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Aloha and Welcome

Photo of the Marketplace Manager, Brad Johnston.For those following, our progress here’s the place to get your updates.

Building a marketplace is like herding Chipmunks..!

That said, we make steady progress daily on a mountain of details, from corporate matters to trademarks, taxes, recruiting staff, etc.

Presently,  we plan to open in January 2021, for a “Window Shopping” experience.

On this page, you can get a peek at the ‘BIG LIST‘ we hack away at daily.

Aloha Merchants

Photo of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ambassador, Dustin Rodgers.We know you’re as anxious as we are to open your shops in the marketplace.

Rest assured we are doing everything we can to open the doors as fast as we can.

But, beyond the daily development costs and our growing overhead. There are a lot of things to think about when doing business on the Internet today. From legal issues and making things work for persons with disabilities, to how you deal with children.

See this page for more: click here

We could have opened the marketplace weeks ago. But the liability for some of these things can easily top a million dollars, and we just don’t have the budget to absorb such costs without an associated income.

So, we have a plan, and we are working on it. But until our lawyers say go, we must wait.

This page gives a lot of details concerning this journey so we encourage you to check it out frequently.

Pay particular attention to the next section, see the tab ‘ISSUES” for more about the biggest problems we must solve at any time both now and once we open the doors.

The TIMELINE will tell you exactly when you can apply to open a ‘Shop” in the marketplace and when we will open the doors for shoppers.

If you have any questions not answered on the UPDATE page or the website, please use the support page and let us know, we respond to everything.

On this page, you can get a peek at the ‘BIG LIST‘ we hack away at daily.

This is a big project, so twists and turns happen daily as we move forward, below are the notable daily updates:

  • Monday, Feb 8, 2021
    We made an important executive decision to hold the release of our “Hosted” super-powered shops. The decision based on the power of other innovative marketing we bring to the digital space. Our “Hosted” shops will be released in late 2021. Our first release will be our gamified shopping experiences code name: A.X.R 360. You can learn and play with our gamified shopping, click here.
  • Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020
    Perhaps we forgot to mention that we will be releasing our own Cryptocurrency in late 2021, go figure right more big plans… see: click here
  • Thursday, Dec 10, 2020
    Unfortunately, we have a couple of issues that force us to push the opening forward to January 2021. (1) PAL, our ultimate solution for disability access, relies on an integration of Zoom, a Calendar, and the Shop software. This integration is just complex enough we expect a few more days of delay; (2) To accomplish this marketplace with the greatest merchant flexibility, we have decided that the software supporting the SHOPS is will require too many adjustments, so we are choosing a more powerful solution; (3) Our marketplace manager, Brad, and his girl are both sick (possible Covid-19); (4) our CEO lost valuable time due to a bicycle injury (see in previous reports below); (5) Our legal docs are dragging a bit because we are leaving no stone unturned to prevent every possible liability from hurting us or merchants; (6) Our Affiliate system is critical and requires more configurations, etc.
    There are more details; click here
    Now the really big reason, it’s Christmas..!
    Merry Christmas to all, from all of us here at Mahalo.Market.
    For us, this is the best time of year, the music, the feel in the air. So we will be joining all of you, and spending more time enjoying Christmas, putting up the light, the music, and making cool things to eat, sharing the joy with all that we meet.
    We will be working between the festivities, and all during the night, like Santa’s elves, we too have so many to help. Note that updates maybe only weekly during this little vacation.
    Farewell, enjoy the holidays and get ready, we plan to start the New Year with a bang.

    Mele Kalikimaka..!!!



