What’s up in Who-ville, what’s the news today..?

There is this big story some of it you know, so much to tell, how should it go..?

Image Santa + Video PlayTelling this big story… we thought long and hard, how to use things that you already know… to put on a big show.

Remember, it’s Christmas you know…

So we thought a lot about what you need to know, then we decided first to go with some old things that you know, adding some new things… that you just have to know..!

What follows this cute little scroll, comes from a Christmas long, long ago.
More Great Christmas songs: click here

INTRODUCTION - Buckle your seat belts, and journey with me.


Buckle your seat belts, on a journey we’ll go…

YES, YES, I know, you may actually think, this is a silly way to go…

But as you will soon see… this is really not, about you or me..!

It is really much bigger, there’s a whole world to set free…

and let me just add… that this story will wrap all things up, in a blanket so warm, so comfy, so no one gets cold.

A blanket made not, with some Silver and Gold, but with something better…

Let us say, that concepts from an older day… often they did “Pay it Forward”, and so will we…

From this point forward, we have a big mission… global we go, just so that you know.

Because as you will soon see, the only way for Whos like you and me, is to…

~ “Be the Change You Want to See”

which brings us to the changes you came to see…!!


This will be a ride to remember, you’ll see…

Like most good Christmas stories, there is a big bad goof, known to you and me as the grouchy Grinch… to the right as you see.

He is the one who would steal Christmas he thinks… and as you know, he would take all of these things… from each Who, even all the good Whos, we know.

But, it’s Christmas as you know…

and the Grinch simply must not win, so let the stories begin..!!


CHAPTER TWO - The 2nd Christmas Story

Thinking and Planning, the Time is Now Here…

As we can see Mr. Grinch has been quite busy… planning and working bringing such tears and fears to so many Whos in Who-ville… some so close we can see.

His job well done in recent years…

Indeed, it is so hard to choose his best work;

  • Was it the homes foreclosed in twenty oh eight;
  • The lean economy followed by bankruptcies, so many meeting such fate;
  • Or maybe the 79,000 spies in so many great Who-ville industries;
  • Perhaps it was the henchmen in the Grinch’s old basement, hacking and breaking many Who-ville companies and all the Who-ville government;
  • Or was it compromised machines voting the next Great and powerful “King of Sleepy old Who-ville”?

Regardless, we know with all of this, the Grinch, working his magic quite early, ordering the closing of each business all around… drowning the merchants of the once-great… Who-ville town.

Business by business, month by month until the one thing running, the almighty and Great Grinch Machine, so carelessly devouring all Whos in its path, set to deliver “necessary things”, all shiny and bright, with nothing made right, and that’s just not right..!!

The Grinch, smirks and thinks…
“broken toys are so naughty, its’ so very nice”

While, every once happy and nice not-necessary merchants in Who-ville, dare not work, hug, or sing, they must ask no questions and complain they must not, today they simply do not disobey.

Giving Mr. Grinch everything he might say each bright new day.


The Whos are quite worried, and restless they are…

It has been a bad year, after many so far…

Who families in masks, scraping at pennies, with not so many gifts for any.

Whos stay at home, and always indoors, you know how it goes, fearing a bit of more news. Whos no longer happy, with kids staying home, so no time alone.

It’s likely true, so many Whos are set to lose…

At this moment, Whos each one…

they can feel that the brew is not done, but it’s not a good stew, not even for a Who.

While it’s a sad day in Who-ville, but changes all-new… are coming quite soon.


CHAPTER THREE - Not all Whos are alike


Not all Whos are Alike…

There some Whos, they call Crazy Who, not like any other Whos in Who-ville, quite different indeed.

So one brave little Who working through the night to fight, she shares one idea, and the Whos they do like.

Another protesting Who works feverishly for years, deep his secret workshop, over the years, he toils day and night to re-write… a sad Christmas eve… planning to turn New Year quite bright.

You may even know, or you might have a hint…

YES, the reclusive Who in this story is just me.

Really quite different, stopping for nothing, this Who climbs 10,000 steps…on a quest, changing the Whos pieces of ‘coal’ into Whos’ hopes and dreams come quite true.

Like a fine Gold… from deep within his great workshop… comes the “Mighty, and Magical Marketplace”, always playing nice music, making the Whos sing, again and again. Now officially calling for the New Year to begin.

Soothing a beast-like Grinch, our marketplace music will bring in… a grand New Year, with little to fear, hope, and good cheer.

Soon each Who, in the great town of Who, will know for true, that all Grinches…

can in fact be beaten..!!


CHAPTER FOUR - a Cosmic Event and a New Year to see


Really a simple 1-2, and 3, will make us all Free…

a Cosmic Event, a New Year to see

My plan is so simple and so sweet, it took a lot more than a whole week.

Tweaking and thinking, and tweaking again, and again. this solution is infectious and will go viral… sharing, again and again, great blessings coming with each grin.

