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Make Sure You Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From


Track Your Sales And Stats

Make Sure You Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From

There is nothing worse than sending traffic to an offer from various links and not knowing which link or URL sent you the sale. You are flying blind and it is hard to capitalize on the links that are sending you the sales.

What about split testing multiple links? If you are not split testing then you are leaving cash right there on the table as just a small tweak may make all the difference

Cloak your links

  • What about cloaking your affiliate links
  • Most networks dis-like Affiliate links and curb your reach
  • A platform that gives you all this and more
  • Track Your Links And Get The Right Data About Your Traffic
  • This Helps You Make More Sales And Get More Leads

Get more sales

Tracking your links correctly and split testing will help you add more than 20-30% to your bottom line.

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