistakes;
    b) No matter how small or how large the mistake is, it can be forgiven;
  9. The Frequency of Your Mind Rules the Frequency of the Moment
    a) Bad thoughts cause illness of the spirit, the mind, and the body;
    b) Rebuke any negative or bad thoughts, they are evil, and lower the frequency around you;
    c) Practice optimism in all things;
  10. Give of Your Spirit in Praise and Respect of Nature
    a) Nature is not FOR us, it is a PART of us;
    b) Being ONE with Nature is being ONE with the Creator;
  11. Treat all Natural Beings as a Member of Your Loving Family
    a) Our spirits are linked and you must feel the pain of others;
    b) Let the heartbeat of all the natural beings be the heartbeat that drives your soul;
  12. Teach and Protect the Children
    a) Children are the seeds of our future;
    b) Plant love in their hearts and water them with wisdom and life’s lessons:
    c ) When they are grown, allow them to find their own place;
    d) You are NOT responsible for their choices, provided you gave them the choice;
  13. The Goal is Perfect Balance
    a) Keep yourself balanced:
    b) Your Mental self, Spiritual Self, Emotional Self, and Physical self all need to be strong, pure, and healthy;
    c) Work out the body, to strengthen the mind:
    d) Grow rich in spirit to cure emotional aliments;
  14. Take a Stand, Be the Change You Want to See
    a) Make conscious decisions as to who you will be and how you will react;
    b) Be responsible for your own actions;
    c) Stand for truth, justice, and Humanity;
  15. Treat the Tribal Elders as Special Gems – Their Wisdom Will Shine
  16. Be True to Yourself First, and Others



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