The Startup Merchant

For Startup Entrepreneurs

A Hands-Free Merchant Program

Our “Startup Merchant Program” is designed to help any “student” build and own a Marketplace “SHOP” filled with products that are available for sale 24/7.

Each sale automatically processed and delivered…

The Benefits

  • No store fee
  • No Listing Fees (Unlimited Listings)
  • No Advertising or Marketing Costs
  • Student can choose to have 200-to-1000 (limit) products in a “SHOP” **
  • All products can be sold an unlimited number of times (SaaS and downloads)
  • Graduated “merchants” will keep 50%- 80% of each sale;
  • All sales and follow up can be “hands-free” (student will learn to wire this);

What are the Products?

Students can select from more than 100,000 products including eBooks, Software, Audio Books, Old Time Radio, Memberships, Educational Programs, File Storage, etc.

All the products will be delivered instantly by email “Download” so there is no shipping involved.

The products are valued from $3 to $500+.


How Does This Work?

Once the “student” signs into the program, training will take the student on a short journey from ZERO knowledge to shop owner.

The student will learn:

  • How to select store inventory;
  • How to enter the product into an online store;
  • How to select and edit images to use for sales pages and marketing;
  • How to make a video to promote each product;
  • How to build a sales funnel to the online shop and each specific product;
  • How to set up and use social marketing;
  • How to automate social marketing;
  • How automate sales follow up;


WordPress + WooCommerce Store
(Separate from the Marketplace “SHOP”)

  • How to select, register, and configure a domain name;
  • How to setup WordPress and WooCommerce;
  • How to manage the store;
  • How to market the store;
  • How to sell the store (rinse and repeat for easy money);
  • Student can choose to have up to 10,000 products in a “STORE” **

** Free Hosting included with this program.


What is the Cost to Participate?

Since the program is designed to help “students” go from ZERO to “Store Owner” with at least 200 products, the value is quite high.

With this program, students will save the thousands that it would cost to do all the above for just 200 products. Instead, students will pay nothing.

This is about enabling people to create hands-free income to support families.

Just to create 200 products to put in your store is an expense, and typically you will need to:

  • Write an eBook, program software, record an audiobook( ie; create a product);
  • Design one or more product packaging;
  • Create a sales page;
  • Create and pay for display advertising;
  • Create and pay for social marketing;
  • Create and pay for video marketing;
  • Build a website or pay for a Shopify store, et.;
  • Set up a shipping desk;
  • Process sales and ship the items;

When students complete training in approximately 90-120 days, each student will own a fully functional shop, with marketing and automated sales in the Mahalo Marketplace.

Finally, this program will allow a student to choose from our library, to enter as products in their store. Once the first 200 items have been entered into the shop, the student graduates to “Store Owner” and the marketing phase begins.


Marketing Training

Since “Traffic” is the key to a successful merchant career, we will teach the secrets to as much “Traffic” as students ever want. Better, we show students how to focus and drive “buyer traffic” which is key to a successful shop.

Next, the student, now a merchant… learns about conversion, gamification, and other things that will take the merchant to new highs in marketing and increase income to any level the student chooses.


Are you Ready?

This is only for the most aggressive..!

Do you have the passion and the desire it takes to build a business?

Can you dedicate the hours, put in the sweat it will take?

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, this is a “real business” that will give you a life-long income to support your family or maybe your village.

Are you a self-starter? Because we won’t push you or coddle you, this is about YOU. You will choose to do it, you will choose to make it happen. We will guide and enable, the rest is up to YOU.

Great, do you have a story? A very important reason, why we should choose to invest in you?








  • As part of the program, students will be given access to as many products as they wish to enter into their store for resale. Graduated “Students” are now “Merchants” and will earn 80% on every sale made via the store they built when if they choose to do their own marketing.
  • Student/Merchants can optionally choose to let JingleSPOT handle all marketing, and still earn 50% on every sale made.
  • This program is possible because our sister company; JingleSPOT has over the years built an impressive collection of licenses to resell more than 300,000 eBooks, hundreds of Valuable PC Computer and SaaS Software, Audio Books, Coloring Books, Patterns for sewing, crochet, knitting, professional course materials for marketing, self-improvement, background music rights, over a million image rights, thousands of motion video rights, hundreds of cartoon character rights, self-hypnosis audios, desktop software, SaaS software services, etc.
  • More than 50% have original sales pages and other marketing materials, cover designs, etc.
  • We also have huge collections of WordPress Themes, powerful premium plugins, end more.
  • Lastly, JingleSPOT founders have created many products and always have countless half-baked new products available for this as well. With these, there may be a need to finish materials or artwork, but the end product is 100% exclusive so of greater value.
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