The benefits are so very clear, and the time is so near.

With many Whos talking and singing decades they have, to proclaim the dawning of a new age;

The Age of Aquarius

While on the surface, 2021 definitely does not feel like just another turn of the calendar page… and with good reason. A completely new era is on the horizon. After 400 years, now in just hours, the “Age of Aquarius” comes into full glory..!

In a monumental cosmic event, on December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will each align into the great  “House of Aquarius” for the first time in nearly 400 years.

This historic event is referred to by NASA as the “Christmas Star“.

Yep, this star will be visible — be sure to look southwest about 30 minutes after sunset. This is the first time since 1623 that he biggest planet in the solar system and the ringed planet will be this close

This foretold event, “known as a great conjunction” heralds in the “Official Age of Aquarius”.


So what does all this mean, for you and for me..?

Aquarius is the sign of innovation, technology, and revolution. Aquarian energy tends to put the light on logical thought, innovative growth, and collective well-being.

More specifically a spotlight on humanitarian issues, because Aquarius is of course the chief sign of humanitarians.

With the dawning of this great age of Aquarius, we have seen rapidly growing in number, most incredible “Moonshots”, one after another, building month and year, after another with great speed.

Let’s take a sneaky little peek…

2002 – The First Personal Digital Assistant, “SIRI” by Google;
2004 – Facebook, 2.6 billion active users per month (connecting 1/3 of the planet);
2005 – Youtube, The rise of personal video broadcasting, streamed Free;
2007 – The first touchscreen smartphone, iPhone;
2010 – A.I. Wins Jeopardy, IBM Watson;
2017 – The First Self-Driving Car (No Safety Driver), Waymo;

** Moreover, globally, knowledge is expected to increase 300%+ over the next 5 years.


THIS IS OUR MOONSHOT - Nearly ready to Launch


This is our Moonshot, nearly ready to Launch…

This is an age where Thinking Entrepreneurs are able to go 10x farther, and 10x faster.

So you might or should ask, what will we do that is…

  • AMAZING and CHANGES the way the WORLD thinks, sees, or does?
  • DISRUPTIVE to current technology, strategy, or concepts?
  • HISTORY BOOK ready, leaving a mark so very BIG?
  • INSPIRING enough to EMPOWER OTHERS to take things farther?
  • NEWSWORTHY state-2-state and in countries around the WORLD?

These are the fine and astute questions inquiring minds should ask..!

Our answers, we hope will AMAZE, ENGAGE, and INSPIRE you..!!

Here’s what we will do…

Add Seven Wonders to the World | 2021

  1. Amazing technology, craftsmen, and niche products;
  2. Billions to charities the world all around;
  3. Enable all websites to totally serve 100% of the disabled;
  4. High-paying self-employment for the disabled;
  5. Live Chat 360 Shopping, and so much more;
  6. We make the world a better place for first peoples, and all in need;
  7. We make shops and shopping safer from every danger;
To Shoppers we bring;

  • 100% Money-Back Happy Customer Guarantee;
  • 24/7 live support, for questions, problems, or ideas;
  • A first online marketplace 100% for the disabled;
  • Easy shopping, easy returns, and wishlists;
  • Gamification, competitions, prizes, and more;
  • Small family-owned shops from around the world;
  • Special treatment and offers to frequent shoppers;
  • Special deals and discounts, coupons, and ways to save;
  • Transparency, names + numbers of Merchant known;

To Merchants we bring;

  • 100% Disability Compliance to Merchant Websites – and it’s FREE
  • Advanced Affiliate marketing built right in;
  • Free display advertising to make sure they win;
  • Free press releases, to talk-up the Merchants all the world around;
  • Guaranteed buyer traffic, to each Merchant we actually give;
  • Integrate Accounting system, to save Merchants’ cash;
  • Integrated Project management, to manage things right;
  • Relief from hundreds of billions in lawsuits, before they have to fight;
  • Social and video marketing platforms, that work almost alone;
  • The “Startup Merchant Program” from “newbie” merchant in 90 days;
  • Transparency, names, and numbers of all Buyers actually are known;

DFY Merchant Benefits;

  • Display Adv Design
  • Display Adv Syn
  • Free Press Releases
  • Guaranteed Traffic
  • Spin-2-Win Codes
  • TNT Credits (Adv)
  • Video Syndication

DIY Included Merchant Tools and Resources;

  • App Create + Host
  • Authority Blog
  • Auto Social Suite
  • eBook Builder
  • eCourse Marketing
  • Email Suite
  • Facebook Suite
  • Funnel Suite
  • Gamification Suite
  • News Features
  • SEO Power Suite
  • Video Create Suite
  • Video Dashboard

There is of course much more to see; click here

Above all we bring;

  • Accountability: We and our Merchants are Accountable to Shoppers;
  • Competence: Capable and Professional, Staff and Merchants;
  • Empathy: We and our Merchants care about employees and our shoppers;
  • Fairness: We all believe in building beneficial and fair relationships;
  • Flexibility: Considerate, tolerant, willing to bend to make happy buyers;
  • Listening: First, listen, try to understand, and work hard to be understood;
  • Overdelivery: We do the unexpected, delivering just that little extra;
  • Problems: We address and fix any complaint fast, making happy Buyers;
  • Promises: We keep every promise – because just one broken is too many;
  • Respect: We show respect, in the little things like not wasting your time;
  • Trust: We and our merchants are generous, forgiving, and trustworthy;
  • Truthfulness: Big word, simple meaning, no tricks, only treats;

YES, there’s more to see; click here


Why sell your products via a Marketplace?

