The Power of “a Hope and a Prayer”

The Power of “a Hope and a Prayer”

Let me start by saying that I am not a religious man. Though I was once a minister.

I’ll save you time and explain that I did not fall out of religion, rather I fell into the Creator’s loving arms. I found that religion is just another control system created by men to control other men and women, it is not of the Creator. Indeed, the Creator can surely create religion, but doing so defeats his purpose for mankind.

Of course, at this point, Catholics and Christians have already started to scream heretic…

But I waver not. Because many people that would scream “heretic”, also tend to enjoy the “Power Over Other People”, that any system brings, the church is no exception. It seems that among the failings of mankind, is the all too common allure of poop (ie; “Power Over Other People” which brings “poop(y) people”).

I frankly do not get it, but I have witnessed poopy people in the extreme, from the bosses rule over pretty secretaries, going one step too far, On the other end, the janitor that makes you wait, because he has the power to tell you when you can use the bathroom. So he takes his time to clean while you wait.


Not Anti-Religion ~ Control Systems Prevent Freedom

To be clear, I am not against the idea of people grouping up for any good purpose. So, it is not the religion that I oppose, it is the carefully designed control systems that religion has imposed on the followers of each religion.

Look closely at the Creator’s birds, the bees, and the trees… which of these seems to be part of a control system to you? Or think about the fishes and bears, and the lovely deer. See any control systems affecting them? This too is by design, the design that the Creator set into motion, has freedom is written squarely on its face, “FREEDOM”. From what, “CONTROL SYSTEMS”? How much more obvious can the Creator be about rules, laws, regulations, and other control systems..?

Religion speaks of free will, yet it proposes to fence the follower in by a myriad of rules, regulations, and guidelines. Where the Creator, having a chance to speak to mankind directly, in a way that His words would be set for all time. He wrote only 10 things, that He considers unbreakable rules. So any religion that imposes more than the 10 rules, must have added the additional rules themselves. Simple, clear logic.


Why People Fall for Religion ~ Faith

What makes religion work is another of the failings of mankind, the desire to have faith, to believe in “a Hope and a Prayer”. This too is built into our core as children of the Creator. Faith is a tricky thing.

Faith can drive our way of thinking, it even drives science and without it, even science would have no purpose and no form. It can be and so very often, it is the “X” factor.

You see faith is the belief in something that “simple logic” tells you cannot be true. In fact, “faith” can push results beyond what science tells us is possible. Put another way, science may say it is impossible, but “faith” makes it possible. In effect, “Faith” is stronger than science, and it can bend time and space to prove science wrong, and often it does.

At this point, many people reading have moved from calling me a heretic to calling me crazy, since science is designed to prove that rules exist, and so now I am telling you to toss both religion and science? Madness it is, right? Wrong my friends…

Here’s the truth… Hope and faith are the “only things” that govern your destiny.

If you lose hope and faith, then you are done with life, no human dies until this moment, the loss of hope and faith.

Let’s explore this topic a bit, I promise you will learn something from this…


Examples, Faith vs. Science

Science is a series of tests, that once performed seems to imply that “rules” have been discovered and these “Rules” cannot be broken. This is why we call it science. Because, it purports to have tested every postulation, and the results define the box that is the “rules” that apply to the question investigated.

Faith is quite the opposite. Faith postulates that “science” the result of testing the options, is “incomplete”. Faith postulates that there is something beyond science. That something science insists has been tested and is governed by “rules” is in fact not bound to those rules. Faith is a strong belief or trust in someone or something.

The supreme paradox of all thought is the attempt to discover something that thought cannot think. Faith is a concept that cannot be belittled into meaninglessness ~ The Kierkegaardian Paradox / Kierkegaard, the father of existential thought.

If you’re reading this in the dark, you can thank Thomas Alva Edison for his “faith and Hope”, because he failed over 60 times before he actually invented the light bulb. Tom had the pure “Faith and the Hope” that he would solve the problem, and he didn’t lose that. So “Hope and Faith” brings you “Light Bulbs”.

Here’s a stretch: “Good Faith”. You know the terms and if you ever signed a contract, you probably did it in “Good Faith”. So here’s that word again, now attached to “good”. Simply put, this combination of words simply implies that the “Faith” is that the result will be “good”.

So every day, millions of people around the planet act in “Good Faith” or act in “Faith” that something “Good” will come from something they signed, via a covenant of good faith and fair dealing. They honestly intend to keep their promises and have “faith” that another person will act in a “good” way too. A curious example, when so many of these contracts end in court, a judge sorting the “good faith” from the “bad results”.

While I am certain that these examples of “Faith” vs. “Science” are solid and make my point. I am reluctantly going to drive the nail with a story that while gruesome, that will leave no doubt that “Faith and Hope” trump science, ie; the repeated proof of rules.



Loving someone is a leap of faith

Loving Again Is an Ongoing Leap of Faith

Nothing the examples for having hope at all. Whatever the hopeness is implied in the future. The future is an illusion.

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