Wanna Help?

Wanna Help?

Do You Have Time or Resources?

We are looking for more help with many simple things, people, resources, etc;

  • Advertising Sales – We have great spaces for rent;
  • Advertising Trades – Let’s make a trade that drives traffic;
  • Legal – A complex project, with the need for contracts, website legal, and more;
  • Marketing Professionals – Exclusive offers for your ‘Client Shops’ here;
  • Media JVs – Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazine, Newsletters, etc.;
  • Merchant Referrals – Lifetime referral residual income;
  • Sales Professionals – Recruit new; Advertisers, Merchants, and Sponsors;
  • SEO – On-page and Off-page marketing professionals;
  • Social Media – Brand Ambassadors, Copywriters, Artists, etc.;
  • Startup Investors – Let’s chat, there’s an iceberg below what you see here;
  • Talent Referrals – see; Jobs Descriptions Tab;
  • WordPress Webmaster – The website is built on top of WP-Mulitsite;

About the Project

This marketplace is the result of many years of planning, development, tons of money, hard hours work, some sweat, and some tears. We are a small team, a core of less than 10 (changes weekly as we grow), with about 300 regular contractors.

We all have a shared goal to build something awesome. Something better than the rest, something to be proud of, and help small businesses grow.

Q. Will we or do we make money?
A. Don’t be silly, of course, we will eventually.

Our Bootstrap Growth Plan

Like most startup companies, Mahalo.Market has a very tight starting budget.

Aside from the contractors, no one gets “paid” in cash at this point, all our ‘cash” is going to hosting, software, and some dollars to a few contractors we have been working with for years.

Therefore, like other startups you know have done, we are offering alternate compensation options to bootstrap our development.

STAGE - 2 | November 1, 2020

Pre-Release / Beta Release

At this stage, this company is being developed on the “The No-Fail” Corporation strategy, which requires that all top-level management be paid on a performance basis only.

NOTE: at this stage, startup participants will NOT receive a CASH salary until the company has generated sufficient income to support the salaries due. Rather, these people will receive instead NON-CASH compensation for all work done prior to receiving a CASH salary. NON-CASH compensation includes; stock, warrants, royalties, and collection of other special arrangements, etc.

STAGE - 3 | January 7, 2021

Alfa Release

At this stage, this company is open for transactions, which starts some income from daily merchant sales transactions, some advertising display income, etc. This activity begins to generate income from which to begin paying salaries and second-level help.

At this stage, we will be offering both; ‘work-4-stock’ and ‘work-4-wage’ options.

STAGE - 4 | February 5, 2021

Official Grand Opening and Beyond

At this stage, with more income from daily merchant sales transactions, more advertising display income, etc.

The window for ‘work-4-stock’ options is closed.

From this point, we will offer only work-4-wage’ options.


If you are in a position to help…

If you’re looking for something where a few hours, dollars, sales calls, etc. can turn-around and make a difference in your life financially, socially, experience-wise, or otherwise.

HPhoto of the Marketplace Manager, Brad Johnston.elping the Mahalo.Market reach its goals… can help you reach new goals for yourself, help you make new friends, make some money, and… you will be helping to build better communities and build a better world for everyone.

So if you think you can help, drop us a line… contact

Have an awesome day,


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