While the answer involves several topics, let’s start by stipulating the major differences between using any “Internet Marketplace” vs. “your own website and store”.

First, the “Internet Landscape” has changed, it’s not just for kids and games anymore. The Internet got serious (commercialized) and if you want to play on the world wide web, you must play by the “laws and rules” of the game, or face consequences including bankruptcy and jail time.

The Legal Questions

You must pick a form of business, common options include proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), and a corporation. Each of these has legal concerns and obligations, and a variety of tax matter to sort.

Now about the website, in 2020 you must start with the question;

“Are you ready to defend your website against an “Alphabet Soup” of legal attacks ranging from, blind seniors, to children and cripples, infringement claims, and a plethora of claims from citizens of foreign nations you never sold a dam thing to?

Seriously, this is where we are, and it is only going to get worse. More laws, rules, and regulations, with the recent Covid-19 issues now even more health-related focus for example.

The Money Questions

Starting a company is RARELY FREE. From your legal form as noted above to local business licensing, banking, merchant processing service, etc. If you’re doing online-only business, you can often escape zoning and licensing, but sales tax, income tax, etc. will still need to be strategized.

Of course, putting a website on the Internet is also NOT FREE. There are a great number of costs that must be considered.

Website Basics:

  • Domain Name
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Security
  • Website Legal “Alphabet Soup”
  • Website Structure and SEO

Once you manage these, the number of products you enter will be a time investment but is comparable to a marketplace.

The Marketing questions

Depending on your strategy; “own website and store” (OWS) or using an “Internet Marketplace” (IM), you will need to address the following marketing-related concerns:

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Support
  • Product Delivery
  • Social Strategy
  • Website Marketing (OWS)


The Age of Aquarius and Mahalo.Market

Our principle founder (Ambassador Rodgers) is the quintessential Aquarian. Calling for independence, peace, prosperity, love for humanity, common fellowship, social idealism, and a purging of the toxic energies hiding truth and transparency from us all.

The Mahalo.Market answers this call, with the first online marketplace to offer 100% transparency in the business between shop owners and buyers. Encouraging each to directly interact and pursue mutually beneficial transactions.

Our marketplace only manages transactions, merchants receive funds paid instantly, without delay to their Stripe merchant account.

This model is in complete contrast to the a-typical online marketplace where merchants can be “banned” for direct communications with buyers.

In our model, merchants build their own customer base, while also sharing that customer base with other participating merchants. Much like a conventional (physical) mall in your local market.

Merchants also manage their own financial affairs, for example taking payment and managing returns directly.

Unlike other marketplaces, the Mahalo.Market also “does” direct promotion on behalf of each merchant, with press releases, video, and social promotions.

We also Guarantee Buyer Traffic to Merchant Listings.

Mahalo,Market also provides Merchants with many valuable marketing tools;

  • Free accounting;
  • Free project management;
  • Free social management tools;
    …and much more, to save merchants thousands in software costs.

This is the direct result of a vision, that has taken half a lifetime to bring to fruition. A vision based on sharing and caring, and moreover the idea that… “Pay it Forward” can drive a business model to success.

Foremost, Mahalo.Market is designed to “Pay it Forward”.

  • Starting with a FREE SHOP. Ensuring anyone can be successful from the start.
  • Add our “Startup Merchant Program” from “newbie” to a successful merchant in 90-to-120 days.

NO COST, of course, it’s totally FREE..!


ADVERTISING - We have elaborate advertising systems


We take Advertising quite serious

JingleSPOT and the TNT posting strategy predate the Mahalo.Market. This elaborate posting system is designed to replace the function of syndicating Press Releases and paying for display advertising.

You can learn more about the TNT Network; click here

Let’s have a look shall we:

click to enlarge

This is how we configure our marketing

click to enlarge

This shows a portion of our network

click to enlarge


Examples of Display Ad Drafts for Mahalo.Market

These are all roughs, and of course, we have many several dozen in progress, this is just to show what we are thinking about:





We also Research other important things…

These things help us to know when to post on which platforms.