  • Monday, Dec 7, 2020
    Okay, so we are making headway every day, but so it’s clear, we cannot allow a merchant to apply unless we can also let a disabled merchant apply with equal access. See the details: click here The current issue is the calendar for our new PAL program for the disabled, and some glitches. Once fixed, we can safely allow merchant applications, because we can then also serve a disabled merchant. That may happen as planned in the next few hours, depending on the plugin developers. We already have several stores to install, and FAQs are close, the legal is mostly written, but needs a go over by two more lawyers. It’s a mad rush to open for window shopping in a few days. Ooh, we have an affiliate program and a special LTD (Lifetime Deals on shop plans) program all nearly ready for posting. Always more to do with this size project.
  • Saturday, Dec 5, 2020
    We start with an apology to the merchants that have been waiting to get started. The fact is, a big reason that this marketplace is being built, is to PROTECT MERCHANTS. You see, the internet is dangerous, and we predict that 2021 will be a legal nightmare for millions of small business owners. Learn more… click here
  • Thursday, Dec 3, 2020
    Sorry folks, another small snag. We tend to research everything until we beat the subject to death. The challenges with the ADA and WAG compliance is a global matter, and we had thought that the AccessiBe solution would cover the task.
    Unfortunately, our lawyers took apart the terms of service and found that they do not indemnify us against any lawsuit. So our lawyer looked deeper and found that there are lawsuits that involve clients of AccessiBe. These cases are undecided (September and October 2020), so in short, the courts may find that AccessiBe is not sufficient to protect any business.
    Therefore, Mahalo.Market will be taking a different approach. In addition to using mechanical and possibly A.I. solutions, we will be the first to introduce a “Personal Accessibility Liaison” for disabled shoppers. With this program, disabled shoppers will never find problems that cannot be resolved, they simply make an appointment for a FREE “Personal Shopping Assistant”, that’s what our PAL program, is all about. Want to learn more?… click here
  • Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020
    Due to some procedural things with Stripe, we must delay our Merchant Application process another day. Again, our strategy is that payments for sales will be INSTANTLY RECEIVED as a deposit to the SHOP Stripe account. Our closing fee will be deducted from the deposit by Stripe. This means no waiting for payments from the marketplace. We like it this way because it fits our business model to provide traffic but get out of the way in every other way. We don’t want to take, hold, or account for money that belongs to our merchants.
    What this means, if you are planning to have SHOP in our marketplace, you can speed the process, simply go to Stripe, and apply for your merchant account… If they ask, tell them your planning to open a SHOP with us. Merchants that do this, will be given preference and a $50 discount on any SHOP package. If you have Stripe already, your ready… Standby, you can apply for a SHOP in the next day or two.
  • Friday, Nov 27, 2020
    It was a very busy week and we are actually on track. Shop pricing is almost complete, we have perhaps a final adjustment. The ADA problem is resolved, we will use AccessiBe. We set our Philanthropy Plans, added details about our First Peoples, and we have are proud to add; The Startup Merchant program.
    We also added our ALL-NEW MUSIC BAR at the bottom of our website pages (see below). This “Music Bar” will allow our shoppers to experience the flavor of the marketplace, and if they like a song, it is possible to purchase the tracks they hear. As we have a number of musicians to serve, they will like this tool for the opportunity to expose their music.
    There is a flurry of other updates and fixes including; FAQs, and legal that are detailed in the following sections.
  • Monday, Nov 23, 2020
    We had hoped to avoid any extra costs, but the ADA WAG 2.0 problem is going to cost us a penny or more a page to implement. Likewise, storage and CDN (content delivery network) costs for images that accompany listings is a direct cost. These costs are directly tied to each listing. So, we have decided to limit the included number of listings we include in a Shop Plan, and let larger merchants chose to pay the WAG/Storage/CDN cost of 2¢ monthly for additional listings. Unfortunately, these are direct costs that we are NOT profiting from by adding more markup, we are just passing this cost on directly to our merchants, as we cannot package, the cost of our Shop Plan would have to be much higher. But, we include a lot with each plan, so this extra cost is minor and other marketplaces like Etsy do the same.
  • Sunday, Nov 22, 2020
    For merchants that have been waiting, you can now see our “Shop Prices“, and the awesome included features. We are pretty excited to share this with you, and we hope you’re impressed too. We do not know of another marketplace that gives you this much marketing power, and “Guaranteed Buyer Traffic” to your product pages. We are also open to suggestions too, if you have any ideas please post here, we read everything. Our next big hurdle is pushing our lawyers to finish the legal and we are still completing set up with Stripe, Brex, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL, etc.
  • Thursday, Nov 19, 2020
    Yay, we solved our problem of “how to make” the entire marketplace ADA Compliant. We found a company called “AccessiBe” and they have a fantastic solution. See it; click here This helps a lot to move our company forward. We will be implementing this solution at launch.
  • Wednesday, Nov 18, 2020
    Team JingleSPOT is hard at work, today’s focus, legal research, and several template fixes. Congratulations to our new Director and V.P. Accessibility | Dennis Wieczorek.
  • Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
    Our CEO is doing much better, still some pain, but a solid 50-60% recovery across the spectrum. We added our very important Credo. We are preparing for merchant sign up.
  • Thursday, Nov 12, 2020
    Happy Birthday, Annette…!!!!!
    Annette is our Director of Business Planning and a ‘key player’ in the development of the company. She is an amazing young woman with an impressive list of accomplishments. We are both proud and grateful to have her on our team. Working with our CEO, Ambassador Rodgers directly, Annette is helping to see into the future, so they can develop a plan for everything needed to keep our company on the best path possible, yay Annette.
  • Thursday, Nov 12, 2020
    Update: Our CEO, is back on his feet, took his first stroll a couple of blocks and back… Awesome.! Of course, the bruises look like he was run over by his motorcoach.
  • Monday, Nov 9, 2020
    Our CEO is doing some light work now. He is in pain from a half football-size bruise on his hip. Very colorful and makes it hard to walk. He’s not big on pain pills so he just works through it.
  • Sunday, Nov 8, 2020
    Unfortunately, the team leader (CEO, Rodgers) was seriously injured this morning in a bicycling accident. This will seriously affect the project, and may result in a 48-72 hour delay in important project aspects while he heals;
  • Thursday, Oct 29, 2020
    We lost important stall to some problems;
    (2) to health problems (not covid);
    (2) more with financial difficulties (pandemic related), etc.

