Who Dun it?

The Mission Before Us All

The FRYD.TV Network Collective of Companies brings… “Beneficially Disruptive Paradigms“.

Be the change: “The highest, most challenging, and dangerous life path for any human in history, is to create and usher in beneficially disruptive paradigms. Thereby enlightening the world, and replacing destructive and obsolete paradigms”. Yet, we all have an obligation to make a difference. ~ Ambassador Rodgers, A.G. Ret.

AVATAR - Female look-a-like avatar for Marileen Rodgers, company director

We are starting by disrupting the corporate paradigm..! 

Resistance is futile as they say…

We are NOT building a company to make stockholders RICH..!

For example, we are creating a special network of distributed global merchants, the First Transparent Global NFT Marketplace, an Amazing new Affiliate Marketing paradigm with Commissions as high as 75%, even, NFT Money Machines that payout to the people.

All of this to make possible the changes we need as societies around the world.

  • We need to empower and fund “change”;
  • We need to disrupt every obsolete paradigm.

Our staff and shareholders have taken vows to spend or give away all the abundance we can create because we see hoarding as a disease.

We are determined to spend and put the majority of our income to support a variety of programs that further our ideas and plans for Philanthropy, and much more for the good of the people.

The FRYD.TV network of companies is set to make billions quickly and on a steady basis.

But, who needs billions? ~ The people do..!

The goal of 97% of corporations on this planet is to make stockholders rich.


We have a very different mission..!

Happy staff, a sharing community, a love for our environment, a better world..!


Our Core Mission

The “Core Mission” of the FRYD.TV Network Collective of Companies is to enable small businesses, and everyday people to reach all global markets, to share their many treasures. Add that we want to empower the First Nations, and bring back the wisdom of our lost cultures.

Focusing Our Company Profits, we can also; 

  • Recover our stolen native lands ~buying them back;
  • Empower our native brothers and sisters to demonstrate living with nature;
  • Fund countless natural organic farming projects around the world;
  • Fund cultivation of herbs and herbal remedies to heal the nations;
  • Funding for First Peoples, small businesses, and families;
  • Enabling the homeless, and so many more in need;
  • Protecting nature and natural resources.

It is for these things that we build this marketplace, because, with these pillars established, we can bring the world closer to the peaceful and loving vision that our Creator has for us all. learn more (see footer also)


Who We Are ~ and the Why

Simply put, we want to start by delivering entertaining games for players, many of whom are also affluent shoppers, merchants, and advertisers as well.

Concurrently, we want to drive solid reliable traffic to smaller merchants.

Lastly, we wanted the create a money machine that can pay out billions to the people, rather than just fill our own pockets.

We need to move away from greed and separation, to a united world, driven by people, their talents, and a passion for life.

Why, because one of the biggest problems on this planet is the poorly distributed wealth of the world.

With so much wealth in the hands of so very few, too many work away their lives, never given a chance to live, create, build a better world, or perhaps enlighten us all.

Photo of our Director of Public Relations, Marileen Rodgers. She is wearing a green flannel jacket with a t-shirt. She is at the beach, with rocks behind her. She is doing a Shaka sign with her right hand.

A burning fire to change this and reverse the balance has been the driving force that kept the developers pushing forward and the investors paying the bills for 30+ years…

Well, we did it..!

This is the real deal, and we are so very excited to share this with the world.

We expect the FRYD.TV Network Collective of Companies, and their disruptive technologies to generate in excess of 100 Billion Dollars over the next 3 years.

Add, that during January and February 2021, the Creator has gifted us with very special assets, worth billions, to help power these projects.

Our plan is to pour the majority of our profits back into helping the homeless, the First Nations, the small business families, and so many more in need…

We have creative projects, and the ideas to fund them.

Better, the Creator blesses our efforts to help those in need, so that life can be less troublesome and more fulfilling for everyone.

Each of us is a unique strand in the fabric of this reality. The small efforts we make each day, helping each other, is the foundation for our mutual success, thereby completing the Circle of Life. ~Ambassador Rodgers, A.G. Ret.



Please visit the Philanthropy and our First Nations pages for more details about our plans, and our commitments.

Respectfully, Team Mahalo.


P.S. A very special thanks to the following incredible people:

  • Brad Johnston, is our Marketplace Manager, and we are proud to announce him as our “Youngest Board member”. His dedication to helping with the development of our marketplace has proven invaluable;
  • Alan Arato for his never-ending support, the the giant in our group;
  • Denny Ray, our Treasurer;
  • Andrew Annenberg, and Tara & Russell Karaviotis our art sponsors;

and countless others have helped to pave this journey.


** Company founders, the Ambassador and his wife Marileen, are sharing 80% of their personal profits as majority shareholders, with “The World Indigenous Nations Council” (WIN), expressly for Charity Programs including native land acquisitions, feeding the poor, enabling native and low-income business projects, etc.

** Alan Arato, a major shareholder, is also committed to sharing the greater of his profits with the many Native Hawaiians and island charities he and his wife Cristy have been working so diligently to help for decades.

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