Facebook Marketing Facts

100% more comments for Questions type posts
57% more likes increases by using emoticons increases
33% by comments and shares increases by using emoticons
42% of Facebook Fans like a page to get a coupon or discount
35% of Facebook Fans like a page to participate in contests
39% more interaction for Photo posts get on Facebook
23% more interaction for Shorter posts (70 Chars)
2X more engagement for posts with photo album or picture on Facebook

Best Time

6-9 AM and 1-5 PM on weekdays is the best time
18% higher Engagement rates on Thursday and Friday
32% Engagement rates on Sunday

Twitter Marketing Facts

17% more engagements for tweets lesser than 100 character
21% increased engagement for 1 or 2 #tags
23X retweets rate when tweeting with retweets
12X retweets rate when tweeting with retweets or RT
2X more engagements for #tags
53% retweets others
55% of users share links and stories

Best time

9-11 AM and 1-3 PM have heavy traffic
30% of engagement at 8 AM to 7 PM and 64% of brands take this advantage
17% engagement rate increase on Saturdays and Sundays.
19% brand tweets on Sat and Sunday
Lowest rate on Wed and Thurs days

Linkedin Marketing Facts

38.5% said it helped to build new potential customer relationship
2.1M Groups in LinkedIn
81% of 259M professionals are in 1 group at least,
Overall in average Users in 7 groups,
35.5% is member of 1-9 groups,
25.1% in 10-19 groups
41% use Linkedin for marketing
28% are senior executives
50% are decision-makers
61% industry networking


28.3% said it helped to identify business opportunities
35.8% said it helped to increase branding/social marketing presence
29% said it is important to grow business/network
1.2M products/services showcased,
53.6% used pages to display product/services
3M Linked business pages, 35.5% said they have company pages

Why Social Media?

27M online content is shared daily – you can be one.
92% of marketers say content creation is very effective for seo
44% impact of social in SEO
66% of social media users made a black Friday/Cyber Monday purchase
65% of recommendation made or led to a purchase
52% of users willing to pay/purchase more on the brand they trust
36% of social media users trust the brands with social media presence
25% of B2c leads are generated from social media
18% of B2B leads are generated from social media
55% have closed deals from social media
60% is specific to industry brand or product
60% of decision-makers say branded content helps with product decisions

By Facebook

3200M likes generated daily on Facebook
4.5B avg likes/day on Facebook

In Twitter

55% of users share links and stories
53% retweets others

In Linkedin

32.8% said it is extremely important to growing business/network
35.8% said it helped to increase branding/social marketing presence

ENGINEERING - How stuff works


An Introduction to the Backstage Area


International Marketplace + White Label Marketplace
International Auctions + International Auctions White Label
Health and Diet Marketplace + Global Gift Marketplace
Micro Jobs marketplace + Freelance Marketplace
Global Education Marketplace + Global Automotive Marketplace

The special configuration of our marketplaces makes the magic happen. Unlike most marketplaces, Mahalo.Market is configured as a collection of marketplaces. We maintain separate marketplaces for specific niche offerings, and likewise specialized marketplaces for the disabled.

For this document, we will discuss only the WordPress networks, the others will be separately discussed as each will require special documentation due to the fact that each was programmed by a different development team.

This includes the following marketplaces, scheduled for release June 2021:

  • Freelance Marketplace;
  • Global Automotive Marketplace;
  • Global Education Marketplace;
  • Micro Jobs Marketplace

Our WordPress Based Marketplace Structure

The following explains the configuration of our WordPress marketplaces, though we maintain several non-WordPress networks and services.

This applies to the following marketplaces:

  • International Marketplace – Primary
  • White Label Marketplace – Disabled
  • Global Gift Marketplace
  • Health and Diet Marketplace
  • International Auctions
  • International Auctions White Label

This is how we layer the configuration of the above WordPress Networks;

  1. WordPress Multisite Network – An advanced installation of WordPress, that allows millions of sites;
  2. WooCommerce Multisite – A special installation of WooCommerce, on a WordPress Network;
  3. WooCommerce Global Cart – Consolidates all store purchases to a single shopping cart;
  4. WooCommerce Multistore – Merchant Multi-Shop Management Interface;
    This one will work with any WP shop on any network
  5. External Markets Management (Amazon, eBay, Easy, etc.)
    A collection of tools that import, export, and manage orders with other marketplaces.

This combination allows users to run parallel multisite WordPress Networks while allowing vendors to manage multiple shops from a single “Parent” shop, whether they be on networks or external like eBay or Amazon. Our Merchants have seamless control.

Shopping and Checkout Process – (Our Networks only)

  1. The cart is maintained globally across all shops on the “WP Multisite”;
  2. A customer can shop across all stores;
  3. Any cart content is carried over, even if the shop is changed to another one.
  4. On the checkout page, the address information will be auto-filled as usual;
  5. Any coupons, shipping rates, shipping classes, etc., are inherited;
  6. Checkout occurs at each shop where the products originate from;
    – if the cart contains products from 2, the checkout will occur on the 2 sites independently.
    – checkout process goes to each of the shops which includes at least a product in the cart.
  7. Orders are paid via Stripe on the account of the merchant (MOR), with store fee deducted;
    – Stores receive their own payment and order details for the products in the global cart.