On this page, you can get a peek at the ‘BIG LIST‘ we hack away at daily.

General Project Overview

Here’s the laundry list that keeps us working late into the nights;

OFFICIAL TIMELINE….. …………………………………………….  DATE 
  Open Merchant Application Accepted | see the details, see also;  Bigger issues 1/6/2021
  Startup | Open for New Merchants to begin entering products * 1/8/2021
  Alfa | Open for Window Shopping | see the details  1/15/2021
  Beta | Open for Transactions *  2/6/2021
  Official Soft Release axr360 Games – 6:00pm PDT (axr360.com) 3/17/2021
ITEM…………………………………………………..   STATUS   TIME 
  Content Delivery Network (CDN) 100% Today, 4:41 am PDT
  Host Network 100% Today, 4:38 am PDT
  Website Availability 100% Today, 2:18 am PDT

The following is a short list, for a more complete list and details of the major liability issues, please see the article: The Internet and the Law

ADA The biggest delay is the ADA, for a deeper legal review of this litigous problem for websites in 2020 and beyond; click here
PRIVACY Consumer Privacy is now a hot bed for legal actions with huge penalties
CALIFORNIA California’s 2018 CCPA, a landmark in US privacy laws.
CALIFORNIA Now for 2020 the all-new California CRPA, which strengthens California’s 2018, now said to be the toughest privacy legislation yet.
CHILDREN Children’s Privacy Policy COPPA, a broadly defined law. Unfortunately, we must prohibit children under 13 from using the website without adult supervision.
EUROPE Consumer Privacy is now a hot bed for legal actions with huge penalties, for example in 2018 the EU added the GDPR, with crazy fines designed to bankrupt any business in violation.
The schedules for merchant and public release are a bit flexible since many things are more important. Please keep checking for updates.


