Viral Marketing Exposed


How you can use the power of viral marketing to work for you


Discover How You Can Use The Power of Viral Marketing

Receive easy to understand information on how you can use

basic online marketing tactics to build your business.


  • A clever technique to get people to spread the word about your site
  • Exactly how it is possible to make an information product go viral

Using social networking sites to get the ball rolling – I’ll even show you a list of top social sites to join

Using incentives to gather affiliates who will bring you viral traffic

  • The key to effective viral marketing
  • Just what makes a product viral in the first place
  • Using videos as another stream of viral traffic
  • How to go about creating a viral video

Factors that make a video go viral – use these tips to guarantee your video will go viral

What to do once you’ve launched your viral campaign

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