The resulting sale is PAID directly to the Merchant regardless of where the sale occurred in any of our networks. (eBay and Amazon sales pay as usual).

In any case, the sale is charged to the Merchants Stripe account, and they become the MOR (Merchant of Record) important for legal and tax stance. This also means the customer deals with the merchant for refunds, problems, etc. We only step in off they have a problem that takes more than 3 days to solve.

** Reference: Best WooCommerce Multistore |Best Ways to Manage Multiple Stores


GAMIFICATION - How does it work?


Engagement is the Name of the Game

Gamification is the use of “Game-design Elements” and “Game Principles” in non-game contexts. Put another way, a set of activities and processes used to solve problems by applying the characteristics of game elements.

Gamification has been used to Educate, Entertain, and Engage for thousands of years. Some classic game elements are; Points, Badges, and Leaderboards.

Top 7 examples of Gamification; (see the video)

  • Headspace, KFC, Under Armour, M&Ms, Starbucks, Nike, Duolingo.

All 7 examples illustrate how gamification can transform loyalty programs, exercise, learning, & marketing into something much greater.



Quick Introductions to Gamification

The following videos do a good job of explaining how gamification works in context with websites.




Examples of our Built-in Gamification

We have a large number of Gamification options built into our system. Following are a few examples.

First, Scratch-2-Win

Create Irresistible “VIDEO SCRATCH CARDS” that Explode Opt-in Rates and Send Hot Leads to Any Business in Seconds

Revolutionary Gamification ‘Scratch-Off’ Technology that’s
Proven to Triple Opt-in and Sales Rates

Welcome to a brand new world of lead generation

Gamification is the key to getting website visitors more relaxed and more likely to engage with our opt-in form and brand in general.

See, ordinary squeeze pages and popups have been shown so many people have developed ‘banner-blindness’ to them and the gift they get in exchange for their information becomes devalued.


HOWEVER, when a visitor is confronted with a chance to win something ie: like when playing the lottery, the perceived value of the prize goes up tremendously.

Combine that with eye-catching graphics and video and now you have something that will really get visitors’ attention and get them to interact with your brand!

Therefore, the formula for online marketing success today is simple…

Create a Scratch Off Card from DFY Templates or From Scratch

Pick from lots of DFY scratch card templates in the hottest niches or create your own game from scratch. Use the drag/drop editor to add text, colors, images, layers, coins, and more to make the game come alive and something a visitor will really want to interact with.

Our Reward Points Gamification is a Complete Loyalty Reward Points System.

We can Reward Shoppers using Reward Points for;

  • Product Purchase;
  • Sign up, Referrals;
  • Social Promotion (FB, Twitter, etc.)
  • Writing Reviews;

…and so much more see the list below.

The earned Reward Points can be redeemed for future purchases. The system offers the flexibility to offer reward points at Product Level, Category Level, and Global Level.

Reward Points supports simple, simple subscription, variable and variable subscription products. It supports Fixed Reward Points for Product purchase or Reward by Percentage of the Product Price.

Reward Point Conversion Settings available for Earning Reward Points and Redeeming Reward Points. Also, Maximum Redeeming Points in Cart can be set in the Settings Page.

ART - Selling art in 2021 and beyond


Remote 360 Selling, Tour a Shop, and use Video Chat

This secret super-seller technology delivers a completely different shopping experience. With this, we can deliver that extra edge over your competition, today.

Unlike your typical store, this technology starts with an engaging 360 virtual taste of your store, or if you have no physical location, we can create a unique virtual version.

What happens next, is the latest technology at work…

Experience how an ART GALLERY might work: click here

** click a painting once inside.

Never seen before, this goes beyond a cool experience, to make a sale right there live, no need to go anywhere an order can be placed on the spot.

Looking for a secret weapon for more sales. We got your back..!

  • Engage with Interactive CTA, Videos, Images, Buttons, Texts, Pop-ups, etc.;
  • ZOOM-Like Live Video Calls + eCommerce + Gamification System;
  • SELL Merchandise with eCommerce Using UNLIMITED Interactive Hotspots;
  • LINK Multiple Scenes, Add Floor Plans, Background Music, Autorotation, etc.;
  • ENGAGE & CLOSE via Live Video inside the Virtual Tour;
  • GENERATE LEADS by Letting Visitors Unlock Rewards & Incentives



Want More..?

How about built-in A.I. technology analyzes the behavioral patterns of your visitors…

  • Learn what part of the tour people like;
  • Show that part first to new visitors;

Skyrocket your conversions with ZERO extra work.


Look more advanced Gamification

It would not be Mahalo.Market if there were not some serious gamification to engage your shoppers and reel in the sale. So it is, during the virtual experience, your shopper can be instantly engaged with the lastest gamification techniques…


Wanna See More Demos..?