Zone Status Reports

Here’s a peek at some of the ‘BIG LIST’ which changes daily;

ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
Design display adverting for our brands 20%  11/9/2020
Design display advertising for marketplace 25% 11/9/2020
Music Bar – Provides a great advertising option for music (see below) 90% 11/27/2020
Post display adverting for our brands P
Wire Ad Server to Marketplace and related websites 10% 10/25/2020
ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
Complete Affiliate System Install P
Create Ads and copy for Affiliate Use 10% 11/10/2020
Software – Our Affiliate system is more like CJ or ClickBank 15% 11/26/2020
Solicit Affiliates 5% 11/24/2020
Write Affiliate Manual 15% 11/23/2020
Wire Affiliate System to Marketplace P
ITEM……..(click to open)………………………………………………….   STATUS  UPDATED
About Our Marketplace D 11/9/2020
About the Founders D 11/9/2020
About the First Peoples 90% 11/26/2020
About our Philanthropy 95% 11/26/2020
Credo – IMPORTANT D 11/17/2020
Shop Pricing  – Awesome stuff included 90% 11-22-2020
The Startup Merchant program 95% 11/26/2020
Wanna Help? D 11/9/2020
Marketplace Homepage – click here
  Re-wire Primary Menu 90% 11/22/2020
  Replace sliders, set up 10+ new blanks 90%  11/9/2020
  Replace the background image (scroll and see BUY NOW) D 11/9/2020
  Replace Sponsors D 10/27/2020

The above pages are critical for marketing, transparency, legal, or other reasons and must be completed in most cases before we can do a “Public Release”.

ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
ADA User GUI Adjustments P
Footer Re-design P
Mobile Display Tweaks P
Music Bar – Provides a great advertising option for music (see below) 90% 11/27/2020
Wishlist Fix P
ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
FAQ Content Sections 80% 11/27/2020
FAQ Website Installed and Configured Done  10/26/2020
ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
Create a Status Update Reporting System – (this page) D  11/9/2020
Re-think Marketplace/Product Categories 50% 11/9/2020
Research and add the best product tags for SEO P
ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
Acceptable Use Policy P  10/15/2020
ADA and the Internet 75% 11/1/2020
ADA Policies P  10/25/2020
Privacy Policy / GDPR P 10/25/2020
Shop Merchant Agreement P 10/25/2020
Terms and Conditions P 10/25/2020
ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
Complete social auto-posting software configurations P
Create Social Marketing – Copy 25%  11/25/2020
Create Social Marketing – Display Ads 15%  11/25/2020
Marketing Operations Manual 20%  11/23/2020
Merchant Use Marketing Materials P
ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
Credo – IMPORTANT D 11/17/2020
Merchant Application P
Merchant Approval Program 90% 11/22/2020
Shop Pricing 90% 11/22/2020
The Startup Merchant program 95% 11/26/2020
ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
Add “Sell this Item” D  10/20/2020
Added Lightbox Video Support D 10/20/2020
Redesign “Related Products” (better tools design) D 10/20/2020
ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
First Peoples 90% 11/23/2020
Online Business Banking P
Philanthropy and Corporate Programs 95% 11/25/2020
Social Platforms – related to wiring automation 15% 11/5/2020
ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
Install Shops System P
Setup Shop Demo P
Shop Pricing Page 95% 11/23/2020
Product Listings
  Post Demo Listings for many product categories P
  Post all company-own products and services 5000+ P
  Transfer existing shops and products to live marketplace P
  Solicit Merchants 3%  11/5/2020
ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
Install Chat System w/WhatsAPP interface? P
ITEM……..(click to open)…………………………………………………..   STATUS  UPDATED
Marketplace Facilitator Tax Laws / Set Policies 45%  11/9/2020
Sales Tax Tables and Solutions / Update Marketplace P
Taxation 2020 70%  11/6/2020

Startup Jobs Positions

Remember, we are a startup company, currently with a staff of less than 10. But we are growing rapidly. The following personnel requirements are being researched and written so that we can fill them.