So, let’s take a look at three examples:

  • Showing off your shop; click here
  • How about selling a car; click here

Photo of the Marketplace Manager, Brad Johnston. He is wearing a deep red shirt, against a woodgrain with leaves background.This technology is a part of the all-new Mahalo.Market experience, and might be just the thing you need to close the next big deal.

Remember, this is brand-new, never before seen. The added features here like gamification and live video can be found nowhere else but here at Mahalo.Market.

Learn more, ask your Mahalo.Market agent for details, and how to beat your completion hands-down.


Engaging and selling Art with Puzzles

This is a classic images puzzle. The Shuffle Puzzle (also called 15-puzzle, Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square, and many others) is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing.



The task of the puzzle is to collect all the numbers in ascending order: from left to right, starting from the upper left corner.

In this Puzzle, you can compete in speed with players

Play a Game: click here


Sell Art with eCards

The founders behind Mahalo.Market has been first with many technologies over the years. So here is another innovative idea, using art in this way, can generate a great deal of cash, and each exposure is a potential share, leading to the greater potential for viral marketing value.

  1. Easily create and sell ecards on your shop within minutes.
  2. Buyers will purchase ecards just like a regular ecard product just by filling in a small form – recipient’s mandatory information.
  3. Buyers can easily customize ecard information, make it personalized, and send it to their recipient on any date.
  4. Buyers can send an ecard copy to themselves also for free.
  5. Buyers can update Ecard content information from the cart page, once Ecard has been added to the cart.
  6. Buyers can see Ecard preview on the product, cart, and checkout page.
  7. Mahalo.Market can also send customized ecards to Merchants and Shoppers anytime. Useful for Promotional activities, providing any general notifications to users, or for greeting them on occasions. All opportunities to expose art for sale.


MUSIC - One of many advanced music marketing plans.

NUMBERS - How does this make money?


How do Online Marketplaces make money?

  • seller subscriptions/memberships
  • commission on items sold
  • referral fees/lead generation revenue
  • featured listings
  • affiliate programs
  • advertising
  • freemium packages (with extra paid services)


More About Funding Sources


Advertising on marketplace pages will allow merchants to capture buyers and bring them to their listings.

We also have JingleSPOT network advertising where we post display ads to DuckBird, Sassy, and other sites in our own networks.

(can pre-sell)


A great deal of our marketing strategy will depend on “Affiliate Marketing”. To begin with, we will use affiliate marketers to promote specific products and they earn fees (i.e.; Amazon, etc.)

Additionally, we can pay affiliates to sell “Shops”

We might allow as much as 50% to 100% of the first month fees, or .5% of ongoing, etc.


Crowdfunding is alive and well since its inception. There are now three (3) distinct formulas:

    1. Donation Levels + Prizes;
    2. Donation Levels for Shops;
    3. Investment for Stock Simplified (SEC)

Grants and Awards

Because we are prepared to offer a “Become a Merchant” program. We should be able to get grants to pay for it.

Look at disabled, minority, school, etc. This could be great for rehab situations, might fit nicely with the Nevada program we used before.


  1. Advertising at discount;
  2. LTDs at discount;
  3. Stock, Warrants, Options (SEC issues; avoid until further notice);

Lifetime Deals

Lifetime deals are a common funding solution. The idea is that they buy at a low price, and you can do it, because it translates to massive income.

See the Chart of details; click here

Marketing Services

  • Best System
  • Spin-2-Win
  • TnT Network

Each of these offers extreme marketing potentials. Merchants will pay fees for more of these services than are included n respective packages.

Resellers Licenses

A reseller license would allow the holder to sell specified products, shops, advertising, etc.

We might allow as much as 50% to 100% of the first month fees, or .5% of ongoing, etc.

Shop Closing Fees

We are setting ‘Shop’ closing fees at 6.9 – 9.9% in an attempt to be one of the lowest fees on the net.

NOTE: We refund a percentage of this fee for sales volume.

Shop Monthly Rental Fees

See the Pricing page; click here

Web Developer Licenses

Similar to or the same as a Reseller. In some way favorable to them. No fee to them is charged, they just get a discount / commission.

Warrior Special Offers

WSO’s are a source of serious fast, volume sales if you have the right product, and “more important” if you have the right connections.

The trick is to have names working with you, Todd Gross, Chad Wyatt, etc. These people are serious “Affiliate Markers” specifically for WSO releases.

These “big names” have huge, loyal mailing lists. They sell them WSOs every week.

So we have about five (5) of these guys that we can work with. All nice, and honest.

That’s an estimated 5 x 50,000 = 250,000 serious buyers they can reach in a couple days.

Basically, what we would do is turn these buyers into “Resellers” so they make money closing sales of shops.


On-Site Advertising Options

The following are advertising and promotion options available in the marketplace.

Marketplace Merchants CAN EASILY EARN many FREE promotional solutions.

Ask your Mahalo.Market Ambassador for assistance.

Standard Options;


  1. Spin-2-Win;
  2. Scratch-2-Win;
  3. SurveyChimp

These are possible on any page.

They act as a popup and all that is required is adding an HTML code to the target page.

One or more sponsors can participate, and ‘prizes’ options include; cash, Mahalo Dollars, Discounts, free product, etc.

In all cases, the options for S2W produce results through the thrill of winning and merchants can use the excitement to start a path leading down a sales funnel to the purchase.

Front Page

  • Top Middle Slider (Horizontal);
    — This is the “most premium” promotional space available.
  • Category;
  • Collection (Selected / Sponsored);
  • Commercial Direct;
  • Product Direct;
  •  Store Direct;

This space is a rotating slide display playing at 3 slides per minute through the day.

** Set rotation standard by segment, like

  1. Top Right Slider (Vertical);
  2. Top News Ticker;
  3. Featured Products;
  4. Collections (Kids, Women, Men, Gadgets, Toys, etc.);
  5. Latest News;
  6. Sponsors;

** Limited to 4 per (hour, day, week, etc.)

News Main Page

  1. Right Sidebar (3) ads 60 sec rotation:
  2. Popup (wait 35 sec) Rotate

News Articles

  1. Right Sidebar (3) ads 60 sec rotation;
  2. Feature Article (stays);
  3. Popup (wait 35 sec) Rotate;

Product Pages

  1. Right Sidebar (3) ads 60 sec rotation;
  2. Popup (wait 60 sec) Rotate;


Some Very Rough Numbers

Note that there will be a LTD version for each SHOP PLAN.

So, add for LTDs (Lifetime Deals one price paid for life):

HIBISCUS…..…  $1,000     (max. 5,000 4-sale)  + 500 investor
EMERALD……..  $3,500     (max. 3,000 4-sale)  + 300 investor
RED CARPET…  $8,000     (max. 2,000  4-sale)  + 200 investor
DYNASTY……… $22,000   (max. 1,000  4-sale)  + 200 investor

** the + XXX investors example,  will be sold at 50% off the price shown so that they can be resold at a profit. Easy ROI for an investor.

** I am certain that we can sell ALL LTDs. It’s a serious saving, pay for less than 2 years, get a lifetime…

Total Revenue from Lifetime Deals

$ 5,000,000 + 250,000 = HIBISCUS
$ 7,500,000 + 375,000 = EMERALD
$ 15,000,000 + 750,000 = RED CARPET
$ 25,000,000 + 2,000,000 = DYNASTY

$ 52,500,000 + 3,375,000 = $55,875,000 Totals

Cost of Sales

All DIY included items are LTDs that we paid for so that we can offer them her, so in most cases there is no cost for these, beyond the initial purchase and setup.

More details like financial forecasts are in progress, but this document took a monumental amount of time, so projects will be later in the week to come.

THE MISSION - There is a larger mission of which this is part.


The Bigger Mission… Beyond the Marketplace

This vision we call the Mahalo.Market is a very important part of a larger mission to “Change the World” as we know it, to battle the evil in unique ways.

To put it bluntly, it takes money to change some things, it ACTUALLY TAKES BILLIONS.

But before you have the money, you must have a plan. I HAVE a plan!

Who am I, and why am I different..?

I am a retired Native Ambassador, from the ancient “KeeTooWah” band. You may know the name “Cherokee”, but that is something new, where KeeTooWah is a very old name. Proud of my heritage, I grew up singing and dancing to the song; “The Cherokee Nation will Return” and the “Age of Aquarius” and to me, one was like a continuation of the other.

click to enlarge

This was then, and is today the ongoing beat of my heart… coming from the roots of generations of KeeTooWah so long past…

For me it is perhaps different, the feeling these songs give me, that of restoration, sharing, caring, empowering many peoples, and making things right the world over.

I can assure you all, that around the world, our First Peoples and brave Aquarians stand ready to answer the Big Questions that science and civilization cannot. How to live in harmony with nature, the universe, and humanity at large.

History shows us that great nations made great efforts to take what did not belong to them. Leaving death and destruction in their wake.

For the benefit of their now innocent peoples, the Creator has looked away from the sins and blessed these great nations, in hopes that they might turn to serve some greater purposes.

Unfortunately, over time we have seen those that we miss, the First Nations, had true bliss, health, freedom, stress-free lives, and more. Today’s great nations can learn from them, there is a great wealth of information in-store.

But, first and foremost the First Peoples must be empowered and free.

Then, working with great speed, we can plant new seed, and be the change you want to see!


A Big Part of A Larger Mission

Not only will the marketplace bring the money we need, but it is also in and of itself serving a greater need. The need to serve and protect the Merchants and Shoppers of this world. Because they bring commerce that drives our world.

click to enlarge

More than that, a marketplace gathers things and people together. The marketplace is a conversation and sharing place. Not the closed space that built Amazon and eBay.