  Chairman | Dustin Rodgers, A.G. Ret. 2/5/2020
  Vice-Chair | Brad Johnston 6/21/2021
  Director of Accessibility | Dennis Wieczorek 11/18/2020
  Director of Business Planning | Annette Udechukwu  10/31/2020
  Director of Public Relations | Marileen Rodgers 2/5/2020
  Director of Marketing & Advertising P
  Director of Marketplace Operations | Brad Johnston 9/5/2020
  Director of Operations P
  CEO | Chief Executive Officer | Dustin Rodgers, A.G. Ret. (temp) 2/5/2020
  COO | Chief Operations Officer P
  CAO | President | Brad Johnston 6/25/2021
  CCO | Chief Compliance Officer P
  CCS | Chief Customer Service Officer P
  CDO | Chief Data Officer P
  COO | Chief Operations Officer P
  CBO | Chief Brand Officer P
  CFO | Chief Financial Officer P
  CGO | Chief Gamification Officer P
  CHR | Chief Human Resources Officer P
  CIO | Chief Information Officer P
  CLO | Chief Legal Officer | Dustin Rodgers, A.G. Ret. 2/5/2020
  CMO | Chief Marketing Officer P
  CPO | Chief Product Officer P
  CSA | Chief Strategic Alliances Officer P
  CTO | Chief Technology Officer| Dustin Rodgers, A.G. Ret. (temp) T 2/5/2020
  CXO | Chief Experience Officer P
  Marketplace Manager | Brad Johnston  10/18/2020
  Support Team Manager P
  Technology Manager P
  Accounting / Bookkeeping P
  Advertising Sales Team (50 positions open, 1-per state) P
  Executive Secretary (12 positions open, all hours) P
  Merchant Recruitment Team (10 positions open, 1-per region) P
  Research Team (4 positions open) P
  Support Team | Bill P. 2/5/2020
  Support Team | Harry K. 2/5/2020
  Support Team | Mary B. 7/20/20
  Support Team | Ricky J. 7/20/20
  Support Team (10 positions open, all hours, all languages) P
  Technology Team (7 positions open) P
  Transfers Team | Imports/Exports and other inventory matters P
ITEM……..(click to open)………………………………………………………………….   STATUS  UPDATED

     Complete Job Descriptions  >>

3%  10/29/2020
  • All company resources are cloud-based or otherwise virtual
  • All positions are 100% Remote | Laptop + Smartphone

Why so many C-Level Executives?

These fancy titles serve two purposes;

  1. Startup Appointments
    These positions are part of a strategy to involve and compensate on a performance basis. These executives are all to be recruited early in the life of the company. So each is chosen for their ability to understand, plan, implement, and manage the subject matter.
    NOTE: They are responsible for selecting and training management and staff for each respective division of the company. Effectually, they start by taking responsibility, and do it themselves, working out the details together with the  V.P. of Business Planning. Then replace themselves, while retaining the upper management title and responsibilities.
  2. Subject Matter Focus
    Placing executives responsible for these specific positions is about ensuring that the details of each department are under a microscope. That we are in fact, not just on paper, actually paying attention to each particular business function.
  3. Shortage of High-level Talent
    In our industry (SaaS), many of the positions we must fill, are highly sought-after. Offering a candidate, a better title than the more-traditional VP role can often push an ‘on-the-fence candidate’ to be more likely to sign. ‘Looks good on a resume too’, not to mention these are potentially long-term founder positions, with lifetime benefits to be earned (stocks, royalties, etc.), and the potential for good press.


Additionally, this company was specifically visioned and is being developed on the “The No-Fail” Corporation strategy, which requires that all top-level management be paid on a performance basis only for the first 1-2 years.

This means that they will NOT receive a CASH salary until the company has generated sufficient income to support the salaries due. Rather, these people will receive instead NON-CASH compensation for all work done prior to qualifying for a CASH salary, ie; stock, warrants, royalties, etc.

Learn more; click here

We are a small startup team, a core of less than ten

  • We have a shared goal to build something awesome;
  • Something better than the rest, something to be proud of;
  • Something designed to help small businesses grow;
  • We are looking for the right mix of help, to build a better marketplace ;

Photo of our Director of Public Relations, Marileen Rodgers.If you’re looking for something because a few dollars for making sales calls, writing, helping with support, etc. could make a difference in your life financially, socially, experience-wise, or otherwise.

Helping the Mahalo.Market reach its goals… can help you reach new goals for yourself, help you make new friends, make some money, and… you will be helping to build better communities and build a better world for everyone.

If you think you can help, drop us a line…



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