This is just not natural, right, or fair…

The result is quite obvious and that’s why we are here. In a world where families and small business survival is not necessarily clear.

Where big business is in bed with your government, and sleeping with enemies of the people at large.

Mahalo.Market brings transparency, opportunity, and blessings to all. It fulfills a great part, and enable the rest of a larger mission.

The marketplace enables the transfer of goods, knowledge, and brings wealth to family and village economies everywhere.

From the blessings of this great commerce machine, my mission to change the world is enriched by the Merchant connections around the world.

  • The ability to connect and collaborate.
  • To share ideas, concerns, and solutions to many things.
  • All of this generated by the commerce you see.

Next things get bigger and bigger…

with small groups empowered and able to grow, and sow the seeds of blessing around the globe.

  • It’s both crazy and smart, to start by building
  • a marketplace with a heart!

You see, people have seen enough greed and profit at the expense of everything we cherish and love. These great corporations are naughty, not nice! They make things that break and disappoint.

The world they are building is without hope because they only want you to feed on their dope. They prey on your hope and fears, leaving the world in tears. Because in the end, they are restless knowing that you had a good night’s sleep.

But my journey will bring great wealth, and in return, it will provide the money to fund the changing of our world. It is a very fair trade.

It will open connections and deals between and around each Merchant. The synergy will be unstoppable. Each Merchant will have the goal to help each other become Muti-Millionaires, completely debt-free and then, they will help each other change the world.

The Cost of Freedom

For example, returning to my mission, I need an ever-increasing base of capital. This is because FREEDOM IS EXPENSIVE, you must deal with banks, major corps, governments, stop some wars, broker some other crazy stuff, and even play a bit of stock leverage.

But, it can be done..!!

We can free every slave, bring peace to every nation, spur the freedom revolution across the globe, giving every man, woman, and child a brighter more fulfilling future.

I actually have a plan, many of them, from

  • How to eliminate the homeless problem;
  • To enable the average American to enjoy more than $100k a year.

Feel free to call me crazy, many have…  But I tell you now that I can, and will do these things…

As John Lennon said, I pray you will join us, it will take far less time and effort with your help.

In 1996, when I began my diplomatic mission, I had almost a MILLION cash to start. This time, I want to come back stronger, a BILLION to start. So I can complete what I started 25 years ago.

My plans run very deep, and the Creator has blessed me with unique knowledge to play. Things that help me cut through Red Tape and bad laws like butter. Add that I am a retired native lawyer, and I have never been beaten at any law local or national.

In my spare time, I am perfecting my secret weapon, a strategy that I created and have used over, and over without fail, to win every case in my life, and for every client and friend that asked for my help.

  • I can also make you judgment proof (will not protect you from my strategies;
  • I am a powerful partner (if you were to hurt someone, I will demand balance);
  • I can help build powerful fences around your money;
  • I can help you deal with any government;
  • I have done all these things before.
  • I have no fear;

The key to all this is having NO FEAR, always having a backup plan, and never doing a deal or negotiation without making everyone at the table a bigger winner than me.

This philosophy has carried me through thick and thin, I have been an alone warrior all my life, but yet having the help of powerful men and women given freely when the need arose. I want to teach the world to have this same confidence and power to persuade and to help mold the world as we know it, thereby enabling us all…

Let’s all be the change we want to see.

So now you know the story, behind the story all can see.

What our marketplace is meant to be, and why it is important to all including me.



This is our “Pay it Forward” Lifestyle

We live it every day, Marileen and I have given without concern of any direct return. Since the Creator put us together 45 years ago. He knew that we would help, support, and love each other completely.

Likewise, this beautiful thing, we call the Mahalo.Market is also powered by “Pay it Forward” as well.

We do not know or care exactly where a dollar invested, returns a dollar earned. The timing blurs a bit, sort of like the chicken and the egg question.

We just know we are doing what we do best, and that the Creator has sent us a small few, very special angels already.

Hearts big as oceans, and hard workers too.

They are so very special, they deserve to be noted because they too have given their time and resources to help bring this great thing…

So we dare not fail to share each of these Angels:

Annette Udechukwu ~ Director of Business Planning
Bill Quam ~ President
Brad Johnston ~ Marketplace Manager
Dennis Wieczorek ~ Director of Accessibility

Special thanks also to our sideline Angels:

Alan Arato ~ Entrepreneur, and Talent Manager
Bhavin ~ a UAX developer
Craig Gibson ~ San Diego, Motivation Consultant
Dr. Dustow ~ Autism and Disability advisor
Monchalee Ota ~ Social Media Consultant (Design Ideas)

This job is too big, for so few…

We continue to work around the clock, but this would be so much faster…

So please reach deep in your heart, see the great mission behind the marketplace.

This is the time for great things to happen…

This is the time, to be the change you want to see.

Will you help, the Team, Marileen and me..?

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year

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